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8 Things I don’t Know About It’s Another Saturday

I might be the writer of It’s Another Saturday but it’s becoming clear to me that there are things I don’t know about the series.

  1. Dele’s Wife’s Real Name

Seriously, I don’t know her name. She met Honey in uni and they have been friends since then but unfortunately, all I can tell you about her is that she is Dele’s wife.

2. The Town They Live In

One might argue that the story takes place in Lagos, being that Genesis from Novocaine Knights who lives in Lagos, made a cameo appearance. However, nothing else has been mentioned about the name of the city. So, go ahead, call it Abuja, Kano, Ado-Ekiti; I don’t mind.

3. If Jideofor’s Bridemaker Phenomenon is Psychological, Spiritual or Just Plain Coincidence

Tarela feels she did something diabolical to him that plunged him into reckless trysts with several women but what if it’s just simple psychology, that he gets attracted to women who are desperate to tie the knot or already hooked and waiting to walk down the aisle? The details of that moment in his life have not been given or we would have a clearer picture. Or perhaps it’s just plain coincidence that he sleeps with a chick and she ends up marrying someone else. What are the odds?

4. If Honey Was Really On Her Period

She says she likes babies but she asks for unprotected sex and comes up the next morning to say she’s on the rag. Is she trying to trap Jide into a commitment or her time of the month really came? Remember she also told Mary she does not believe in having kids immediately after marriage. Well, the truth will unfold eventually.

5. If Honey’s Siblings Are Out Of The Picture

It would be nice to see how things are going with those ones, how they react to discovering that the documents are missing.

6.  Kate

I seriously know nothing about her other than she is pregnant and younger. Hopefully the muse will be kind enough to show me more.

7. What Is Wrong With Peace

I tire for the babe. Defending a man that raped your friend. Smh. Her character makes me sad because she’s as real as so many Nigerian women get. Actually, her story exposes what many women suffer in the hands of their men in this country and yet refuse to seek for better lives for themselves. The need to bear a man’s name and to be called wives supersedes their happiness, peace, dignity and sanity. I do hope Peace finds her way in the end.

8. When I’ll Post The Next Episode.

Like seriously, I don’t know…

Just kidding!

Come back next Saturday. My week was busy and terrible. Was only able to write down a thousand or so words. I want to sleep, refresh, deal with a threatening fever and then come back. I also need to reply all your comments. If you noticed, I’m far behind and I feel really bad about it.

So, have a wonderful weekend and later on, I’ll put up excerpts from Boys With Toys. ?



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  1. itheword says:

    🙁 next saturday…

  2. Toyin says:

    Chei next week is far o. But we understand sally. Please try and rest and take care of yourself.

  3. Amadex says:

    Haha, mz Sally. Tl next Sat

  4. Patience Bassey says:

    Waiting patiently

  5. amadex says:

    Haba mz Sally, u av jst break my heart

  6. Debola says:

    Sally pls rest o, its important. It was good reading something from you, though I was expecting its another Saturday. its all good, am keeping my fingers crossed till next week, I know it will be hot. takia of yourself. Use something for the fever. xoxo

  7. Mariah says:

    Dear Sally,

    Thank you for taking time out to write this. Please deal thoroughly with the threatening fever & I’ll be here next week Saturday as usual.

    Looking forward to reading from a new & refreshed Sally.


  8. Olori says:

    Oh Sally,we do understand and we will wait. Have a great saturday too’winks’

  9. Peachesgurl says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! *tears* Next Saturday is far! Aunty Sally I want u to rest sha. No mind me abeg *winks* xoxo

  10. Dupe says:

    Hmmmm, next week is far o, ‘been waiting for this all week long counting days. Get well soon Mrs Sally.

  11. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Tis is heartbreak 101…Chaiii-i dun dey refresh page since 8am buh its all good too;imma wait on it.

  12. cleo says:

    Dear Sally, please do take care of and get well.
    Well the location is alot like lagos. In my head, the cabs international airport. The hospital owned by a yoruba family. People mistaking Jide for yoruba and all.
    The bridemaker thing to me is just coincidence. Else all of other Tarela wishes would have come through.
    But what do I know. Let’s see what happens

  13. Adewunmi says:

    Ello bae take rest well, your babies suck breast well even if they are in a hurry… chikena. i dey here dey wait.

  14. egbaidomeh felicia says:

    God bless u more cos u are an inspiratn to me.sallykeep it up.

