It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #19

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81 Responses

  1. Nnenna says:

    I love you sally. I hope you know that. Wu Wu and didi sef.

  2. tessy says:

    tanks SAL . making my weekend.

  3. Fragile says:

    Aunty Sally muaaaaaaaaahhhhh! I love you as always. thank you for this episode. ive been ill and banned from my phone (p.s: its her cousin typing what she says) but everybody knows that saturdays for IANS is sacred.
    Soooooo… Kas and Lexus, huh? i miss Mymood and Wura, they are my best couple but i do understand his anger, ive been there and it hurts… Maybe Oba will be good for Ndidi but he needs to grow up a bit more, he still has the juvenile mentality of “the world revolves around me” and it could hurt the potentials of him having her… Honey and Jide remind me of the lonliness of being single though… There was no mention of Seyi and the bra-forgetting diva, i mean Hauwa.
    Brilliant episode as always. Need to go off now

  4. adebayo says:

    Felt like one and a half….not two in one (lol).
    Good for Lex and Kas.
    This Jide and Honey romance ehn (see why they are my favs).
    I have a friend like Ekene, she doesn’t want kids…he will eventually come around for Mary’s sake and he’ll see that fatherhood actually does a good number on him.
    Wura will be fine. Mahmud likes her so much. They’ll be back…I hope P.Ralph isn’t nursing any thoughts sha.
    Mex should have told Yaz the truth..please let Yaz have a happy ending..girl has suffered a lot.
    As for Oba and Didi….let’s see how ‘their’ love story develops…

    Thanks Sally, you rock! Enjoy the book reading tomorrow.

  5. ola says:

    Lovely way to start d weekend, would mind an extra though, just thinking out loud

  6. folakemi says:

    Didi wtin enter ur head sef and to woo woo I really think she needs to set her priorities right just Imagine she didn’t even know that Mahmud is struggling emotionally
    Lexs and Kas I sight una o
    plz where is Noka hope she is getting better
    tnks Sally

  7. T4temi says:

    My sorry goes to Mary. Didi….sorry small, that beard trimming boy is not caring enough. U hear? Juat date obasi… Thanks Sally.

  8. Melissa says:

    Except the engagement of Kas and Lex, every other part of today’s episode was melancholic.
    Thanks Sally for today’s.

  9. Jumoke says:

    Thank you!

  10. Happiness says:

    Wow! Just wow! Ma sally you just made me speechless, thanks for 2day episode, it was great

  11. Mammy says:

    Chai! Splendid episode. Now aura should better wake up. How can his dad pass away and you will be forming ignorance. Abeg wake up joor the world does not revolve at your convenience.

  12. Faithy says:

    I don’t like kids and she does know it yet… I smell trouble awaiting Mary and Ekene’s marriage. It goes on to say the things we should discuss before saying I DO… Thank you Sally…

  13. Cheyi says:

    Wetin eye dey look for, na wetin eye dey see. Didi should just grow up Plix. Kelvin should be dealt with small for not stopping when she said NO sha! Was hoping Ibro would open up to the guys about Noks, all the same thanks Sally for this episode as an Oliver twist I want more *doing cat eyes*

  14. Tolu says:

    Beautiful piece as ever. Been loading and reloading for this piece. But wait, how does one who has many wives deal with the ring and the ring finger? Mex had two wives, and he had rings on both wedding fingers,is that how it really works? Never gave it a thought though, but this piece brought it up.

  15. Tomii says:

    And I was late once again… I luv u too much Sally, that’s all I wanna say on this episode!!!

