It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #15

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47 Responses

  1. angel says:

    Wow so so interesting, hmmmmmmm oba nd didi.OK na LUV in d. air.enjoy

  2. adeola gem says:

    Oh oh! There’s trouble in paradise…kene, take it easy on Mary o. Every woman wants a child. Oh didi, you so have a thing with Oba…u just don’t know. Waiting to see how it goes btw hauwa n Seyi. Thanks Ms Sally, good read.

  3. Dotun says:

    Today’s episode was lit!
    First, Hauwa…she’s insane. I always suspected from that canada trip with jide. psyko!
    Tola has a huge heart. Dear lord, give her safe delivery. amen
    Tomiwa and her superman. i love them. but kene should giv her time
    ANd then finally, my couple for the day…okay, maybe not couple yet. the silly brother and sister. i so love oba, the way he handled didi. cool.
    Sally, kisses to you

  4. Damilola says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm Mary Mary come to an agreement with your boo o.
    And honey and jide tho….early morning sex….BAE

  5. Ope says:

    😂 😂 😂 😂 Oba is a fool. Mex’s situation is just confusing, I don’t even know what to say. Seyi and Hauwa 😍😍

  6. t4temi says:

    All shades of awesomeness. Dear Sally, I love you too much.

  7. Temmy says:

    This is da bomb, I feel for Didi though. Oba is just too stupid. Tnx sally

  8. Stephen says:

    Lol. Oba is such a fool 😂😂😂😂

  9. Haryoka says:

    Laughing my ass out oba n didi wee not kill me, hauwa tho she’s crazy aw can she forget to wear bra geez crazy girl, a big thumps up for tola she’s the real MPV in btw thanks for this episode you just made my week

  10. Dayo says:

    Today’s episode is whoa, Hauwa is such a crazy gal, i hope it works out with Jide..Emeka complicated married life eh, Tola dey try kan o.Obasi and he mouth eh, i knew he will be d one to tell Didi the truth…thanks sally

  11. adebayo says:

    No comments. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode….oh and yes Oba is a fool..

  12. Jumes says:

    Awwww… Sally thank you for this long episode… Oba can totally make moves on Didi….Hauwa and Seyi pls get-together already. Emeka has to beg Yaz gan o…. Mary and Kene, hmmnnn, Mary pls slow down na. Sally I love this episode.

  13. Sandra says:

    awwwww, this is undeniably my best episode yet in this series.. Thank you Sally. may God give us the wisdom to know when and how to actually communicate our feelings when necessary, cos I can totally relate with Mary and Ekene, in love but unsure of what the other person feels for you so u just remain unexpressive of ur own feelings…. enof of the blabbing… btw Yazmin can go, I really don’t send her and I still feel Onourah is Didis father, he should quit the deception before incest starts happening under his nose.

  14. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Sally this one na better Sunday rice you serve us so. Nagode

  15. Sarah says:

    Thank you Sally for this very interesting episode, I was glued to my phone from the moment I started reading this episode… I loved every bit. Well done

  16. Sophia says:

    Poor Yazmin ,I love this episode Aunty Sally.

  17. Olubanky says:

    Oba and Didi…. Nah! Can’t wrap my head around it…. Hauwa…. Crazy Hauwa…. Mr. Ekene which main yawa be dis na, abeg free that thing make you give Mary belle joor… Yaz… Am so feeling ur pain rite now… Mex! U are dead! Sally You are super duper… Love you to the moon and back

  18. hacolyte says:

    Wat an epic episode just don’t know wat to say at all. Seyi n Hauwa, Kene n Mary, Yazmin n Mex, Oba n Ndidi, these love quadruple is really somfin to looked up to. Tanks Sallly 👍👍👍😀😀😀🍺🍺🍺👊👊👊

  19. Dupe says:

    Oba Oba, now your mama will kill you.

  20. Rikitava says:

    I will be back with my comment.. I’m still trebling from the awesomeness of this episode.

  21. ayo says:

    All I can do is give a sweet wide grin for Didi n Oba’s issue and to think Hauwa left her house without a bra, lol… Thanks Sally

  22. Carah💋 says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. Thanks sally💋

  23. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Wow! What a delightfully long episode. I thoroughly enjoyed reading as it went on and on and on. I enjoyed Didi’s list of activities.

    The ‘u’ in the pronunciation of ‘Hauwa’ is a revelation. I loved reading about how a woman behaves when she’s crushing madly on someone.

    The love triangle between Yaz, Tola and Emeka? Absolute madness. Tolu can’t be a real woman if she’s actually letting Emeka act on his feelings towards Yaz.

