It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #16

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  1. Tosin says:

    Yaassss!!! Finally. Let me go and read now. Thanks Sally 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. zeeniey says:

    Naomi….so sad… Nice one Sally… And boys with toys?

  3. Jumes says:

    Oh Sally, this is so interesting.
    First of all, Celia is an amazing friend. She’s bold, brave and she is the type of friend every girl should have in her circle of friends. She put her life in danger because of Naomi.Kudos Celia.
    Mary please give Kene the key to your heart. Kene please try to understand Mary more.
    Noka iyaff enter one chance o, but i feel she should just face her fears and come clean with Ibro.
    Sally you Arethe BBESEEST🙆

  4. Temmy says:

    Celia and this anger thing. Well done madam sally

  5. Mammy says:

    Chineke! Celia knows she has joey and that makes me happy too. But noka and eno is another story. Let noka pay a little for all she does to others and sally thanks for this. I miss boys with toys a lot ooo or is it just me?

  6. bert says:

    So so always on point Sally. U ROCK!!! Let d games begin.

  7. T4temi says:

    Karma comes fast these days…. For proud pple like noka and for weak people like naomi’s husband. I love celia, she’s smart……. Proper trouble maker….. This is so nice. Thank you madam Sally. You rock!

  8. Steven says:

    Sally oh Sally, yea, i now have a perfectly perfect 👌 ✌ weekend, thanks hon.

  9. Ai says:

    Hmmmmm…quite a long episode…
    Women nd our way of giving excuses for abuse.
    Thanks Sally

  10. Vikki says:

    OMG!!! *Heartbeat racing* Jumping for celia’s courage and bravery…Jux pray nay’s beast of a husband doesn’t do any grave damage for his own good tho. Totally get mary’s fear but she needs to open up and let love win. Aunty Sally u haff done it again*backtoback* Thanks a bunch for making my weekend

  11. Calliboom says:

    hmm, happy noka will soon be expose…. silly woman after her mother warns her she wouldn’t listen now this…. and Celia the problem solver… so pited Naomi, gosh how women are abuse in marriage makes one want to remain single, cuz after everything the women takes d blame despite she’s right… as for the husband beater he will hear from Joey Celia’s brother, it’s high time he should be dealt with, useless man beating his wife…. i seriously hate this… no matter what men shouldn’t beat their wife’s…. it’s disgusting…. Sally please make sure he pay for this….. thanks for this lengthy episode….. u r the best.. happy weekend to you…..

  12. Jay says:

    Sally Sally. Always there. Why married women cheat. Stories of domestically abused wives. Etc etc. All carefully woven into a tapestry of a story called Saturday. Weldone sis

  13. tunrayo says:

    Nice one sally

  14. Ai says:

    I forgot to say Jiney is such a cutey….plus I love the Afro

  15. Sugar says:

    Kai na wa oh. Ppl are enjoying marriage while others are dying in it.
    Daalu aunt Sally.
    Twas worth the wait. Looking forward to the next episode.

  16. Damilola says:

    Hmmmm. Whatever you do….let naomi live pls and Charles is going regret his life.
    I hate abusive men i hate them

  17. Tosin says:

    I really don’t understand how people stay in abusive relationships. This is actually what really happens. Kudos to Celia for being a strong friend

  18. Dayo says:

    I hope Celie’s brother will deal with d monster

  19. Dharmie says:

    hmmmm aunt Salz ehn u kept waiting for too long
    tnx for d post
    u rock ma’am

    feeling so sad for Naomi
    Charles is just a coward
    wot a beautiful friend Celia is

    aunt Salz u don’t mind you giving us Jara oo

  20. Just Dotun says:

    Celia na pure trouble finder. Noka is on her own o cos even the girls wnt help her.
    Nice as always Sally

  21. Kenny says:

    see violence against women get rifled up…. I don’t get it…..why why, for what? I pray he gets the punishment he deserves…..

