It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #18

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69 Responses

  1. Heidi says:

    Thank you!

  2. classiq says:

    God bless you more Sally

  3. ola says:

    God bless

  4. zeeniey says:

    The last part tho… Ah want to cry… Nice one sal

  5. Asma says:

    Thank you for this Sally.
    I don’t get notifications in My mail when a new post comes up anymore though 🙁

    • Sally says:

      I don’t know which of the emails you are registered with though. One of them comes once a week. The other comes daily.
      I will add links in the next episode. Sorry about it, Asma

  6. Rikitava says:

    Awww. Wura, I kinda support Mahmood’s decision tho. It’s her turn to fight for them and their love. And as for Nokia….I’m shocked at how this is affecting her,shebi she thinks she’s the wisest eehn? Let’s see how the girls will help her through this.

  7. bi says:

    aww happy beginning…. sad ending, interesting read as always. bad time for Noka hope she gets out of this mess so also Nay. I think Mamood is paying Woo back to feel how being rejected is but this will unite them again, respecting each other feelings. Thanks Sally, do have a wonderful week ahead

  8. Toyenlon says:

    Hmmm, Wura has finally driven Mahmud away by her actions. You claim to love somebody and you are always leaving him hanging all the time. What stops her from getting married before gallivanting all over the world, always putting him last in her decisions, na wa o. So sorry for Noka even though she has not been nice. It was a wonderful read, thanks.

    • Sally says:

      I thought so too. She could marry and take her trips but no, Wura has to be complicated.

      Thank you for reading, Toyenlon

  9. Trixandra says:

    Aww, I feel bad for Wura but come on, you can always get married and still fulfill your dreams. I hope they get back together. This version of Noka is depressing, I want her go back to the annoying friend she is. This just made my crappy weekend. Thanks Sally

  10. Folarin says:

    *sobs* this is heart wrenching. Mymud and wura, I think he just faced reality jare. Thank you Mrs Dadzie for this late night episode, I think am going to sleep well tonight.

  11. Dupe says:

    Awww Wura and Mahmud, please don’t break up. Thanks Sally.

  12. Tomii says:

    Nawa for u o Wur,,mchewwww
    Infact I don’t wanna say anything self..
    Thanks Sally boo, u are the rocket!!!!

    • Sally says:

      Tomii! Where have you been?
      Welcome back. I saw your other comments though but you seemed to have disappeared for a while. We miss you around here

  13. Nykky says:

    Wura you can’t eat your cake and have it. It’s always all about you now you have pushed Mymood so hard he just have to react. Sometimes it is good for you to taste of the bitter pill you served others the rejection and all excuses to be away or with other man but him. Sally pls bring them back but make Wura do running after him. Noka how market nah? Not sorry for her at all. Congrats See and Mary should start getting ready. Thanks Sally it a great read.

  14. Akua says:

    Sniffles, sniffles!! Lots of smiles at the beginning then the handkerchief came out. Very captivating episode. I hope Wara can finally determine what is really important to her….love or career. Noka, is reaping what she sowed but still feel sorry for her for trying so hard to hold on to her man by going round it the ring way. Great job Sally.

  15. Mammy says:

    Hmmn. I don’t like noka but eno share should beware. Yasmin should take her selfish self back to her father and mahmood just became a true Hausa man, woo woo its ur turn to woo him. Hmmn sally always a great read

  16. Vikki says:

    Wow…Wow…Wow…Loving the new look of the website. Great job Sally

  17. Reni says:

    I’m so sad… I always hoped Woo and Mymood would get their happy ending… *sniffles* Sally why??!! Pls na…. give us that fairytale

  18. Bola says:

    Thank you Sally… This Wura of a girl doesn’t know what she wants dey there dey form holier than thou .#kalex2016# all the way ,anxiously waiting for the proposal it’s going to be epic .Madam Nokia abi Noka sorry o but ntoi 😜

  19. Modus says:


  20. jane says:

    abeg sally make woo & mymood come back together oo…. happy for hauwui & seyi, good job

  21. Melody says:

    Ahhn… Why this? Why now? Wura, Don’t you think Pastor Ralph is in love with you? I think you should straighten this out. Genesis, Love nwatintin! Where is Kasi? Noka!! No woman wants to lose her children, they are her children, Eno is malicious, she should have handled it better.

