Ongoing Registration To Become A Member On Moskedapages

Happy New Year, fam!

And a beautiful morning to you.

Remember I told you I’d be adding members to the site who would be able to view certain posts exclusively? Well, I’m keeping my promise already. I have invited the first batch of members and they have registered to become part of Moskedapages. The prerequisite is to simply purchase In The Name Of Papa, either directly from me or on Okadabooks or Amazon or Smashwords. This first batch of members purchased directly from me.

I am now calling on those who purchased from Okadabooks or Amazon or Smashwords to send me a screenshot of the book on their app to you do, I will send you a secret link to register to become a member.

If you bought it directly from me and haven’t received an email inviting you to register, please check your email, especially your spam folder. If you still can’t see it, then email me and I will track your payment and send you the link.

For my fans living in Ghana, I have tendered your case to Ofili of Okadabooks, requesting that he considers making it possible for you guys to pay for books on the platform. He has assured me that he would do something about it. Please, exercise patience. I also think it’ll be good to send an email to them at and ask for their services to be extended to you. That way, they take my request seriously.

And that’s that from me. Normal programming resumes shortly. I hope you guys won’t be angry if I don’t post #DHM on Saturday? Lol!

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  1. AmazingBelle Reply

    Thumbs Up Sally!!!
    Great step and it would yield great rewards by the Grace of God!


  2. Hi,I want to buy from OkadaBooks and when I click on 1000 to buy,it tells me user error and book wasn’t purchased.I have never bought a book there.Please can you educate me on how to purchase a book on the app or how do I buy it directly from you?Thank you for all the beautiful post.


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