Abducted #1 By Gere Ochuko

Ethan, Desireés father couldnt quite get over the fact that his wife was right in saying their little princess had died.


With each passing day, he never stopped believing that Serena wasnt dead though at a point he had to accept reality but Luke wont hear any of it. He insisted that Serena was alive; he knew it was insane, but that was the only thing he could rely on to live.


After nineteen years, Serena shows up out of the blues. It was hard to recognize her, but she proved it was her then she announced that she changed her name. Everyone thought it was the stigma, shame and fear at work here, but it wasnt. She didnt seem affected by anything despite the fact that she went through hell.


She always had a smug look, a huge grin on her face and maybe one of the reasons why Luke cant get enough of her. Ethan smiled at his thought; he had teased Luke that he should get married to her before someone else. And now its nowhere near reality


Ethan sighed.




Son you know Im not in support of this Mrs. Jefferson. Lukes mom said for the umpteenth time


Mom, shes more of a daughter to you too.


I wont sacrifice my child for a lost course. We both know she has lost it completely and as such cannot love


Those who cant love are those who needs it most.


Romeo. go ahead with the poetry


Luke sighed. How could he get his mom to understand that no matter how hard he tried, he just couldnt help but be in love with Desiree? He made a promise to love her till the end then she disappeared. It turned out she was abducted, but that didnt stop him from living her dream Shed always wanted to be a doctor when she was barely four years old after seeing her grandmother in so much pain but couldnt help her even her doctors couldnt help decrease the pain she was in. She then decided to become a doctor to help those in pains, to be a step closer to finding solutions to certain pain doctors or drugs could not reduce.


I know you want to help her, but she doesnt want it from you or anyone related to her, His mother said interrupting his thoughts. After getting his attention, she continued The other day I was talking to her she kept on laughing, in a tragic, insane way. She didnt say a word, Shes not in her right mind Luke!


Who wouldnt? Laughter is the best medicine for the soul.  and then she toiled alone to make something for herself. Doing all sort of things because she didnt want anyones sympathy-


Stop defending her and face reality! Mrs. Jefferson barked at him then walked out on him


I made a promise to save lives, no matter whose life. Every life is important and now more than ever Serena needs my help, and Ill go to the very extreme to get her life back and to make her happy again. He heard his mom scoff and mutter words he didnt understand.


Luke sat down on a nearby stool and ran his hand through his hair, took a deep breath and closed his eyes he flashed back to his early child memories. He wished more than anything that Serena wasnt abused sexually, addicted to hard drugs, tortured, used as a sex slave, wasnt experimented on or that she didnt.


Hey…” Miles touched Lukes shoulder. I thought you were on call. Desiree is still blaming me for our mother and grandmothers death and still on her lone wolf thing


You heard my last statement


I really dont understand how you still do all these, with everything Desiree does like, dude how do you do it? How do you get her? You are probably her most hated person right now. Annie filled me in on her first day at work scenario. Who doesnt love flowers?


Your sister Miles gasped in pretense


My sister? I didnt know I had one till seven years ago


We all thought she died Miles. And that devastated your mom, she couldnt bear it


So what now? Are you giving up?


Luke smiled probably his first real smile that wasnt forced all day, he had thought of giving up on Desiree but then that would make her right, that would increase her hate for everyone around her, so in order to prove.. Well, there wasnt anything to prove besides being hopelessly in love with her and thus help her heal.


Honestly, I haven’t thought about that Luke started Nothing was the same after she disappeared……nothing had meaning or significance. I tried living but couldnt.I only found solace in my memory of her and thats where the problem lies. After nineteen years, I found myself still been drawn to Serena. Or rather Desiree as she calls herself now. I love her and Ill be there for her like old times which she doesnt remember but no matter how impossible it seems, Im not going to give up. Ill get through to her Ive to. I know Ill get through to her..I just have to. she has literally disowned her family and changed her name who wouldnt? After everything she thought her family didnt try hard enough to rescue her. But everyone who loved her did everything humanly possible to find her. Then she found her family but wouldnt be with them, thats insane. Why would you want your family to know youre alive and not be with them?


To use distance to inflict pain on them. Miles chipped in.


For all our sakes lets hope she doesnt destroy herself in the process. And Luke get some sleepyou dont want to be grumpy while attending to your patients now, would you? 


You should too and dont stay all night on Skype, Luke said standing up.






I wish you were blood related


You are just imaging things, of course, we are related, Luke told Miles and left.


Luke looked over his shoulders at Miles; he didnt blame him for his last comment. His mother was pregnant with him when Desiree was abducted, she was devastated, depressed and weak, she couldnt push while in premature labour she eventually died and it was a miracle he survived after being incubated for a long time.


Miles found out seven years ago that he has an elder sister who had been abducted. He was thrilled to meet her, but she had other plans. She wasnt interested in family. They prefer believing that they didnt understand her or her interest.


Miles had tried reaching out to her like everyone else, but she just wont bulge. Shes like a basket that water is poured into at every given opportunity she echoed her hate for them. How Miles killed his mom, her father not being good enough, couldn’t rescue her resulting in the death of her grandmother, but above all these she wished all those horrible things didnt happen to her and that the person to blame wasnt her Uncle and their trusted family maid, Holly.



  1. Gere, I’ll advise you on a couple of things
    1. Your tense. Either choose present or past tense
    2. Your profile picture is not engaging. You look kind of angry. A smiley face will endear people to you.
    3. Read. Read. Read!
    Otherwise, nice work

  2. I hve read and I didn’t see anything wrong with ur tenses except that this episode is too short and very interesting, I can’t wait till the truth behind Disiree’s hatred of her family is reveal, well done Ochuko, more ink to ur pen

  3. Well well well, still trying to wrap my head around d story

  4. Well well well, still trying to wrap my head around d story a nice try

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