  15. sandra says:

    Lol…thanks all d same

  16. kalliboom says:

    Eyah,so his stripe u r healed in christ Jesus,plz do rest ok,body no be firewood oo ..

  17. Ebi says:

    Next week is far oooo, hve bin checking ur blog non-stop, bt it’s Ok wud check next week. Get well soon Sally

  18. Molly Ayanbanjo says:

    Looking forward to ur series Madam Sally brings my delivery day closer. Thank u so much. Please rest I await boyz with toys. It’s bn a wonderful journey

  19. Etoros says:

    Why do i feel like i inspired this post?

  20. Aidee says:

    Lmao. I always wondered why you called her Dele’s wife. We should call her Adele – just because.
    Honey’s step siblings are still in the picture. Not sure they’ll go so quietly.
    Jide’s bridemaker phenomenom is spiritual – his village people were after him. ?

    Thanks for the stories Ms. Sally. Hope the fever goes soon.

  21. Nene says:

    Abeg rest o!! Painful we have to wait another week but we want our Sally well rested!!

  22. When I started reading this, I tot today’s episode was below and u were just joking, then I saw the word ‘fever’ and I know it’s for real. Get well soonest. Please. And thank you for the bwt bribe

  23. anthony says:

    take all the time you need Sally, get well soon. As for peace, that woman needs Jesus. Shikena! Errrm… As for where the story is set, you’ve made so much reference to the traffic situation in their city that its safe to say they definitely live in lagos; int’l airport, traffic, plus Tarela faked her death at the beach, right? Only Gidi has beaches and an int’l airport, at least as far as i know.
    Honey and a baby, hmmm! Its bad enough she’s prepping for war with her siblings, throwing a baby in just makes… Sigh! Lemme for wait for the story biko.

    1. anthony says:

      smh… Ezinne faked her death, not tarela. My bad!

  24. Eunice says:

    Sally…..was expectant though but i know u would always make it up, so take ur sweet rest n come back here stronger.. OK?????

  25. Waitwhat? Warraminute!!! I. Survived last. Week because I was looking forward. To today’s episode.! C’mon babes. I’m. Heart broken 🙁

  26. Get well soon babes, health first. Though. Still love you. Xx

  27. Oyin says:

    Get well soon. No prob sad mood

  28. temidayo says:

    Awwwww takia of ursef ma’am. We say no 2 fever oo.plz do take ur tym. Abt dele’s wife ehnnn dre was a day a colleague of mine was arguing wit me that her name is funke dat u mentioned it in d early parts of d story afta I tld her I didn’t c anytin of such dat I knw her as dele’swife. I rily nid 2 ‘konk’ her head on monday lol… Chilling till nxtwik

  29. Morain says:

    Hehehehehehehehehehehehe. This woman knows how 2 crack me up real good sha. Looool. Mbok of everything u said, the “fever” is my biggest concern. Deal with good and get best soon aiit. Happy weekend ma’am! Cheers

  30. I love u so so much Sally. U know y? Because even though I find no post here of my favourite,u hv carefully made sure am not vexing. Lol. I hv been begging to buy boys with toys or u r not selling again;(?

  31. miss B says:

    Get well soon daryln

  32. Tee says:

    Tanx, am always lookin foward to read ur story, d lord is ur strenght

  33. rosemary says:

    Sally…eva since I knew u,its like I should have know u all my life! Your stories have been inspiring,just which I could get more pple reading it really devotedly. Please take care of yourself and post whenever you are much more stronger! God is your strength! Love you loads!!!

  34. AOS says:

    Health is wealth madam, eat, take your drugs, drink lots of water, pray n sleep well. U will definitely be very ok….*xoxo*

    Finally Boys With Toys is coming soon, ope oh #dancing_shoki#

    The Character of Peace is a concern, women are emotional n fragile when it comes to matter of the heart…just tears drop n I’m sorry from a man makes us weak n fall for their traps over n over in a million ways.
    VIOLENCE: be it male or female, it comes in different ways, it’s not about the physical aspect alone. Abuse isn’t just about the slap, beating or insult… goes a long way, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, psychologically….etcs, even religion can’t help you. .
    It takes only you and the grace of God to come out of it. It doesn’t matter how many days, months or years you’ve spent with that person, all you need is coming out of it in any way possible n healing will take place gradually no matter what it takes n how long. It’s not about it is well, It’s All About Your Well-being & Life. If you are healthy, you will live to be wealthy.