    Next episode, please!

  24. mz eluanza says:

    Av just been laughing…Hauwa chai no wonder seyi was just staring who forgets to wear a bra…emeka is just a nutcase…oba needs my own slp

  25. MissBosola says:

    You rock Sally, enjoyed every bit of it. From Hauwa crazy babe to Oba. Can’t wait for the next episode. Have a great week cheers!

  26. iamhorllamii says:

    Dis episode was mind blowing couldn’t drop ma phn 4 anytin Nt until I finish reading it. Its Ws a hit back 2 bck. Oshhey Sally

  27. gbemmy says:

    *wailing* I love this I love ur brain,hands sally. will u grant me ur heart 💖

    no cry didi, oba is crazy for u which was y he did that
    who leaves their house without a bra to a dinner…..hauwa kolo o,wonder how her nipples would have been straining d dress she wore…she even moaned. highest height of erotica 👍. Seyi abeg I put hand for this, start already

    sally kudos to you 👌👊

  28. Modupe says:

    This episode is damn full….obasi yaf gone mad again…….

  29. Calliboom says:

    oba has gone nutty, hmmmm feel for Didi

  30. Bman says:

    “Leave where you are to a quiet place so I can insult you right now.” This had me in stitches…Lmao! Lovely episode. Thank you Sally.

  31. Reni says:

    this episode has me 👏👏👏👏
    I love when people find love. I really hope Hauwa works out with Seyi…it’s about time those 2 find happiness.
    and to my new favorite couple : Oba and Didi😍😍😍 looks like they’ll be another ‘Jiney ‘…Aunty Sally🙌🙌🙌 you too much

  32. Kemi says:


    This is getting more and more interesting

    I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds

  33. tessy says:

    tanks sal

  34. Biola says:

    Great episode Madam Sally!! I enjoyed every part.
    Ndidiamaka, you need to grow up! Obasi, you don’t manhandle a woman, no matter the provocation.
    Tola, you’re a strong woman o! Emeka doesn’t deserve you at all.
    Seyi and HaUwa, my jury hasn’t decided yet.

  35. Neymar 😍 says:

    I love i love i love dis. Hoping to see more of seyi n hauwa in next episode . Tanx sally!

  36. Ella says:

    its another captivating episode. Nice one sally. love how jide and honey are getting more insync.
    pls guys vote for this beautiful piece to win.
    God bless.

  37. Jehaan says:

    Lol…. I swear the Onuora’s’ are craaaazie! Oba is weird tho am loving his character.
    Sally as usually had fun reading this drama-filled episode. Thanks and thumbs up!

  38. Tosin says:

    Feeling bad for Didi right now, Obasi is one selfish guy, just shattered her heart just like that.
    Tomiwa and Ekene…..take it easy o
    As for Yaz, Tola and Mex, i dont know what to say .
    Thanks Sally for this episode.

  39. Mc Matiki says:

    Jesus ooo!
    I just died.

  40. Toyenlon says:

    Oba gave Didi a heartbreaking news that the father she knows is not her real father and still expects her to be welcome to the idea of him making moves on her at the same time…smh for him. This is a lovely episode, thanks.

  41. Seye Seye says:

    Lovely, lovely episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    These characters are real people to me. I have a friend who’s Hawa personified. A lot of her is in the Hawa character. I really like the mushy way Seyi got her feeling. For someone who’s swagnificient, you don’t get anything less.
    Wura and Ekene, and the rest of us. Shebi he still knew she was trying to get pregnant. Some of the men I know didn’t even get to know until after the 9 month course started. That thing about marriage making people discover some so minute details is so true, I can perfectly relate.
    People whose mouths leak are terrible. You could excuse Obasi for telling Jide stuff because he’s drunk (though I wouldnt), what defence does he have for the revelation to Ndudi if not absolute selfishness.
    Thanks for this wonderful episode Sally. Blessings

  42. Just Dotun says:

    ummm. Seyi and Hauwa…. loving it
    Yazmin my dear, you will be fine. i just hope your papi won’t come to Nigeria to kill Emeka o

  43. Vikki says:

    Fascinating…Thank you so much for this Sally

  44. itheword says:

    oba is a dick and probably my least favourite character right now. he could have handled this like a gentleman. Fucking fool.
    And as for yaz, mex and tola, I keep saying it but Sally keeps pretending like she doesn’t read my comments. Those 3 need to have a hot, sweaty threesome sex! I’m not the only one thinking it! Tola has already accepted the marriage. Just bring them closer together once and for all! I won’t stop campaigning for this, Sally

  45. mary says:



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