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Abducted (Prologue) By Gere Ochuko


Hope you guys had a lovely week. I’m introducing another writer. She’s upcoming and needs your constructive criticism. I have not edited her work. Please, read, comment and share.



Desireé woke up sweating profusely, turned on the bed side lamp, she checked the time it was only 11:45pm. She slept for only two hours, she checked her body temperature. She felt warm yet her heart beat was like a racing car.

For the first she thought she would sleep without gulping pills, that she could actually sleep: something she haven’t done in more than a decade.

She growled, got out of bed, went to the bathroom gulped two sleeping pills and tuck her stranded hair behind her ear, cleaned the moist in the mirror and stared at her reflection, she couldn’t recognize the reflection. It definitely wasn’t her, that innocent little princess was gone, she was now a lady who had only one goal. The person she would become tomorrow was something she didn’t care about, all that mattered was right now.

Desireé went back to bed, hoping that the pills would take effects so she could go to la la land. Nights are her most hated time of the whole twenty hours a day that existed, it was a constant reminder of the horror, endless waiting, tortures, pains, things she wished never happened but happened anyway…..

Desireé screamed hoping that the excruciating pains in her head would stop, she clasped her head as she felt her head literally exploding. She threw her cushion pillows to the floor, shook her head vigorously… screaming… then her living nightmare came hunting her, flooding her memories……. engulfing her in her lonely shattered world.

Dr. Luke held a bouquet of roses and lilies grinning as he waited impatiently for the girl of his dreams Desireé, even though the dream were now in ruins he still hoped and believed that ‘Love Would Happen’.

“Luke, lovely flowers. I do hope she won’t say awful things today” Annie told Luke staring at the flowers.

Annie is Luke’s friend right from Med school and a great ally in making Desireé forget her horrible past but so far it hasn’t  been on the successful path.

Luke gave Annie a stern look before speaking. “You think she will run us down again? In the presence of everyone here? On her first day of her job?… Speaking of which… i’m really proud of her although I don’t know how she managed to pass the psychoanalysis… I don’t know how she did it but she’s here… That’s all that matters”

“Speak of the devil” Annie whispered and left her view to see Desireé. “Hope for your sake I’m not embarrassed like… I don’t know… a billion times”

“You know you’re doing this for her but mostly for me so think of me not her”

Dr. Luke and Dr. Annie watched on as her colleagues congratulated her on her appointment as newest recruits to the Prosecution Counsel in the front leading law firm in the country.

“I still quite don’t understand the Prosecuting Counsel she had to be in, after the psychotherapy which ended badly, coping with lost years of education, isolating herself, detaching herself from family, then the psychological thing i feel she’s struggling with”

“She’s a Prosecutor now… so she wants it”

Desireé swiped her smug look immediately she spotted both of them talking and approached them, they were the last people she had expected to be present but was expecting them because they always seem to be at the wrong place and always present.

“If it isn’t barbie and her puppeteer”

“It’s Annie, Desireé… ANNIE, ANNIE!” Annie said emphasizing on her name.

“I couldn’t care about you much less your name”

“I brought these for you” Luke chipped in.

“Well, I saw you with flowers and you are really odd. Did you miss your way? Where you going for a funeral and decided to drop-by? Thanks but no thanks and now you can be on your way.”

“Seriously? Is this what i get? Did he deserve the insults?”

“Insults? I told this dumb son of a b#tch that i hate flowers… flowers are for funerals… for dead people” Desireé said through clenched teeth. “He knew that but still went ahead to buy them so maybe he did”

“Congratulations, Serena i hope you’re finally fulfilled” Luke said unexpectedly, Desireé stood in awe for God knows how long, it seem like forever… She couldn’t tell how long she was in shock, it’s been more than a decade she heard that name…… She wasn’t expecting it but she quickly shove the shock aside, grinned before speaking.

“Serena died a long time ago Luke and i’m far from being fulfilled, I’m just getting started……… Cheers!” Desireé said raising up her glass to toast.

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  1. tessy says:

    this is dark and I guess it will be revealing. well done

  2. amaka says:

    Nice piece…I tink you should read sally’s work though,it will help wen u put ur write ups togeda..kudos

  3. Tife says:

    I like it. The first paragraph. Her heart beat was like a racing car. How like a racing car? Shiny like a racing car? Fast like a racing car. Never forget to complete your similes. Good work

  4. seyifunmi says:

    Nice write up.

  5. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for reading and for the comments, it’s helped.

  7. Thanks for reading and for the comments, it helped.

  8. owk……uhm i fink u cn do beta
    bt anyway nice 1

  9. U’re wlc

  10. owk……uhm i fink u cn do beta bt anyway nice 1

  11. Nwanne says:

    A number of errors and fragmentation. For example, the second line should have been: ‘She had thought she could get some sleep without the sleeping pills; something she had not done in over a decade.’ Edit, edit, edit. Good job though.

  12. erhinharyo says:

    Nice one

  13. A good one tho, but am lost and can’t seem to grasp the real meaning of the story. Gere over to you, and you too sally..pls wow us with this series.

  14. Nice one but try to read through ur piece to avoid omission of words

  15. MissBosola says:

    Nice write up. I would. Check out your blog.

  16. AOS says:

    Waiting for next episode, Keep Writing. Nice job.

  17. Tesh Says says:

    So full of grammatical errors….made it kinda difficult to enjoy. You are off to a good start though.

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