The Darker Berry #5

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  1. adebayo says:

    Hmmm…yes the chemistry between Umi and Femi is clearly explosive….I still don’t think they’ll be good for each other. This Femi guy has loads of baggage…but who doesn’t ?

    Thanks Sally n Tomi….Tomi your body receives full strength in Jesus’ name.

  2. Tee says:

    This story is coming up nicely. I’ll disagree with the first commenter though. They fit each other and will make a good couple.Femi’s mother seems like a good woman, so her son will turn out right. maybe it is his failed marriage that has turned him to an elebolo. Lolz
    Get well soon Tomilola
    Great job, you two

  3. First Timer says:

    I have been on ghost mode for a while, not because I haven’t been reading awesome stuff here but because I’ve been facing some stuff.
    But I just had to comment today. I loved this episode, SAlly and Tomi.
    Great job.
    Now, i’m beginning to undersatnd Umi and I think both of them will do just fine

  4. Steven says:

    1st and 1st, you are already healed.
    Its getting to the excitement stage, well done.

  5. Gift says:

    Awwwww,,get well soon booe,pele,,hope u taking your meds religiously,lol
    Love mother and son banter,,cool relationship,

  6. ola says:

    Funny…femi and mom

  7. Vikki says:

    This chemistry is too much…Umi and Femi need to calm down. Tanchu… Tomi, by His stripes you have been healed…

  8. CHINNY says:

    Awww Tomi Pele. Get well soon dearie. Lovely read ladies.

  9. Sophia says:

    Lol,Femi and his mother ,I like that deep bond…,Umi shud not goan get dickmatized o….Thanks Aunty Sally,.@Tomi pls get well OK,.

  10. zeeniey says:

    Nice one

  11. Adefunke says:

    Ur baby’s health shall be restored in Jesus name. get well Mami Tomilola. Weldon to the two both of you

  12. Bola says:

    Yess…… I really like
    Very juicy… Get well soon tomi and sally my erotica madame u r the very best

  13. Modus says:

    Get well soon Tomi! Great job guys!

  14. Faithy says:

    A very lovely and intriguing episode… Fingers crossed till nxt week. Sally bad Tomi well-done.

  15. Damilola says:

    Tomi..get well soon…hugs
    So femi was married before…give ua that angle na Sally.. wetin happen
    I love this episode…thank you Sally

  16. Nechi says:

    I totally love this series. Thank you Sally and Tomi. I hope Tomi gets well soon.

  17. gbemmy says:

    I love every line of this…see chemistry eh, I felt the sparks here in my home
    thanks sal-tom

  18. Morgan says:

    Very beautiful…i love Femi’s mom

  19. T4temi says:

    Just a good lay??? Thats all?? Na wa o. Na here we go dey when u will begin to change ur confession and Umi has to put herself together and make the cookie jar scarce.
    And Madam Tomi, we wish you a super speedy recovery… Well done.

  20. Chinonso Wyre says:

    I love this. Thank you Tomi and Sally.

  21. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    I’m itching to know what Umi and Femi will develop into because it looks like he’s infatuated only by the sex, for now. Great read!

  22. Bellaxville says:

    Femi and umi are obviously extorting themselves. let’s see who gets the most benefit.
    I absolutely love the connection that transpired between umi and femi’s mum (typical Nigerian overprotective mothers)
    awesome read, thanks sally and tomi.

    Zane and Tomi darlings,you’re healed completely from every form of infirmities and his stripes,you’re healed.

  23. Tomilolacoco says:

    Oh my God, I can’t keep up with these comments 😂😂. Sally your people are awesome. Thanks so much, everyone!! And Sally is responsible for the awesomeness of the episode! Yeah, I can go to sleep and leave her to run the business. Haha. Much love, people! ❤️❤️

  24. wumi says:

    following Femi and Umi closely. Tomi may the sun of righteousness with healing in its wings rise over you,

  25. Amina says:

    First of, may you be healed Tomi. i see a marriage of convenience coming between Umi and Femi. i hope it happens soon. the falling in love will happen while married.

  26. Ronke says:

    Thank you sally for your beautiful stories,wishing you a quick recovery tomi.

  27. hacolyte says:

    Umi is bein dickimatised by Femo. Dia bond is so strong dat I felt jealous of Femi n his mum. Nice 1 Sally n Tomi. Tomi, pele o just get well quickly, mafi arale o. U re healed!

  28. Biola says:

    Tomi, You are healed in Jesus name. Tomi, turn down illness and turn up divine health.

    I’m beginning to think that it’s Femi that’s dickmatising himself, Umi being the Madam that she is, is more badassed than Femi-Elebolo…*why are most Femi’s Elebolos sef?*

    Please! Please! Please! Let Quincy find a good man.

  29. amanda anne aziegbe says:

    you girls are so sweet.. thanks for interpreting the yoruba..i was almost lost. get well soon Tomi.. more ink to your pen sisi Sally.. looking forward to the next episode with loving Femi already who cares if he’s an Elebolo…. Lmao

  30. Fiksionist says:

    Tomi get well soon please! Take good care of yourself e jo.

    This episode is just…ghen ghen!!!!!

  31. Ejibabe says:

    Awww nice as usual, femi is really a yoruba demon. Lol poor umi please don’t love femi he is not good for you.

  32. Seye Seye says:

    Things just have a way of setting themselves up. That’s how Umi and Femi will be doing kini and then the thing will fade from their eyes. I have a feeling one of the two will get attached, the result is what I wait to see.

    Femi’s mulattoness is something the young man is using to prey on the babes. Talk about Femi’s broken marriage gives a better insight into why he’s how he is. Some folks never recover from emotional issues.
    Me I’m sha watching to see how every go be.
    Big thanks Sally and Tomilola, lethal combo aye

  33. Tolu says:

    I LOVE this piece. Tomi love, get well soon, madam Sally, well-done. Plenty Femis out there tho

  34. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Just when I think I can see a straight line, you people will just manufacture a bend! Beautiful lines by beautiful ladies! Get well soon Tomi!


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