Girls #9

Olajumoke Omisore

Olajumoke Omisore

Olajumoke Omisore lives in Lancashire. She grew up in London and Abeokuta. Her writing has appeared in The Kalahari Review, African Writer, Naija Stories, Tales from the Other Side anthology, TNC and elsewhere. Her flash story, Ochuga’s Girl was longlisted for the Minority Contest. You can read her other series Playing the Game and Losing Hope on

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41 Responses

  1. gbeminiyi says:

    are u kdding me……who is this devilish pastor John, see as he has purposely stabbed Kenny with his wife’s word
    the wife sef get issues

  2. calabargal says:

    I hope Lola gathers courage and spews this John guy out of her life and her family. He is pure evil. OMG!! just when Kenny and tony were putting together the pieces of their lives! OMG!! Cant wait for the next episode. I hope Kenny and Tony pull through and rise above this evil pastor’s evil, poisonous web.

  3. Rolakemi says:

    This fake pastor john is bad news walahi when everything started going well btw kenny and tony,now sis T and tony are going to lose their trust in Kenny… i feel like breaking his head stupid Aproko.

    I know he wants to create rift btw lola and kenny to cover his tracks… 1 terabyte thunder will fire you pastor John.

    Happy new year Jumoke and welcome back.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pls can something be done about John already (something as dramatic as thunder striking him and making him confess to all his miss doings). I have tayad for him abeg.

    Lola…clap for yasef o, okare!!!

    It’s until dey are throwing flower on your grave your eye wee clear…na sense

    Great job Jumoke!

  5. slimshawty says:

    This John is a real motherfucker(excuse my lang)! Like seriously…People in abusive relationship should stop thinking about what the society will say about them.Enough is Enough

  6. adewunmi. says:

    what a cow. John should go to blazes.

    Compliments Jumoke

  7. Simplygold says:

    ***eyes turning*****. Did John just spew that out? Soooooo devilish, please expose him fast, Lola should “lend herself brain oh” mschew!

  8. Just Dotun says:

    Its obvious John is sick. he need serious help. My heart goes out to Tony, just when he thinks he is out, they pull him back in…..(no pun intended)
    Nice one Jumoke as always. kisses!!!

  9. meedee says:

    Adonbilivit… Ehen wickedness in high places,can somebody just treat his fuck up already. wonder wat some ladies see in abusive men,

  10. Omotola says:

    Did I just read well?! Where is my glasses?! Did ‘pastor John’ just run his mouth?! This man is just too wicked. Just when Tony n Kenny are about starting on a fresh note. God punish devil o.

  11. t4temi says:

    Chiimo!! The heart of man is desperately wicked!

  12. Onyinye says:

    Evil “pastor “….Diarrhoea of the mouth

  13. Turban Girl says:

    Hmmmmmmmm, Pasitor Johnu!! First Lola needs to sort herself out, even she is living in constant fear of his volatile mood.

  14. Rikitava says:

    Mstcheeew….see the wahala this idiotic John started but no be hin fault it’s dat ode lola talking bou how they are sisters and aw they share everything and Kenny never even reach gate b4 she strt to dey blab.

  15. Gift says:

    I knew this would happen but was silently hoping it doesn’t,,Lola too sef shouldn’t share stuffs with her husband knowing the kinda husband she has,,see how he forced her to spill out family secrets the dad made her vow not to tell her husband,,am just angry really

  16. ehimwenma says:

    What an excuse for a human being! This John is the devil himself! But that Kenny shaaaa! Lola us just a first class ODE! ( God forgive me) hmm mm, nice one sis nice

  17. Kemi says:

    Jesu!!! This John is a useless man o, daleru fellow. God save us o and their are many like him who call themselves man of God but are really the devil incarnate. Rubbish fellow, Lola leave this fellow jare. Tony please speak to Kenny before taking any rash decisions

  18. Adeola gem says:

    Ye! Pastor John! What kind of a human being are you? You are a big fuch up Lola, why do you have to tell him when you know he runs his mouth like a tap that has lost control. I pity una o. I just pray Kenny and Tony will survive this. Thanks for this episode jummy. Good one.

  19. Nykky says:

    I blame Kenny. She is so dumb how could she.She is suppose to keep that to herself as if they made her swear oath of secrecy because she intend marrying Tony, John Welldone o its just a matter of time you will be exposed. Lola stay there and be protecting an abuser many don’t live to tell people of their folly

  20. zeeniey says:

    This John sef!! He needs thorough beating.. Kenny sef… She needs to receive sense small

  21. toyin says:

    John is a demon please don’t let him go unpurnished. he is trying to seperate lola and kenny. please don’t let this break them up. welcome back and happy new year. looking forward to the next episode

  22. Oluwatofunmi says:

    I just started reading the series and bn keeping comments to myself. Oh Lawd! And this John calls himself a pastor and a doctor. So much for confidentiality o. He has 2 of the most sacred jobs that require him keeping ppl’s secrets to himself and he blurts. Motherfucker ni bobo yii sha. He us now abusive join…physically, sexually and emotionally abusive. I know he is just being malucious. He and Jackie are cut out from the same cloth.

    Olajumoke, thank you and more grease to your elbows. Pls, when would episode 10 be out.

  23. Iyanu says:

    Oh my what a big mouthed pastor 😚 😚 nonsense who send him???? Am soo happy Kenny is getting back with Tony💃🙌 I hope pastor John wouldn’t cause another chaos btw them😩😩 Happy New year ma’am good to have you back have a great year ahead much love😘😘

  24. Brownie says:

    Wizard pastor. EP. Enemy of progress. Yeye fowl. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Abeg when does he get what’s coming to him?

  25. brightnex says:

    I still can’t believe this guy is a pastor and a doctor. please someone should just delete him from this story abeg. See bad belle.
    Thank you Ola. More inspiration!


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