The Darker Berry #4

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12 Responses

  1. sekinat says:

    the story on coco’s needs correction.

    He pulled her close by the waist. She felt small in his hand. The scent of his perfume, re-registered itself in his senses. Umi wasn’t going to leave his mind for a long time.

    synergy toh bad from madam Sally and tomilicious. more inspiration

  2. Adeshina omotayo* says:

    dis site is not usually open at once, not until you reload many timea, and again not open on opera

  3. jacy says:

    please tomi mine is not opening on opera mini…it happened the last time you did something like dis #feeling sad though…

  4. Teee says:

    Mine too is loading blank page on opera mini and it does it all d time, @Tomilola coco

  5. Vikki says:

    Femi the badt guy,Umi watch out for this one…Twas short sha oh. Thanks tho…Sally and Tomi

  6. Mammy says:

    Hmmn. Okay so femi’s game wasn’t working if she wants to forget him immediately

  7. hacolyte says:

    At last d dog of Lagos have conquered Ummi, Ummi beware of d people around u dat called demselves ur friend, dey re all snakes in d mangers. I’m an addict just got addicted to dis. Nyc work Tomilicious coco n Sallycious.

  8. Amina says:

    Ummi will break his heart!!!! The sex scene though! ! Virtual!!!!! Well done Sal and Coco

  9. Dharmie says:

    hmmmm this gat me wondering things
    tnx aunt Coco and
    madam Sally u both rock madams

    in anticipation for d next episode

  10. Sophia says:

    Hot!…tnx Aunty Sally et Tomi

  11. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I’m still so stunned that Umi gave in so easily to Femi, after all her initial reluctance to even talk to him. Or, was Femi just lucky to be the available guy on the available day? Wow, the drive home was quite memorable.

  12. Seye Seye says:

    So it just happened so easily. Does the situation with Umi not happen to many of us? We just let down our guard and then have the mind and head in a knot afterwards.
    Femi and Umi…different interesting characters. This Quincy tho…I know her kind


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