  22. adeola gem says:

    Wow! Thanks Ms Sally. Hope you are good now. Warm rgds to the family.

  23. Dupe says:

    Ghen Ghen, Charles is a monster and Karma is coming back for him. A good read! Thumbs up Sally

  24. bi says:

    Weldone Sally, it was a great and interesting read…… me Oliver Twist want more tomorrow especially Hauwa side pllllllsssssssss.

  25. Sophia says:

    “Tall, huge and quite ugly. A beast in
    human skin. It looks at its wife and back at
    me with four o’clock eyes. Even I will abort
    any offspring it deposits in me. Charles
    Ogbeiwi is an appalling “…LOL-this got me ,hahahahahaha ..Nice one Aunty lovit and its a long read…this story shud come in a movie o ehn…IAS and IANS ….tor!.. I’m patiently waiting for boys with toys .

  26. @Oge_writes says:

    First off, loving the new look of the site. Simple yet pretty.
    Your writing fuels my passion for the craft, if that makes any sense. The way you bring life to your characters. I feel what they feel, every single bit of it.
    Such a great episode. Well done Sal.
    Nothing can prepare Charles for the storm that is coming his way.
    As for Noka, she has made her bed. She should kuku lie in it and sleep.
    I hope Mary comes around. When people have been hurt repeatedly and they lock up, it’s usually really hard for anyone to get them to open up fully under any circumstance.

  27. Zee says:

    Sally, please deal with that stupid Charles, anuofia like him,he’s really a small man, nonsense! . Noka, Noka, shake my head.. Mary, I hope u solve ur issues with Ekene. …Thanks Sis

  28. Biola says:

    Cillia!!! I hope Joey finishes Charles and the beast doesn’t kill Naomi before the Avengers get there.
    Ojonoka! Ojonoka! Ojonoka!!! You have finally done yourself strong thing. Somehow, I feel for you, it’s not easy being deprived of anything especially sex but there are better ways than cheating, a cheating wife is not accepted in any society talk less 9ja.
    Mary, give your marriage a chance, in your bid to protect yourself, you’re ruining your marriage and hurting Ekene.

  29. Rikitava says:

    Firstly, I ddnt get mail notification for this. I came here after spending hours being sad and worried. Now to my comment, Mary, give kene love o 😍 I cannot wait to see how Charles will be dealt with. Chai! O ma je iya a je ewe ya. Lol

    Thanks Sally 😘😘

  30. Seye Seye says:

    Shebi they say everyday is for the thief? Seems the chicken has come home to roost for Noka. Getting caught by Eno is a big ish that has landed her where she’s not been expecting. People who cheat get so comfy over time that they start taking things for granted. See where Eno has landed now.
    It’s good to be blessed with reasonable friends really. The fact that Mary got the ladies made it easy for her to pour her heart, and they gave her something to work with.
    Much as I want to applaud Celia, a part of me sees her getting attached to Naomi. If the cause is getting poor Naomi out of Charles’ hand, it’s great. I however will think Nigerian; what if Charles also get Barracks boys like Joey at his beck and call? OK, me I wan make dem deal with am sha. The guy suppose collect small brushing.

  31. Dunsin says:

    Sally!!!!!!!! This is a very wonderful piece. Very long too! Thank you for it. God bless you. I have always admired your writing style. It gets more beautiful everyday. I pray God always inspires you. I have missed commenting here and I am back as promised. It is really appalling how people defend abusive spouses, one has to be careful in defending the abused. I hope it doesn’t backfire on Celia. She is a great friends nonetheless. Thanks again darling! xoxxoxo (No Naomi vibes. lol)

  32. Adeshina omotayo* says:

    1st thanks goes to aunty sally for making d weekend glow, i 👏 Celia for her kindness, and, pls help preach to mary now, more ink to your pen dear sally

  33. hacolyte says:

    Karma is a bitch ass nigga, Noka is going to face wat she has sow by hersef alone. Cheating on ur spouse is bad n really obnoxious n don’t know why people do it, enuf of dis preaching self. Mary shd just try n giv Kene d key to her Paradise cos it isn’t easy loving Simone n one’s love isn’t reciprocated. And 4d small man called Charley, let his cup kun akun wo sile o. It shd b full so as to b able to face d music of his action n inaction. Abusive husbands n d way d abused wives always lies to protect dem. Tanks a bunch Sally for effritin, such a great read. Wat about bois wif toys o.