  16. Anthony says:

    NO means NO

  17. Jumes says:

    Awwwww… Sorry Didi, Kevin was scum. Not all men are sha…Bobby is annoying me abeg. Hmm, Mex a woman says one thing and means the other… I actually feel sad for the whole MexYazTol love triangle. Happy for LexBi. Wura yaff fucked up big time… But I’m praying for you and Mahmud…
    Sally ya d bestest. I wish i had d IANS book already. Thank you for this interesting episode but I want more😁😁😍

  18. gbemmy says:

    wow, d e life eh. woo woo, how come u didn’t know abt Mahmud feelings, I pray he comes come. Didi Pele o, Oba pls grow up Small.
    congrats Lexus, I feel sad abt mex’s predicament, even with Tola been happy he still feels lost. Yasmin too……sad episode
    only thing missing is bra- forgetting midwife and older suitor

    thanks as always Sally

  19. Zee says:

    Aaaawwww! Sally, u rock. Thank you

  20. Toyenlon says:

    Wura needs to set her priorities right just as Genesis adviced, she doesn’t even know what Mahmyd is going thru, that he even lost his dad…why na. Thanks for this episode Sally.

  21. Quincy says:

    So this is what I’ve decided Sally. This Holiday I’m going to sit back and read all the stories of your blog and leave comments as well….after I’m done with the fourth finger though. kisses

  22. Gloria A says:

    Ohhh… I didn’t want it to… So happy for Lex n Kasbi. Oba n Didi are just a perfect match I hope they end up together. Beautiful as usual Sally 🙂

  23. Omec says:

    wonderful episode, thanks Sally

  24. Carah💋 says:

    Awesome as usual! Thanks sally💋

  25. Kemi says:

    Poor Didi

  26. tee says:

    Thank you Sally, very refreshing episode. More grace to you

  27. Vikki says:

    I totally feel Didi’s pain but she needs to get over it. Kas finally popped the question,so happy for Lexus. Thanks Sally for making my weekend.

  28. Gerald says:

    So much to treasure. What a wonderful read.

  29. chizoba says:

    why nua? my wu wu and mahmyd…my favourite couple…stay strong…
    Thank you Sally and do have fun tomorrow… xoxo

  30. Tosin says:

    Good one Sally. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel bad for mex, just a little. I’m just happy for Tola. I missed my mood today

  31. Ituajude says:

    Yayyy!!! Kasbi finally caught sense 😆😊
    I feel its a good thing Didi lost her virginity to someone else cos she’d have hated Oba after the sex.

  32. kay says:

    nice one sally, she had to give it up sooner or later tho,unfortunately it had to be that guy…Mex bet y na,lets see how it goes from there for him ….I smell a ploy yaz might just get preggy again

  33. Adesola says:

    Tnx Sally….. U r d best

  34. Pacesetter says:

    Thanks ma’am

  35. Eunice says:

    Nice one Sally. I always look forward to Jide and Honey’s part.

  36. Nykky says:

    Wura that’s what happens when you are too preoccupied with yourself, you need toset your priorities right pray you get your man back.. Happy for Lex and Kasbi. Didi I don’t know what to say about your case. Sally thanks for the update.

  37. Erinayo says:

    Hey sally, I’m happy for tonbra and kas, can’t wait for their wedding. Wura should please listen to genesis, mahmood reaaallly loves her. Serves didi right,if she had just continue the partying with a baby bro, she wouldn’t have lost her hymen like that. Jide and honey tho, I love them.( I wish it could be like that with my husband and I. Wishes come true tho). Ekene should please love children ohhh for Mary’s sake. How is noka doing?? I hope she is fine. Seyi and braless babes,hauwa, hope their love is sparkling. Mavelous piece sally, more grease to your elbow. Nighty night.

  38. Sarah says:

    Finally Lex and Kas have decide to get married, I hope this work out well for wura and mymood, as for ndidi, u don’t always get what u dreamed of, love is not all about sex.. I hope u have learnt ur lesson. Very interesting episode Sally, I can’t wait for January to come so that we can have our main moskeda theme back.

