I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane

I’m not exactly leaving on a jet plane. Lol.

But I’ll be gone for a while. A long time.

In one of my recent posts, I explained that I no longer have the time I used to have as before. I get so busy these days that I can’t remember when last I slept through the night. There was a time that I could do that and yet write without having to take out special time to do so. Now, I don’t have that luxury anymore.

I’ll be going away for at least, six months, starting from now. What this means is that there will be no active series here from me, and once Dugo ends on Instagram, there won’t be any. However, when I return, you’ll get the uncompleted ones in books.

So, about Stranger In Lagos, the news is that big publishing came for it. I still can’t give the details because we’re going back and forth on the contract. This is my first real encounter with traditional publishing. If for nothing else, I want the experience so that I can share what I’ve learned with other writers and help guide them through, being that traditional publishing is not a walk in the park, especially when you’re trying to cut a deal with a publishing house that has been in the business for a long time.

If it works out, we’ll pop champagne. If it doesn’t, we’ll still pop champagne.

Biyankavitch comes in a book, for those who keep asking. Lucky for non-members, you get to catch up on the episodes that have been exclusive to members. Lucky for members, you get a discount when the book comes out.

I’ll try to keep this place busy with new writers that have great work. Please, I beg of you, comment and encourage them. I keep saying this and I won’t stop because it’s the truth. Your feedback boosts the writer’s ink. You have no idea how much. There are times that I get tired of writing but I see comments and I’m fueled to write again because I see how much my work affects people out there. So please, encourage them. A few words in response to a work of a thousand words is only fair. Biko, try.

You can always catch me on social media. Facebook, especially. I may not be as active, but I’ll be there. You can also email me moskedapages@gmail.com to buy PDF copies of any of my books or if you want me to tutor you on how to be a kickass storyteller.

Buy my books if you haven’t. They are:

No Heart Feelings, It’s Another Saturday, In The Name of Papa, Fish Brain Clan, Fish Brain Games, Fish Bran Vows, Fish Brain Madhouse, The Fourth Finger, To Tame A Virgin, His Little Black Book and Novocaine Knights

They are all affordable. Click on any title to get your copy. No Heart Feelings will be featured here every day. As will all the other series, consecutively. This is for people who haven’t read any of my books. You’re going to have a lot of fun doing so.

God bless you guys for constantly being here. Totally appreciated.

I love you!

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  1. Bimpsamazing Reply

    oh oh, missing you already my favorite writer..well, go do your thing God be with you, meanwhile i tried commenting on Dugo yesterday bu somehow my network messed up, am hoping you wont show Terwe any form of mercy atleast not after metting the kind of punishment that David and Lanre gave that Fiyin’s boyfriend in the Fish brain Clan…

  2. Awww… we’re soooo gonna miss you Sally. You’re ever so selfless πŸ€—, God bless you.
    We’ll be here, patiently waiting for your return. And best wishes on your sojourn (endeavour, if you wish 😁). Cheers!

  3. TurbanGirl Reply

    At least you have an idea of when you would be back! I pray the publishing deal pulls through, it would be wonderful to savour a physical copy.
    I wish you good health till we meet again, you would be missed sorely sha

    • Sally Reply

      Hey, Turban Girl,
      Thanks so much. Your presence here is always appreciated. God bless you

  4. All the best Sally especially the publishing talks. After the paperback, then the big screen. I have been saying it since I first read your stories years ago. We will be waiting for the ebooks. Take care.

  5. God bless the work of your hands and may lines fall for you in pleasant places. You’ll be greatly missed….haaa, six months….what will i do with myself.

    • Sally Reply

      Amen and amen. Thank you, Omolola. You will survive. I’ll be back here soon

  6. Iamhollarmi Reply

    Six good month πŸ€” haaa, it well sha. Go well dear best writer, God bless all ur ways & I pray d publishing deal pull thru…. Stay strong till den. Waiting patiently for all the e-books & oda writers post. I love u and miss u all join πŸ€— πŸ€—

  7. Ye! Mogbe! I will I survive without reading from on here?😿😿 I wish you well darling. You will surely be missed. 6 months is a long way though #crying!

    • Sally Reply

      I’m sorry.

      Thanks so much for the support, girl. You rock

    • Sally Reply

      I know. But Lord willing, 6 months would be over in a wink

  8. I miss you already 😭😭
    I pray the whole contract goes through in Jesus name πŸ™πŸ»I love you πŸ’•πŸ’•

    • Sally Reply

      It’s gone through already, dear. God made it happen!

      I love you too

  9. Glowing Kosnie Reply

    Awwww!!! Missing You already Sally of laive…Blessings and Increase on every side are my prayers for you…
    Stay safe Sis

  10. calabargal Reply

    Good luck Sally! Wishing you the very best with your health, the publishing and life in general. U have been a great source of inspiration. I spent yesterday catching up on Dugo – breathtaking! Love u so much!

    Looking forward to when you return on that jet plane. πŸ™‚


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