  22. @Oge_writes says:

    Oh wow.
    Really sucks for Wura at the moment but I get the feeling this will all work out. Imagine all those trips with Pastor Raph and having to be on the same music label and go on tours next year. It would have been even harder on her relationship with Mahmud. She and pastor Raph should just get married already and call it a day.
    As for Noka, it’s painful for her friends to see her this way but she brought it all on herself. Hopefully there’s still redemption for her yet.
    I loved this totally Sal! Thank you!!

    • moskeda says:

      I love you lots too, Oge. And guess who is catching up on Hunter’s Game :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
      Yup! You guessed right. You don’t know how I hate to wait every week. I know I’m such a hypocrite 😩 but I’m sorry, the series is awesome

      • @Oge_writes says:

        I’m only just seeing this.
        Don’t worry, even my own sister did not read a single episode till I was done. I marvelled at her discipline. lol!
        It’s all love.
        So glad you enjoyed it.
        Happy New Year

  23. Calliboom says:

    i feel for wura plz u guys shouldn’t break up oh, and noka too, i feel for her now she is facing her deceitfulness. thank God she has good friends, who cares for despite her stupid behavior… luv the slap peace gave to her, it puts her on check…. thank you Sally….

  24. Carah💋 says:

    I really liked ds episode . Pls bring back woo and my mood.
    I feel bad fr Noka sha😢
    Seyi et huawei💕💕
    Thanks sally💋

  25. Dumebi says:

    Kai i’m tired of praising you Sally, i fear it might graduate to ass licking if i continue.You are just too good. Is it just me or is Celia always a little hard on her daughter? It’s about time Mymood makes Wura value his presence in her life. I would have broken up with her a long time ago sef, but I hope they work things out though. God bless you Sally

    • moskeda says:

      Hahaha! I appreciate the head swelling words, Dumebi. Much love from here.
      Celia and her daughter… Hmmm… No intent from my side to make it seem so. But if you have a toddler around, you’ll know how exhausting they can be. As I write this, my son has taken all the cash in my handbag and tossed it behind the couch. I want to hold him upside down and swing him until he cries. So yeah, I understand Celia’s mood. Besides she’s pregnant and sad. But she’s a smart mom. She distracted the child with TV. Basically, I suspect that what prompted your thoughts is Shady’s adorable relationship with Dara. And that’s intentional. Fathers need to do more with their kids. 🙂
      Bless you more, Dumebi

    • Sandra says:

      (ass licking) exactly why I haven’t commented on some episodes lately, cos it’s just so perfect I don’t even know what to say but drool and famz… Sally is the bestest.

  26. Honey says:

    God Bless you Sally! av been expecting diz since…. plz let d next episode come on tym oooo abeg. #kizzez

  27. Mrs. dadzie pls Woo & mymood should come back together

  28. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Wura needs to grow up and face reality. Thanks Sally!

  29. hacolyte says:

    Huawei n Seyi dats go n dey wud go places. Noka is tasting her own deceitfulness, whatsoever u sow u shall reap. But i prayed she get redeemed n her friends re great even Honey dat is of staunch believe als succumb wen she saw her suffering. Mymood n woowoo, she is d one dat forced mymood to rediscovered himself, nau she wud av a lot of patience so as to b able to woo n win back mymood love back. Nyc one Sally, u rock muah muah. 😍😍😍💋💋💋👍👍👍👊👊👊🍺🍺🍺

  30. iamhorllamii says:

    Sally pls Gve ma woo x mymood An Api ending abeg.. Noka d smart bae c Ur life…..hmmm sally tanx

  31. Seye Seye says:

    Jide and Honey ehn, they’ve got all the mushiness and love nwatintin on display. Maybe it’ll rub off on Didi and make her desire something good instead off her ‘auction’.
    I see how much of a handful toddlers can be in Dara. Whether you’re happy or sad, tired or strong, e nor concern them. I feel for Naomi sha but just maybe ‘self defence can work for her.
    Now to Noka. There are friends like that who really don’t wish anyone the best, but like it has gone here, they have wonderful friends who always watch out for them. I wanna see how her friends will wrest control from Eno tho.
    Such a shame Wura and Mahmood haven’t been able to really make progress. There’s always hard decisions so I guess Mahmood belled the cat. It was always gon’ hurt the more knowing Wura would be spending more time with Pastor Ralph.
    I’ve not been getting email notifications again o Sally. What’s the way out?
    Thanks for all the juicy stories you serve on here.