    • Sally says:

      Hahaha! You seem to love that theme. I’m working on it. I still feel slighted that my money went away and they don’t want to give me the one I want. It’s not like I want the money back, I’m still buying the one I want from them. It’s rather unfair. I guess I’ll work with what I have

  39. Amina says:

    Thanks Sal, this episode was bitter sweet. Kilonse Bobby yen sef. Ekene should just say why he doesn’t like kids. I’m happy for Tola.
    Please Honey needs to tell us what makes Jide come for the honey jar so regularly and Jide needs to share his secrets too since the other husbands have one complain or the other

    • Sally says:

      Jide shared the secret, which is basically that they make things work.Honey is not waiting to be loved by him, she shows him love. Same with Jide. They create their own fairy tale. I wish most couples would learn this

  40. Eunice says:

    Woo n Mymood……please get back soon. I ❤ u guys. Chai…Jide n Honey 🍯 oooo..(oh Jide of mine, where art thou😒, trying to be ur Honey oo). Kas n Lexus (about time..congrats 😤 guys). Inasmuch as I try to be excited that Mex broke up with Yasmin…yet I feel bad..(no girl should have her heart broken). Thanks Sally for the bonus…i know it’s a great deal to get this all put together. Oya take…. 💋 💋 💋. 😚

  41. mz_eluanza says:

    even my phoneless state cudnt make me walk away (had to borow phone just to read and comment…Aunty Sal buy me a smart phone for christmas).

    Wura Wura how many times did I just call u…she always taking actions only to regret it tired of feeling sorry for you o. sha make things right with mymood.
    Dominic just has a way of making me miss my dad to think I didn’t like him very much in KN but like the saying never judge a book by its cover.
    Emeka just gets me tired, I thought he was going to settle things with Yaz… what kind of man says we r done and still ends up in the V ( so much unfinished business there, if you ask me)
    Ndidi Onuora u v disappointed me big time but I know how it feels though plus all that Oba is just like a baby brother…wudnt advice you to go down that road.. Meanwhile, Ekene is in for a shock shey Mary is preggy already and that Bobby guy needs a mental reset…his marriage is a thicking bomb if he doesn’t change his perspective of things. *phew only Amaka made me type so much* I love u aunty Sal muah

    • Sally says:

      Lol! close your eyes and receive your phone this minute!
      Unfortunately, there are a lot of men like Bobby. The question nobody is asking is why his wife married him in the first place. Sometimes these couple fit each other. E fit be say she get her own for body

  42. Ceey says:

    Thanks Aunty Sally for this…..Wura n Mymood – abeg don’t give up on dis love……so happy for Lex n kasi….feel sorry for Didi, but she is a strong babe, she will be fine.

  43. anuolwa says:

    this is a hit as always sally. thanks!

  44. Gift says:

    Chai wuwu messed up big time am sure their ish will be fixed in no time,,kasiobi and Lexus finally took the big step,,happy for them ,,,really feel for yaz in my mind I was so hoping they don’t break up,,thanks Sally,,btw I still didn’t get notified this week

    • Sally says:

      Gift, if you subscribed to Mailchimp service which comes once a week, then you were notified. Always check your spam box. If you subscribed to the RSS Feed handled by Google which comes every day, then you also got it. Asides those two, there isn’t any other newsletter service that runs on this blog.

  45. Rikitava says:

    Lex nKas!!! 😍😍😍😍 I’m glad for that part of today’s episode. Wura….chai she really messed up but I’m rooting for her. Ndidi 🙁 Pele my dear…I dunno bou Oba being good for her but I guess we’ll see. Thanks Sally 😘

  46. loolah says:

    Like play,like play am beginning to like dominic most especially d way he treats lexus. Some father might not be the talking talking but they will do anyting for their kids. Patiently waiting for the love story of Di and “the baby bro”. The love between Honey and jide sha, i tap into it. Hopefully ekene and mary will be more opened to eachother. Different people and what they go through in their different marriages. As usual madam Sally U are the Bomb. The realest MVP…. Osshhheeeeyyyyyy Baddest. Have a great week ahead.

  47. ayo says:

    Shebi Didi’s temperature af come down now dat her cherry has been bombed… lol… I pray fr guys like Bobby to receive sense and God help Ekene and Mary… I’m happy fr Kas and Tonbra dat dey finally made dat decision.. Wu should take strongly Genesis’ advice…. I love you Sally, shey u know???

