It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #17

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  1. sleekdami says:

    Naomi killed charles…while i am happy the domestic violence would stop PERMANENTLY….am not excited with the murder case that would be hanging over her head tho…and my mind is telling me that its not goig to be straight forward. sally would twist this story ehen…all the better for me lol

    now Seyi and Hauwa….yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    am happy , am such a sucker for love stories…sally biko
    dont bring any bad news between them biko…let it be very smooth,,,,no twist in this one abeg

    For the rest…sit back and enjoy
    and sally thank you for one for d road

  2. Tee says:

    First of all, I think Celia is pregnant

    Second, I knew something bad would either happen to charles or nay. But i didn’t see this happening at all. Nice one Sally.

    Am i the only one liking the chemistry between oba and didi. And gosh, Jide! the way he handles things…so bae

    Then gen and domi. Why, gen. we all knew that witch will do something bad. but domi, you sef. you for chill

    and yes! hauwa and seyi. let them just kiss already or something. Love in Singapore

    thanks, sally!!!!!!!

  3. Anthony says:

    Wow! I did not see that kill coming.

  4. anitaeneh says:

    Sally Sally!!trust u wit ur spontaneous twist, i was tripped, well done. But choi!! dis na gbege ooo. kai serious yawa, Naomi na prison straight for murder, make she no rob celia in ooo.

  5. Marion says:

    Yes Am first to read , thanks Sally for this sweet gift really enjoyed reading this . Merci bisou

  6. ola says:

    Thks for d update

  7. Kenny says:

    neither did I, I talk Joey would do the deed, I hope Naomi is not suicidal at the moment

  8. Folakemi says:

    Madam Sally and her twist, didn’t see it Coming
    So sad about the murder case hanging on Nay’s head
    Pray Cee find a solution tho

    And I think Gen should listen to Domi about this mamisi issue

    Plz bring Lexus, tri, and kasi o

  9. Fareey says:

    I didn’t see it coming either. And this is such a pleasant surprise 🎊 too, Thank you Ma’am 😊😘. Yayyy for Hauwa and Seyi

  10. Amina says:

    Cece is prego…..I saw saw that kill coming, in fact long time ago! I like Seyi, the guy has game and I can so relate with Hauwa.
    Jide just keeps heightening the goals for men.
    Mamisi cannot change her ways never. Her default setting is wickedness.
    My fear for Mary is Kene getting angry when she gets pregnant and concluding that all her sweetness was aimed at just getting pregnant.
    Biko Yasmin should not come back, I don’t understand how Tola can unselfishly ‘understand’ that her husbands loves someone else EXCEPT she considers Yasmin as the help that takes off all the unnecessary wifey duty. Sally you rock😄

  11. wumi says:

    i keep falling in love with the Onuora family. Nne is an inspiration, the cement holding the bricks together. i love Seyi and Hauwa already #hauwayi# or #seyuwa#. Celia, can like to carry another person matter for head like pure water…..the twist of this killing, waiting to see how it will end. thanks Sally

  12. Sophia says:

    Wow! My best read so far.

  13. Iyanu says:

    Wow this just got really spicy😊😊 you made my night aunt Sally 😘with this juicy episode 🏃I hope Cece doesn’t get into trouble don’t trust naomi at all

  14. Steven says:

    Here comes the twist 🔀 and turns.
    Being expecting it for a while. Thumbs 👍 Sally. Kip d faya burning 🔥.

  15. Jumes says:

    Sally first and foremost i neva experred ds episode… Bad turn for Naomi, but I’m glad she killed Charles, it could have been her dt died. I just love Nne, she is a model for all mothers.
    I understand Dominic’s apprehension about mamisi. I’d never trust her too with my kids. Seyi and Hauwa karigo. Sally me too I’m looking for someone dt will ask me to come to ‘Sing’ with him😳😃. Obasi is all shades of crazy… A well deserved punishment there. Love u Sally😄

  16. gbemmy says:

    Sal,Sal,Sally… are awesome
    thanks for this fresh air.
    I love love stories. Seyi and Hauwa… sight on you.
    mamsi don come again with her winchy acts
    Naomi is a killer… but it was self defence

  17. Zeeniey says:

    Nice one Sal

  18. bi says:

    Salllllllllllyyyyyyyyy, you won’t kill me with laughter…… pops quality spam ran out ke,,,,,,,,,,,,yippee Hauwa ****Seyi more juicy part Biko and Oba with his comedy at the family meeting though I see him having an affair with Didi, curious to know what Twist Nay might have though. Hmmnnnn Tomiwa and her hubby,,,,,, twins on the way. SALLY THANK YOU so MUCH. You’re Always on Point, Great Read.

  19. rashidah says:

    thank Sally. you are so sweet for given us this episode.

