The Darker Berry #8

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35 Responses

  1. olabisi says:

    Sally dear..God’s healing on u Amen u shall be whole and strong..thanks for the new episode and I no longer get update in my mail anymore I check everyday to see if there’s a new post

    • Sally says:

      Thank you, Olabisi

      The mail you speak of comes once a week or sometimes twice a week. It doesn’t come every day. Please, follow me on Facebook and on Twitter to get the latest updates. I will resume with email notifications once a week.

  2. Kemi says:

    Wow, the berry gets darker. I don’t know but I don’t think Femi is good for Umi. All these drama just for good sex abeg is it worth it?

  3. tlove says:

    dear sally please get well quick , this is nice Toni and Sally but this is holiday period bring more nice

  4. adebayo says:

    Ghen gehn…..what did Umi find out ooooo?
    Sally and Tomi, u guys r the bestest!

  5. Chibuzo Nwobia says:

    Wow!!!! Things just escalated quickly… Nice write up, first time out of the shadows. Sally may you NEVER run out of inspiration and ideas, may the ink flow continuously and NEVER run dry, and may your mind, body and health be made whole. Cheers happy holidays.

  6. Ndyana says:

    Nice piece. Beautiful drama. Just hope you don’t kill me with suspense before you post a new episode

  7. Aibee says:

    Another episode like blue Bunny ice cream, always finishes too soon.
    Well-done Sally, very good read.

  8. Tomii says:

    Lmao @ last paragraph…
    Iyabo, that’s some nice checkmate,,hahaha

    Thank you Sally and Tomi!!!

  9. Zawadi says:

    Good one. I had to go back and read ep. 7 which was a nice catch up for me. I still like Femi and Umi together and can’t wait to see what happens between Femi and Wasiu. Iyabo on the other hand can go away but there’s a spice she adds to the story so I guess i’m stuck with her for now. Iyabo/Teslim hmm. They seem familiar from another story. I’ll be patient.

  10. Marion says:

    Thanks sally wish a merry Christmas and a fabulous new year. From my mouth to GOD’S ears I wish u speed healing from the crown of ur head to the soles of ur feet. It’s well with u and urs. Bisou

  11. Faithy says:


  12. AOS says:

    Thanks Sally and Tomi, great read.

  13. jane says:

    wow!! I really enjoy did episode. It’s suspense is dupe

  14. Amina says:

    Going through Femi’s things only mean that Umi is catching feeling and getting attached. Thanks Sal and Tomi

  15. Chinonso Wyre says:

    Get well soon dear Sally, heard from Tomi’s blog that u are not feeling too fine.

  16. calabargal says:

    Iyabo!! Sowing seeds of discord. This was a very thrilling episode. Encore!! Sally & Tomi!

  17. Simplygold says:

    Umi!!!!!!!!! U’re hooked.

  18. Oluwakemi says:

    And now the suspense……. Umi and Femi abi you both have the same Father. I pity Femi’s Mum I can imagine raising a son all in your own and he goes behind your back to look for the only thing you never gave him despite the fact that you gave him all except that.
    Chibuzor abeg maintain your friend zone lane.
    By the way Sally, ayaf missed Moskedapages, been a while here

  19. Seye Seye says:

    Ok, OK, here we go…
    I like how Femi played his card before Iyabo’s. Babe was shocked to the marrows and did what her type does, she threw the whole package inside sand.
    Of course, Umi and Femi, not drama lovers have to cope with the present one in which they’re compelled to act as a result of Iyabo’s revelation.
    Much as I don’t like the Chibuzor character, I like the fact that his action also stirred some jealousy in Femi. Talk of him getting served before he could get to Chibuzor 😀
    With the revelations by Iyabo, and Umi’s discoveries, everything is finely poised.
    This will only get more interesting with Wasiu and Iyabo lurking in the shadows, not forgetting Amra, Zainab and Umi’s friend.
    Big ups Sally and Tomi.

  20. Noni says:

    Nice one, Sally. I hope you’re feeling better?

  21. favour says:

    Get well soon Sally

    Sending prayers up to heaven for you.

  22. Fiksionist says:

    Get well soon Sally! Very beautiful piece!

  23. Gerald says:

    From knacks to feelings. Let’s see how it’s being exchanged. Nice read, Tomi and Sally.

  24. Zeeniey says:

    Nice one

  25. Lisa says:

    Happy New Year Sally, may God strengthen you this year and increase your creativity.

  26. gbeminiyi says:

    happy new year sally, wish u sound perfect health this year
    Umi is getting attached o, see cupid has shot her……Femi sef eh

  27. Eunice says:

    The suspense tho!!
    I gbadun Iyabo jare, what a way to get
    Femi & Umi 😍😍. What exactly is Femi hiding tho?

  28. Akua says:

    The seed of jealousy is spicing up the story. Loving it. Great job Sally and Tomi.

  29. folakemi says:

    The berry is really getting darker
    Happy New Year Sally and Tomi

  30. @Oge_writes says:

    What is all this unending drama bikonu?


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