  48. lilian says:

    Wonderful piece as usual. Ekene and Mary really need to talk and understand each other and as for wura I can’t wait to see her be the one fighting for mymood

  49. Ayo says:

    don’t I. just love Jide? Bobby though, I still don’t understand how his wife married him sef . .I don’t Luke him in. dis episode. Woo Woo, is just falling my hand.
    Awww, I’m. so happy for Lexus and Kasi
    Thumbs. up ma’am Sally

  50. ejibabe says:

    merry christmas to u and ur family Sally and thanks for this great episode. am glad u finally put an end to mex and yaz . am really enjoying IAN and seeing lex and kas get engage is such a beautiful thing. Bless u sis

  51. Seye Seye says:

    Good one for Kas and Lex, and then the dynamics have changed. They even have a Trinity to put in their plans. I believe they have the capacity to make things work.

    When men gather, they mostly lay a lot on the table, especially when drinks are involved. I feel for Yazmin, but I can also understand how ‘easy’ it’s been for Emeka (despite him being the architect of his troubles). One thing I know however is that the sentimental attachments remain.

    I’m for non-conformism and I’d like Wura and Mahmood together. Hoping the lady gets her act together and works her way back in.

    Ndidi is an adventurous young one and it would be nice for her to have her fill. She gon’ learn when and how to slow down.

    Thank you Sally. Blessings

  52. Kany T. Dahl says:

    Always a pleasure reading your works Madam Salz

  53. itheword says:

    O boy, only three major characters featured here. Anyway, half bread is better than none. Good to see the all men are scum Twitter craze has reached my favourite web series lol

    Wura, let it go. I don’t think it would work.

    So mex is done with yazmin. So I’m not going to get my mex, yaz, tola threesome. Well, that’s absolute shit.

    Not really feeling this Didi babe. And oba. Every time I have to read about them, they find new and improved ways to annoy me. Was hoping for some Noka-Ibro drama but that sort of got kicked to the background of this episode in favour of a long ass didi virginity loss scene. Oh well. Next episode!

  54. Iyanu says:

    Awwwn poor didi😔 but what is wrong with that oba boy sef didi is still his sister😏 he should leave the poor girl oh how much I love honey and jide😍ekene should please give Mary babies ooo thanks aunt sally for an amazing episode😘😘 please how do I sign up so I get updates in my mailbox?

  55. Kemi says:

    Thought I commented last week o, I decided to re-read this episode. Thank you Sally for always being there. Really, like I have earlier said I don’t mind Didi and Oba. Ekene shouldn’t allow fear make him hurt his wife. All of these point blank discussions he should try and communicate with his wife and let them reach a compromise and she helps him deal with his fear of loosing her to their children. I just love love Honey and Jide. Thank God for Kasiobi and Lexus, my heart breaks for Mymood and Wura. And that Bobby is a chauvinistic fool, that conquering spirit that makes them seek for a virgin to marry and think they are show pieces to decorate the house while they still go out there to have fun. Mschew

  56. Melissa says:

    Please give us Christmas episode. Please

  57. Eunice says:

    Been here countless times thinking there should be a xmas or boxing day episode. I was hoping to step down with a cup of tea while I read. Too bad I will be going to bed without it. I am surely going to produce and direct my own version of the series in my head as I sleep. Sally pls do something.x

  58. Calliboom says:

    am so happy for Lexus and kas, they finally made the bold step, as for work, she need to set her priorities straight, i pray she get her Mamud back, and mex is something else, u want to end things with yazmin, but still entering the V, nawao men, then ndidi finally u tested the sex, sorry for the break up i believe u will bounce back…. thank you Sally.

  59. anitaeneh says:

    oh Sally like seriously? dis 2 last episodes left me crying, wuwu, yazmin, and all,so touching nd emotional, lots of deep forgotten memories remembered, tnks girl. i love u


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