  32. Faithy says:

    Interesting episode Sally… I all out for Woo to pursue and discover who and what she values more. Her career or her love. Mymood is a wonderful Man, very rar gem and she’s there not recognising wat she has. So am siding with Mahmud this side. As for Kasi and Lexy,congrats. Send and Hauwa are next. Honey and JD makes me believe in love again… Thumbs up Sally 😍🙌

  33. Faithy says:

    Interesting episode Sally… I’m all out for Woo to pursue and discover who and what she values more. Her career or her love. Mymood is a wonderful Man, very rar gem and she’s there not recognising wat she has. So am siding with Mahmud this side. As for Kasi and Lexy,congrats. Seyi and Hauwa are next. Honey and JD makes me believe in love again… Thumbs up Sally 😍🙌

  34. Bman says:

    Hehehe… Jide and Honey,major goals there (after all their previous dramas). Noka brought all these on herself. Hopefully, she gets a shot at redemption ; that should help bring down those haughty shoulders. Mymood and Wura…when love isn’t enough…it’s a very tough decision but I think it’s the right one. They’ll both be fine. Congrats to Cee on the pregnancy ; Mary’s own is loading,with the way she’s going…lol.
    Emeka and Yazmin eh… I don’t know jare *deep sigh*. That lovely reset by Peace though…lol. I love what’s brewing between Seyi and Huawei. Finally, Kasi and Lexus come to their senses. Dom and Gen… weh done. Just eyeing the both of you.
    This episode touched on a lot of my favorite characters. Thank you so much Sally.
    Lastly, I stumbled on this episode this morning. How do we sort out this notification issue?

  35. Gift says:

    Sal see when am just reading this ,no notifications,well am happy cos it came as a surprise,jide and honey ehn makes marriage soo sweet,that’s what happen when u get married to your friend,,wonder why am not laughing at nokas downfall,feeling pity instead,maybe it’s cos am human,one of my fav couple mymood and woo woo,the drama is too much doh but hey love can overcome anything I still have faith in you guys,,thanks sally ,,BTW bring back bwt pleasssseeee

  36. Fiksionist says:

    Am I bad person if i say i am happy Mahmud broke up with Wura? Abeg she is always about something and the guy has really tried. Lexus and Kasi!!!!!!Whoop! Whoop!!!

  37. Iyanu says:

    Awwwn I don’t want wura and mymood to end things😔 and then poor emeka after yazmin aborted the baby now he doesn’t want the marriage annulled he should just enjoy his tola yazmin has been through a lot nd let her have peace you can’t eat your cake and have it thank you aunt sally for an amazing episode

  38. Ope says:

    Aww I actually teared up at the end. No naa, they can’t split up 😩

  39. Kenny says:

    how come I just got to read this

  40. ejibabe says:

    mymood sha, he is right thought. am sorry i dont feel pity for Noka.

  41. itheword says:

    Man, this episode sucked. Not sucked as in it was bad. It was really sad and it made me shed a couple of tears. I feel horrible for mymood. That nigga has done everything to make it work, but the harsh reality is it would never have worked out between them. Religion is not something one should toy with. What mymood did – breaking up with wura – that took guts. He ripped out his heart in the process. Good luck, bro.

    Man, Noka Noka. How the mighty falls. Every time a shitty character falls, Sally tries to get us on their side. Noka has been a bitch since day one. Never liked her one bit, now Sally wants me to feel sorry for her. And I kinda do. It’s sad when the consequences of our foolish actions come back to haunt us, but I think Noka has it in her to redeem herself. Now let’s get to hating Eno, the new bitch on the block


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