Help A Friend This Christmas

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12 Responses

  1. Rida says:

    I just did the little i could, Sally
    nkem, God will see you thru
    Merry Christmas all

  2. Atobatele says:

    Depression is such a serious and sadly even more seriously overlooked issue. By God’s grace, I’ll go help with whatever I can. I’ve been depressed before, suicidal too but I doubt I can logically explain how I got over it. I did try to kill myself only a few years back. When like Sally the death didn’t come, something probably readjusted in my head and mind. Something needs to be done to help eradicate depression, maybe the world is yet to understand it is a sickness as deadly as the cancers and whatever else terminal diseases there are

  3. Autoprincess says:


  4. Nwanne says:

    Done Sally. Been there, still struggling. I send her healing light and love from the Most High God.

  5. Kemi says:

    I just read this, said a prayer

    Thank you Sally for bringing this to our attention

  6. gbeminiyi says:

    this is so serious. its Christmas time, I’ll do what I can. God that helped u sally hasn’t changed his position, he is still sitting on his throne and surely he will send a helping hand to nkem

  7. Rikitava says:

    She’s definitely getting something from me. Bless you Sally and God be with Ikem nd her family.

  8. Duro says:

    Am UK based any ideas how i can transfer money?

  9. Kemi says:

    I don’t know how I missed this. Been breezing in here once in a while. God will comfort her. Will do the needful and thanks Sally for being a source of strength to her and going out of your way to do this.
    By the way, Happy New Year, God will continually lift you up and perfect all that concerns you and yours in Jesus name, Amen


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