The Darker Berry #7

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74 Responses

  1. Dayo says:

    Nice read as always.

  2. Biodun says:

    161 views and just one comment. Nigerians sha. We just can’t appreciate good things. Somehow we think these writers just imagine these stories and they jump on the blog.

    Sally and Tomi, well done. Soon God will take you to higher heights. I tried my hand at writing this spring break but e nor easy. I have to acknowledge that the gift is in you ladies. I’m just here to appreciate ni.

    As for amra abi amala, she can go and die

    • Rida says:

      😥😥 I’m guilty of this sha. But it’s bad. I need to repent

    • Sally says:

      Lolz. Don’t break your head over it. If we follow comments, we won’t write. We write because we love to. You ought to see Tomi and I brainstorming on this. It’s fun. Yes, we want feedback but you see, sometimes we get tired of ‘begging’ people to appreciate what they read. Good thing is that we don’t get tired of writing.
      We appreciate you, Biodun. This won’t be forgotten.

    • Tomilolacoco says:

      Lol thanks Biodun. And thanks for pointing this out. Like Sally said, we enjoy doing this and that’s the first 100 reasons why we do it. I always tell Sally, we do write better than half of the published Writers people will rather read/famz and follow (my eyes have seen! lol). And this isn’t coming from a cocky place. On the contrary, it is coming from a ‘I know my self worth and the quality of my work’ place and whether or not people pay due attention to our work, we’d keep doing it and keep getting better. If we looked at the response sometimes or the indifference, we would have stopped a long time ago. So we don’t need validation or ‘forced’ feedback. One day, people will see true art and recognize it for what it is. Until then, we’re grateful for people like you Biodun. xo

  3. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Always always looking forward to reading something from Madam Salz and Sisi Tomi.
    Wonderful all the way

  4. Adewunmi says:

    Dear Sally & Tomi please expose Quincy soon.
    Also Buzor should chill.
    Hugs you both.

  5. Mammy says:

    Chair! This buzor is wasting his time. Demi is already into umi and vice versa. Please sally and tomi help me deal with iyabo

  6. Nnenna says:

    Why? Quincy Why.?

  7. Rolakemi says:

    Mind blowing…. well done my ladies (tomi et sally) 😘😘😘😘

  8. ola says:

    Ds ppl and dre drama

  9. Neymar 😍 says:

    Dis quincy has big foul mouth sha. She nver love Umi anyway so she couldnt care less. Pls expose her soon. D nxt episode i guess will tell us more abt d rel btw buzor n Femi . Tak care of Zainab. Tanz sal n Tomi

  10. Reni says:

    truth be told…I havent read much of Tomi’s work… but of Sally, I can categorically say she’s one of the best writers I have read (and I’ve read a lot).

    back to the matter…. I’m loving the budding romance between Femi and Umi… I don’t yet know how Buzor fits into their romance sha.
    Pls someone should help me knock Quincy’s head! how could she be so careless… she has now traumatized lil Zee.
    I don’t even know if I want Amra to make it or not…. her presence would complicate things and her absence, well… I haven’t missed her much.
    I just love mama Femi😍 correct Yoruba woman! 🙌

    Sally Pls don’t let us wait too long o for the next one….. aunty Tomi e jor e epp wa

  11. Biola says:

    Sally and Tomi, You guys are the bomb!!

  12. Deyrinsola says:

    Nice one maam sally and tomi

  13. zeeniey says:

    Wow… Nice episode

  14. Simplygold says:

    Good read as always.
    Umi dear take care.

  15. Gift says:

    Sally and tommy in one story this is what we get,awesome at its peak,,okay yes am guilty whether am silent or not I enjoy anything from u guys,,been a die hard fan for years now. Thanks you guys

  16. james says:

    I’m beginning to like this Quincy of a lady with mouth diarrhea… Good job Sally and Tomi

  17. Modupe says:

    So i am going to pray one of my church prayers on quincy(she isnt deserving of a capital letter for her name biko), “any unfriendly friend behaving like a friend to me, fall down and ……(complete the rest abeg, cant be accused of murder, mbok)

    Great read as usual Sal and Tom……

  18. adebayo says:

    Buzor will remain eternally in the friend zone….he had better wake up and smell the coffee.
    In as much as I like Femi and Umi together, I know that Femi will jeopardize the relationship…the man will still do shina..
    Amra…better not die.

    Thanks Sally n Tomi…

  19. Bola says:

    Well done ladies…. I totally enjoyed reading this.


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  20. amanda anne aziegbe says:

    nice work girls…can’t wait for the next post

  21. Jay says:

    Sally and Tommy, una welldone jare. Biodun cool down now! do you think all of us have writing prowess like you? Abeg i am the chief whip of the silent readers club jare, i only comment when the anointing falls on me.

