The Darker Berry #9

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  1. folakemi says:

    Jeez Femi is an idiot and why would umi just be jumping about from passionate sex with femi to passionate kiss with buzor.
    guess she needd to hear Amra’s explanation
    nice one Sally

  2. tunrayo says:

    nice one sally and tomi u make my day

  3. jacy says:

    wow! this is lovely..umi you need to concentrate, sort out ur feelings..i know bubu has been there for you but dnt try to take tha feeling of sm1 been ur friend into an emotional relationship…aunty sally well done, God bless you tomi. you guys rock!

  4. Just Dotun says:

    Ummm. Umi needs to calm down. Quincy on her own.
    Nice as usual Tomi and Sally

  5. Fragile says:

    FINALLY! Awesome job as usual Aunty Sally and Madam Tomi. In my opinion, with the exception of Umi, I think Femi is the most honest character in this series so far. It is easier to deal with the recklessness of a man that you know is just that – reckless, than the “genuine” smile of a “friend” : we can already see Quincy unfolding.
    As for Amra, not to join the crowd in judging her but people always have a ‘good’ reason for everything, including for being selfish and unfeeling. She has a child – a little daughter. You can’t waltz in and out of her life and not expect some psychological damage on her persona.
    Wonderful, realistic piece ma’am.

  6. Gift says:

    Mmmmm we girls like a bad guy,,don’t worry quincy as long as there’s a femi lurking around,buzor and umi won’t work,,btw an team femi and umi*grins* thanks Sally and Tomi

  7. brightnex says:

    Mind blowing as always. Well done Aunt Sal!

  8. Gift says:

    How are u feeling now Sally,,hope ure better now

  9. Tomii says:

    OMG!!!!! This is getting more intense…Amra pls get your shit together,,
    Bubu and Umi ain’t gonna be, that I know.
    Femi, ego will kill u, ode.

    Thanks Sally and my namesake.

  10. favour says:


    I am so glad you are Sally and feeling better.

    Women like Quincy tho….

  11. Modus says:

    Yeah baby all shades of complicated!!!! I love it!

  12. Toyin says:

    happy new year Sally, thanks for this episode. more drama to come. but I’m still team femi and Umi.

  13. Kemi says:

    Enjoyed this. Femi and his mouth sha, he af use his mouth to give his dinner to cat like my people will say
    Me I don’t like Chibuzor for umi o, na that kain yeye love dey turn to obsession wey e go dey act irrationally. Quincy should open her mouth and talk so umi can regain her senses and give chibuzor a dirty slap😂

  14. Nene says:

    Thanks Sally and Tomi ………I feel for Umi but she needs to calm down
    #TeamFemi….he is a bad boy but honest

  15. calabargal says:

    Haahahahaha OMG!! I feel so sorry for Quincy. Looking forward to watching this drama unfold….

  16. Vikki says:

    I am so loving the tension and confusion that’s embraced Umi, I can totally relate with her character. Feel sorry for Buzor tho and Femi needs to get over himself. Amra should get serious with her life for once, she owes herself and folks around her that much. Aunty Sally and Tomi thanks so much for this, great way to start the year.

  17. AOS says:

    Happy New Year Sally and Tomi. Thanks for the episode…..xoxo.
    Interesting read, #teamFemiUmi#. I have a feeling Amra’s story will connect Umi back to Femi bcoz they are linked one way or another.

  18. jane says:

    I think I like femi character, he knows who he is and he’s not afraid, but that does not mean he will not change if he has someone like Umi in his life.

  19. gbeminiyi says:

    sally, how do u do…….. Femi eh, and I like u o but too much confidence do kill
    chibu, u won be rebound guy cos dats exactly wat u’ll be if umi should know wat u did to Quincy. Quincy sorry o, put down d fire of hatred

  20. Tolu says:

    Bubu is just doing gragra. Umi belongs to Femi, all of these issues will only end up making their love wax stronger. Bubu is just a pass time lover to Umi.

  21. Erinayo says:

    Nice one sally, more grease

  22. Seye Seye says:

    Chibuzor sha dey find promotion from the friend zone sha. Much as I know all is fair in warfare, I don’t seem to like the kinda way Buzor is going about it. Like someone noted, Femi is being real, being very real. Buzor has crossed the line from attraction to obsession in my opinion. Make we see as e go be sha.
    Life has taught me a few things. Sometimes, there may not be second chances. Wouldn’t be bad if Umi listens to Amra’s ‘excuses’. It may be something that will come back to haunt her in the event of something untoward happening to Amra.
    Quincy tho…I sabi her kind wella. Her matter never require comment.
    Happy new year to you wonderful ladies. May it be a year of wonderful positives all the way.

  23. Chinyere says:

    I don’t like all this beggy beggy love. Chibuzor should just disappear.

  24. Ejibabe says:

    Happy new year Sally and Tomi, bubu I don’t like u , at least not for u umi am team feumi and bubu should go and look for love elsewhere maybe with quincy cos what he feels for umi is obsession. Am Amra pls get ur acts together for the sake of ur child. Thanks Sally and Tomi

  25. Zainab says:

    Waiting for Quincy to unleash. Bubu don’t get comfortable yet…. Weldone Sally and Tomi

  26. lilian says:

    Nice read. Quincy though

  27. Eunice says:

    #TeamFemi all the wayyyy. Bubu is just wasting his time. The girl’s heart is with Femi. Quincy better not be stupid with whichever plan she has in mind. Umi should please listen to Amra .

  28. Amina says:

    I like real, Femi reminds me of Butterbabe/Leo. Truth is the only thing constant and stable in Umi’s life is Bubu and her business. If shes a woman that just wants her peace of mind regardless of other emotion or she is one that does not allow her emotions to make her decision for her, she will choose Bubu. However, i feel there is a connection between Zainab/Amra/Femi. Everyone has failed to notice the part that Femi mentioned that he has a wife that left him. Femi has lots of shits he has to get together plus his Baby Mama who they seems to have an understanding.
    Thanks Sal and Tomi, you have awesome minds.


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