  34. Iyanu says:

    Omg!!!! Poor Naomi 😱😵 I hope Joey Beats charles to a pulp 😠 if Naomi Didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement why can’t She just get a divorce with her share of the investment Celia the barrack kid 😂😂

  35. loolah says:

    Aunt Sally u have done it again. i feel for Nay a lot no woman should have to go through that in d hands of the man u call ur husband. I just pray Joey deals with him very well cos he deserves it. As for Mary she should pleas give love a chance in her Marriage oo. Kudos to you Sally. May Ur ink never go dry. plus dis episode was riliiii long.

  36. anitaeneh says:

    oh… i weep for Naomi, her husband is d type of man dat dey shld do to him wat dominic’s friend in Novo night did to bash. He nids to b tied nd beaten thoroughly nd stripped oof half his wealth. Imbecilic moron.. tnks sally

  37. turban girl says:

    It had to be Eno, Why?! Ojonoka, would you be able to wiggle yourself out of this, or is it your time for judgment. Celia, the kind of friend I love, loyal to a fault. Small man, you saw it in her eyes, why did you heed the call of a trouble maker, you have just landed yourself in a tub of hot pepper. it is funny, how a seemingly strong woman becomes so weak when confronted with abuse, even Celia was dumbfounded by it. I guess true strength is in how it is dealt with.
    Thanks Sally, it is always a joy reading from you

  38. Mc Matiki says:

    Hmmmm… violence in relationships and marriages is one very strong topic to deal with. I like how real everything felt while reading it.

  39. Sarah says:

    Poor Naomi, no woman deserve to be in your position, no matter how bad that woman is. Well written Sally, I can’t wait to see what Cilia’s brother will do to Charles.

  40. Jehaan says:

    So loving Cee, I just hope she doesn’t end up falling in love with Naomi….. I pray Nay stays strong, that beast needs to be taught how to handle not just ladies but humans in general…..

    Mary! Mary! Mary! Make love and babies would come naturally.

    Sally, as usual. Mun gode.

  41. Chiderah says:

    I’m actually a ghost reader but I have to speak out to please beg you to post the next episode faster

  42. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    You hope you haven’t made it worse for her, when you know you just did. Celia and her “stronghead”. That was a good, long read. It went on and on, and I hoped it wouldn’t end.

  43. Kemi says:


    Ceecee, Action woman!

  44. Fiksionist says:

    Celia, you don buy market…but this one na good market. lol. Noka, ntor! Mary, Please borrow sense and allow this man love you the way he understands, ’cause this war is one that he isn’t prepared to lose. Sally, i love you always!

  45. Oluchi Amuda says:

    Oh Sally, God Bless your soul. The story of Naomi relates with a lot of women in an abusive relationships. I hope she survives this. It really breaks my heart to be seeing women enduring marriage, rather than enjoying it.I hope the beast will be severely dealt with.

  46. Funmilola Adekola says:

    When illiterate men are abusive, I give them an excuse that it’s part of their being uneducated that has contributed to it. When men that have passed through school end up being abusive, I just can’t wrap my head around it. Naomi pele o!

  47. itheword says:

    Man, better late than never. Work has kept me away from this series but I must finish it!!! I feel terrible for Naomi. The problem with Celia’s intervention is it could lead to Naomi’s death. Plus the husband is super rich! What makes Celia think he doesn’t have military connections, higher ranking officers than her brother? Anyway, I’ll get my answer in the next episode

  48. AOS says:

    Beast in human form….wow, this is really serious.
    Thank you Sally….xoxo.


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