  20. Dharmie says:

    aww aunt Sally issa bae
    tnx for post really enjoyed it
    Hauwa and Seyi good one
    wot a nice and deserved punishment Oba

    hmm I hope Naomi won’t get into trouble sha

    Mamisi and her wickedness she will never change

  21. Adewunmi says:

    Dear Sweet Sally

    Thank you for this episode 17,

    Thank you for the brain and time put in.

    Please come back on Saturday safe and sound.

    Yours faithfully

  22. hacolyte says:

    I yaff die wit dis twist of Naomi bein a murderer nao. Cece shd please fortified her wit a good alibi b4 she visit Naomi o. D Onuoras’ rock n d bonds dat binds dem 2geda is damned too solid. Seyi n Huawei re abt to ignite us into lovey dovey buhaha, I prayed dia chemistry leads to a happy ending o. Genesis really nids to finks deeply b4 she react to wat Iya Idaya just revealed n she also nids to softpedal to effritin dat her husband said cos Ditorusin was hurting to all d atrocities dat mamisi has committed.
    All in all, Sally u rocks. Tanks for dis rite up as always, u re da bomb Sallycious Moskeda.

  23. adeola gem says:

    wow episode! Thanks Ms Sally. I don’t know why someone will be using Panadol for someone else headache. Naomi can sort herself, and she has just relieved your husband of any palava hin dey find on your behalf. Sha don’t get yourself into trouble cee.
    Seyi and hauwa…at last, love story in d making… I can see d headline… From “sing” with love. Hehehe!
    Gen, hmmm! I am telling you now, listen to dom, your mama is a winchi winchi…
    For Yasmin to go away or come back? Still sitting on d fence on this one. But I still like d girl sha. Na only love will make d daughter of a drug lord to leave her country come do love rivalry!
    Ok o mary, just know Na only you waka come when kene start with you. Meanwhile, I tap into the twins blessing o. Yeah! For you and I. Very much interested. Oh God, don’t let this fruitful year pass me by…Ameen.
    Didi and Oba, very possible….she’s just living in denial.
    #familyiseverythin. I love d onura family gan. D bound no be here.
    Where’s mymood n wo? Kas n lex? And the almighty mamisi, make she come tell her own side of the story.

    of the story o.

  24. Kemi says:

    So I typed my long Epistle comment yesterday and upon posting network did strong thing for me. Anyways, Sally Dalu, Thank you, Nagode, Ose, Merci beaucoup for this bonus. Despite the stressful day I had, reading this calmed me down. The truth is when I am down I sort of find solace in your blog as I come here and re read some of the stories I have read before.
    Nne,is the Mother in law I have been praying for. My MIL just have to be as cool as she is. As for Oba and Didi I really do not mind their love as long as it isn’t infatuation.
    I love the way Genesis handles Nick. So much to learn from her as a Wife, doesn’t take shit and will let you know in her soft spoken voice without raising her voice but you dare not try it again with her. I am so sure Dominic loves her more for this. And Iya Idaya why am I not surprised she calls Dominic, Daddy Tonbra, typical Yoruba woman.😂😂😂
    Huawei and Seyi,loving them together already. Who says you can’t be swept off your feet @38. She deserves someone that will make all those years of waiting to count.
    As for Naomi,that na original gbege. And I hope Celia in her bid to help will not be caught up in the web of troubles that is being formed. She might try to form James Bond by deciding not to call Bobby and handle things her self.
    Sally, please I hope we still get to have our Saturday tonic episode of IANS o. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    By the way, I love the upgrade on the website. Like my niece will say Nice ( in her SA accent)

  25. ritzy says:

    i dont know if its a good idea for celia to get involved with the murder of charles. i hope she actually goes with a bobby cuz she can like to act like she can cover murder. Great Episode Sally Boo…. lemme now wait for next episode.

  26. Carah💋 says:

    Shoot! So nay killed her husband? Wow! I hope Celia doesn’t get into trouble fr trying to help. Seyi et Huawei😻😻, can’t wait fr how their love story ll unfold. I love the way Gen handles domi. Thanks fr d bonus episode💋

  27. Biola says:

    Wow!! Didn’t see Naomi killing Charles, tot it was going to be the other way around actually.
    No more Saturdays for Obasi. The boy needs to grow up.
    I agree with Dominic’s stand, Mamisi is not good people.
    Mary, enjoy yourself o.

    Thanks a lot Sally, this just made my morning.

  28. Jay says:

    Nne pls comman adopt me too ooooo

  29. Olly says:

    Madam Sally, welldone oooooooo, ,i so enjoyed this episode

  30. willy says:

    And Sally just sent us on a nice wkend ride….gracias

  31. Sugar says:

    Yipppeee! Black friday bonus. Thanks aunt Sally.
    I sure didn’t see this twist meehn…chai. Naomi yaff enter
    Didi will still fall.. All this initial gragra. ..
    Who will casually take me to Singapore Kwa?