  35. wumi says:

    Get well soon Sally and please take all the time to do that. Your post today answered some of my questions like Dele’s wife name, Kate has been in the background, and Peace issue.

  36. tolu says:

    seriously Sally, you are by far my best Nigerian writer , you are doing a good job and weldone. treat the fever we your fans are waiting patiently. thumbs up sis.

  37. adeola gem says:

    Hehehehehe! You! You don’t know ke? You en! Ok o, na next Saturday we go know. Hen en! Wey dat heady malaria wey dey threaten our own Ms Sally? Pls don’t gree o. Rest ok.? Thanks ma’am.

  38. lola says:

    My heart skip a bit wen I started reading number 8 but later chilled wen I get to know it was just a joke.we love u sally.

  39. toyenlon says:

    I’ve always wondered why you always call her Dele’s wife and not her name, now i know. How’s your health now, hope you are better? Take care dear.

  40. Aww.Sally pls rest biko. Saturday is far but I will wait cos I trust u 2 give us ‘double 4 the trouble’ Hehehehe. Have a great week ahead.

  41. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Of all the characters.
    Peace and Tarela are the worst!
    And you are right. Peace is a typical Naija wife. Who will be poked in the face by truth, yet remain in bondage of delusional marriage. They catch their hubby’s rod in a lady’s pot, and they shout he was seduced, bewitched, tell the woman to leave their hubby alone. Kai…
    Desperation have been the undoing of many ladies. Take for example a lady who will be so desperate as to marry a man’s portrait! I mean, like seriously?! Have you ever see a man do that?

    And as for all the Tarelas of this world. Hmm. I think their case is psychological. Obsession. Trying by all means to get what you can’t have.
    This made me remember Onagite in #FishBrain series.
    I think women have more ish when it comes to tying the nuptial knot than men.
    Anyways ma’am, you are doing a wonderfully great job.
    Keep it up.

  42. Seye says:

    Please take the needed rest Sally, and come back refreshed
    I only hope your muse will make Jide’s issue a mere coincidence.
    My desire for Jide and Honey is that they end up together, of course the muse has the paddle, and will row us where she likes. And yes, Honey’s sibs should get some ass kicking.
    Peace’s kind exist in both genders, so it’s not all about ’em wives alone. One just prays to not find oneself in a situation when one will defend the indefensible.
    Dele’s wife remains Dele’s wife till otherwise named 😀
    Thanks Sally, blessings

  43. GET well soon Salz. That’s the most important thing. The story can wait.

  44. Adekola Funmilola says:

    Wow! Sally pls be strong for some of us sake! This page is like my weekly pill from stress o! Can’t afford to have you down! I was really wondering if Dele’s wife didn’t have a name!

  45. CHINNY says:

    Trust you are doing great now Sal. Abeg take all the time you need to rest and be okay. We will be here when you come back.
    Always wondered why you call her dele’s wife.

  46. Temi says:

    How come I don’t get notifications anymore ehn Sally? I just had to go thru my old mail and read latest post on ‘It’s another Saturday’ but I love you all the same, you sure know how to lighten an already gloomy day.
    As for Peace ehn, she needs plenty brain, her mumuness is not of this world! May Jesus fix it for her.. it reflects what women go thru and the earlier we begin to know that our happiness matters, this world will become a better place.
    The Location couldn’t be any other place than Lagos. You absolutely rock Sally and I hope i’ll keep getting notifications of new posts

  47. Tee says:

    I havent been here since forever.Been so busy with a lot of things, but i’m back now.How are you dear Sally the Great?

  48. modupe says:

    Hi Sally, so i get to comment on your post after like forever, yea it looked like a big fan disappeared, not really oooo, just one job that made me lazy to read and i will be forming i started reading #its another saturday yesterday and am here now…Go girl, my love to the fam, Kayla especially……and i think am back

  49. samirah says:

    Good day, please I was reading it’s another saturday until two days ago and from episode 16 to 35 was removed from the blog. Please how can I get it cos I am addicted to dt story n I need to finish it please. I would appreciate a response. Thank u.

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Samirah,
      So sorry about cutting you off like that. The rest of the story has been taken off for editing and revision. I will republish it an ebook soon

  50. Gud a.m Mz Sally, how soon do we expect the e-book cos the suspense is killing me. Great job on this blog, you’re simply the best

  51. Pyee says:

    Gud a.m Mz Sally, please when do we expect the ebook; cos the suspense is killing me. Great job on this blog Sal, you’re simply the best.

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