    Femi nice one for opening up and telling your story to Umi. at least you take that one try pass that yeye AKT and the big headed Jideofor. Oya Umi, stop forming Gamorra inside Guardians of the Galaxy. talk your past and let Iya Femi comman buy expensive lace from me with bitcoins or mavro for the upcoming wedding jare.

  22. Brownie says:

    Sally and Tomi. Kudos you both..awesome read as usual. More power to your elbows.
    Iyabo is about to get it from all angles…AMra I really don’t care either ways..Umi and Femi love up folks noni.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Lol@Jay (chief whip)…me na secretary.
    Our apologies dears…please accept it.
    You guys guys are amazing and your stories are great (please don’t let our comment or non comment decide if you keep writing…hard as it may, cos everyone need to be appreciated).
    Please know we appreciate you guys.

    Burrrr!!! *Scratch head*…aunty Sally, how far our deal naaa…
    Na ur geh from FB be dis 😂😢…loool

  24. Carah💋 says:

    Well done sally and tomi💋🙏🙏

  25. Tomii says:

    Oops Oops..Quincy, elenu nla..i just pray zainab won’t lapse into her inner shell.

    Sally and my namesake are just the best, thanks guys..God bless u more n more, Amen!!!

  26. adeola gem says:

    Thanks beautiful ladies for this wonderful episode. May God continue to uphold you both. Warm rgds.

  27. calabar gal says:

    Thank you Sally & Tomi – great read. Amra – what have u gotten yourself into? Looking forward to the next chapter.

  28. folakemi says:

    This Quincy and her bad mouth ehn, how zainab cope with this News

  29. tlove says:

    Wa ooooo nice Sally and Toni

  30. Rikitava says:

    This Amra ehhn 😢 I can’t wait to see aw iyabo will be dealt with. It will also be nice if Femi helped Wasiu

  31. Bellaxville says:

    Gbese reee o
    this just got hotter…

  32. Joshua says:

    Mehn! I never want to be in Buzor’s shoes fam. Anyways, I hope Amra pulls through.
    Great stuff guys!

  33. gbemmy says:

    this is fun, thanks

  34. Dharmie says:

    well done madams tnx fr dis intriguing episode
    looking forwards to d next one

    this Femi nd sex sha nawa for him oo
    Zeebabe be strong sho gbo

    Umi love ya

  35. brightnex says:

    Good read as always. Thank you Sally and Tomi!

  36. Fiksionist says:

    Sally and Tomi, killing it since 1980! Umi and Femi’s love is so….eish! Buzor please don’t cry o ’cause it is about to go down! Hehehehe! Well done!!!!

  37. Vikki says:

    Sally and Tomi…Thank you sooooo much for this. You guys rock! Hope you’re not planning on making Umi a mom?

  38. Erinayo says:

    Sally and tomi, well done, God bless your handiwork.

  39. kemystery says:

    a job well done

  40. Funmilola Adekola says:

    This Quincy and her running mouth! She will definitely catch trouble soon. I just pray Amra is OK. Thanks Sally and Tomi.

  41. Seye Seye says:

    Thanks for this serial ladies. Blessings.
    So I like how Wasiu and Femi first settled scores before deciding what to do with Iyabo. Now, Femi is sentimentally enlisting Umi’s support in the ‘war against iyabo’.
    Why won’t Quincy tell Femi to go to church when all she wants is someone to take Umi off Buzor. I pity the young man tho, his place in the friend zone is built with marble to make it comfy for him there.
    Of Femi and Umi, both slowly and steadily letting down their guards. Let’s see who blinks first.
    And Amra got herself in trouble. Much as her lifestyle is irritating, one can’t chase a bad child to a lion (hope I got that we’ll translated from Yoruba).
    Big ups ladies, thanks once again.

  42. wasmakelly says:

    loving all d write up on dis site, i pray we will not crash like MMM oo. cos dis site gives joy more dan money oo. From d Madam @ D top, SALLY to Tomi Seye and others, u people rocks. i dove my cap 4 u all.

  43. Amina says:

    Sally and Tomi, thank you for this episode, there was just something about it, and it was tres real.
    Umi and Femi, I see something, not only love though, I for say it but I know Sally and Tomi will just change their minds about that particular part. Lol

  44. Si Si says:

    Thus made for yet another interesting read. I hope Amra does not die. If only she’d change. Buzor has just refused to get the picture here. A one night stand can’t stop you from being friend zoned bawo! As for Femi and Umi, I won’t even call it love or list… Something will work itself out and I’m trusting Umi would mess it up.

    As for quincy, dear God, any quincy in my life, be uprooted now. Amen. I just feel her character is evil.

  45. lizzy says:

    tanks Aunt Sally u are the best

  46. AOS says:

    Waoh, this Quincy sef with her big mouth….gosh. Interesting read, thank you ladies….xoxo. Happy New Year in advance.

  47. @Oge_writes says:

    I just want to slap this Quincy sef! Her mouth like vandalised pipeline. Shior!
    I am so vexed!


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