  32. Olamide says:

    Wow! Naomi has gone overboard. I really hope Celia doesn’t get into trouble cos she sabi carry people matter for head.
    Yaay! Seyi and Hauwa’s love story loading.
    Mary should not sha spoil the show.
    Sally, I love you. May God continue to bless you with inspiration, may your pen never go dry. Thanks for this beautiful episode.

  33. iamhorllamii says:

    “Where is my wife” luv dat part 4rm our Oga@d top Dominic . Mary kip on enjoying yaslf u mid it. Every character’s who feature on dis epi ws a hit back 2 back. Sally plz can we know what happening 2 ma beautiful Maami Wuraola

  34. Vikki says:

    Wow! So didn’t see this coming…Nay killed charles,Cee shld tread with caution. Loving the chemistry btw Hauwa and Seyi. Sally ur always on point…Thumbs up

  35. Joshua says:

    WOW!! what an episode.. Charles’ murder by Naomi was bound to happen sooner rather than later cos the man has pushed her and humiliated her. how she handles the fallout is another matter o, but I’ll say she should bury the evidence and make it look like an assassination or robbery gone bad.
    Finally!!! Omo Igbo gets tender loving *whoop whoop*!
    smh for Oba and Didi, those ones should get a room and do the nasty already, age na number afterall.

  36. @Oge_writes says:

    Me I just want to slap Obasi. He is so annoying!
    Still don’t trust Mamisi sha.
    Seyi and Hauwa. Hmmn, fingers crossed.
    Poor Naomi, things just took a nasty turn. I hope she’s ok

  37. Seye Seye says:

    Really nice and engaging. Lemme confess, I read and break so that I can savour the sweetness in bits.
    That said, I like the way Papa Onuora settled the issue, and of course how Nne handled things. Meanwhile, this Obasi and his chase of Ndidi ehn! I comment my reserve. Mex and his women matter is another serious thing. Much as I want Tola to enjoy Mex, I really really feel for Yazmin.
    The initial gizzgizz has started between Seyi and Hauwa. Hoping it’ll last, and lead to something big.
    Mamisi haf start again ba? Small chance now, she Don dey cause wahala again. We must see her end o, or render her toothless.
    Sad ish for Charles and Naomi. These things happen around. It’s Aunty Celia that is giving me something to chew on to be honest. I like people who stick out their necks for their own people. I’ve however asked myself if she’d have gone that far if not for the attachment. The murder ish is something I wanna see where it’s going.
    Thank you Sally, thanks always.

  38. Morgan says:

    Sally…..pls make this story into DVD series abeg….I will do any kind of publicity you want for it!! Damn!! Tz like you are spilling the dark secrets of this flashing light city called Lagos.

  39. Reni says:

    gbese re!!! Naomi’s gist just sounds like a scene from ‘how to get away with murder’.

    the onuoras do have a big heart indeed… esp Nne, God bless her heart.

    Cee needs to chill with her egbon Joey…gives soldiers a bad name.

    Sally kudos to you! I particularly like the way you weave trending issues into the plot in a relatable manner. I just introduced a friend to ur blog and he’s hooked! well done.

  40. Aibee says:

    Naomi be reminding me of purple hibiscus. When abused women break ehn, they shatter.

  41. Toyenlon says:

    Chai, Naomi finally burst and killed her husband, what a mess. She should have just left, but better him than her sha. Seyi is falling for Hauwa gradually and vice versa…lovely.

  42. Pacesetter says:


  43. Olori Ade says:

    Thanks Sally……kisses*

  44. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Oops! We didn’t see that twist coming. We didn’t see it at all.

  45. Rikitava says:

    OMG! 😰😰😰 poor Naomi. Wat will she do now. This was a great read. Thank you

  46. Jehaan says:

    Whaaaaaaaat! Oh nooo. She didn’t!

  47. itheword says:

    I’m actually going through my own “gbese” right now so I feel for Naomi. If this were any other country I wouldn’t fear for her, but this is Nigeria. Celia played a part in this, but Charles had it coming.

    Dominic is on a war path and I don’t blame him, though I think mamisi didn’t deliberately try to hurt Zach. I think she got distracted and tried to hide her screw up. I used to hate her. Now I’m sort of rooting for her redemption.

    I’m probably the only one going to say this but while I loved the scene where Nne talks to Didi (it truly was beautiful), I really think things should’ve gone down more serious for oba and less jokey jokey. I didn’t like that scene. I hate what oba did, and it looks like he’s going to get away with it without consequences

  48. AOS says:

    Waoh this is wonderful….so happy the beast is dead. Hmmmmnn, Seyi and Hauwa, nice combination. Mary baby on the way oh.
    Sally well done dearie……xoxo.


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