Best Man Duty #16

Seye Babalola

Seye Babalola

Seye Babalola is an Animal Scientist with voracious appetite for reading, and some writing. He started writing with poetry, and BEST MAN DUTY is his first attempt at prose. He is active on social media and can be engaged on different platforms

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24 Responses

  1. TabItha says:

    Seye àgbè! This is bae!
    It is back! BMD!

  2. zeeniey says:

    This dotun sef.. Nawa o

  3. gbeminiyi says:

    I tire for ur life o, Dot

  4. slimshawty says:

    #Reality dz is actually d lifestyle of some guys nowadays

  5. damiSusu says:

    I don’t like Cynthia. Yes I just judged her

  6. olabisi says:

    I don’t like all of them

  7. Simplygold says:

    Cynthia is a flirt, dot is not serious yet.

  8. Simplygold says:

    Cynthia is a flirt, I dont like her too. Dot is just not ready at all!

  9. Atobatele says:

    I’m relating too much than I’d even like to admit. But Mr Seye, for the sake of Godly hope, please give Dot’s character stability… So people like me can feel like it actually gets better at some point.
    Awesome work!

  10. Jumoke says:

    This Cynthia is just annoying

  11. Olori Ade says:

    Dotun should park well abeg……dude is confused and doesn’t know what he wants….#teamQueen all d way

  12. Tomii says:

    Dotun is just a stupid goat….i hate your guts cynthia,you are such a manipulative b***h..i detest girls like you. I pray that her bf dumps her and she lose out on Dotun can’t eat your cake and have it.

    Cleo is just like Queen in some ways,save for the temper. Dotun I pray you don’t kukuma lose all at the end of the day, ojukokoro lo ma pa e. He-diot oshi…

    Thanks Seye!!!!!

  13. Adewunmi says:

    Compliments Seye.
    Dotun needs Wisdom.
    If Dotun is feeling like this, how much more we women.

  14. Faithy says:

    me i just dey waka pass………smh

  15. Jane says:

    I’m#teamqueen all the way…
    I disagree with Sam, Dotun doesn’t deserve Queen..
    Damn! Such shitty character.
    Thanks for the episode Seye

  16. AOS says:

    Na waoh for Dotun oh….well done Seye.

  17. Amina says:

    If Sam says Dotun is one of the good guys. .I think we need a new definition for “one of the good guys”

  18. Babawale says:

    If u have never been with a Queen, u can never understand what dot is going thru, Cynthia is evil, Cleo might not work, but we don’t even know where Lara stands jare, Weldon bro

  19. Ayo says:

    here’s my take….Cynthia is a no, Queen is off, Cleo… I’m not feeling her, Lara…oh well, I don’t know yet…
    and did Sam say Dotun is one of d good guys? pls pls pls….someone tell me d definition of GOOD

  20. Just Dotun says:

    From one Dotun to another…. dude you need help
    weldone jare Seye

  21. Simplygold says:

    Seye! What is happening? Where is BMD 17? 2weeks gone now!

  22. Mammy says:

    My oga! Hope you are good oooo. New year don’t finish oooo. We are oliver twisting for new episodes. Ejo, biko, taimaka

  23. YourVillagePeople says:

    Father Lord, any form of Dot. In my life and horizon, take them away. I can’t just deal please

    As for Cynthia, it will definitely backfire on your ass


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