Always One More Time #18 By Temitope Ogunyinka



I love you. Please come back home.

Those were the only words he could type down the moment he saw the pictures. A mixture of emotions had run through his body. That had been four months ago. His anger almost got the best of him. He wanted to lash out at her for hurting him that much. Seeing his wife kiss another man and him grabbing her in an indecent way tore his heart. But then, God wasn’t leading him to divorce; no matter how much the thought danced around him.

He had been tempted to get Dele’s home address from Daniel and get his wife out of his house, but he had clear instructions and he was following them. Though he missed his wife, he had to let her come back to him on her own. A marriage involved two people willing to make it work, and if he was willing but she wasn’t . . . he couldn’t force her.

God had reminded him of what it meant to love. He reminded John of his marital vows to his wife. That that was how God loved. God’s love was an unbroken promise/commitment to His children. Hence, the statement He made to John at Daniel’s wedding.

You don’t know what love is yet.

Love, as John had discovered, was the hardest thing he could possibly do and yet the sweetest. It was easy to say when he felt it but harder when all actions and circumstances told him not to. A lot of things made sense to him now and he was beginning to understand what perfect love meant.

So one thing he did everyday, was tell his wife that he loved her. Even in the times when doubts filled his mind and the pain bruised his heart. He sent messages over BBM and he saw that she probably read them when he saw the ‘D’ change to ‘R’.; signifying it had been delivered and received.

At the moment he was driving down to see his mother and he knew what she wanted to talk to him about. He just hoped she wouldn’t join the nay-sayers. He was already down in his spirit and was losing hope of Funlola returning.

Everyone at home was telling him to let go but he couldn’t, despite everything he wanted his wife back. His father had laughed him to scorn and his sister had told him he should be happy she was finally out of his life. He didn’t agree with them, but he kept the thought to himself. No one could understand what was going on, they couldn’t see it.

“Good afternoon mum,” He greeted her.

“John, welcome. Come sit by me.”

He did just that. He took his seat beside her and stretched his legs, resting his back on the couch.

She heaved a sigh. “It’s no joy for a mother to see her son in pain each-day. I see the pain in your eyes John. I see how much you try to be strong. I probably would have followed others to say you should leave your wife if you hadn’t shared everything to me. No one said following everything God wants us to do would be easy. Your faith is the greatest test. I’m not sure I would have passed this test if I were you.”

“I haven’t passed it yet.”

She smiled a bit. “You will. I’m praying for you to keep being strong.”

John smiled in appreciation to her.

“Sometimes we don’t see what God is working out for us during hard times; we only feel the pain because that’s what our human flesh can perceive, but in the spirit? We see the victory. That is if we are sound enough to see it.”

John felt calm wash all over him, not because of his mother’s gentle tone, but the word she uttered lifted his spirit.

“I feel sorry for all you’re going through, but I have one, rather, three words for you – don’t give up.”

John closed his eyes as her word resonated in his heart. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Don’t give up . . .




“Why didn’t God tell me Efe was my wife? Was He going to let me make the mistake of getting married to Ade?”

Daniel had been in deep thought after Efe’s revelation months back. At first he had been angry she did what she did. He refused to talk to her and had kept his distance. He knew what he was doing was hurting her but he had no choice. He needed time to think. He gave her the cold shoulder for three days, after which he decided to let things go. He prayed to God to help him move forward, but he realized he still held a grudge against Efe in his heart and it was eating him up. He had so many questions on his heart that needed answers. He went to meet John and poured out his heart to him.

John clasped his hands together and sighed after listening to all he had to say.

“His plans are not ours, neither is His will ours.”

The simple answer was not enough for Daniel.

“Do you know I had bought the engagement ring a week before I slept with Efe?”

John shook his head. “I didn’t know.”

“I was planning how to propose. God hates sin, why did He allow me sleep with Efe just to get my attention?”

John shook his head. “Efe said she did it on her own accord. That wasn’t God telling her to sleep with you. I’m sure God had His own plans which may have been smoother than what you and Efe went through. It’s man’s decision to go their own way instead of following God’s plan, that leads to a lot of issues and heart-aches.”

Daniel could see a lot of sense in that. But still . . .
“What Efe did hurt me a lot. I could have been with Ade. Now – now I don’t see that happening.”

“Daniel, I know you’re hurt but let go of the past. Have you prayed to God? Have a confirmation that she’s your wife. It would help the both of you.”

Daniel nodded. “I would do that; guess I’ve just been afraid of what the answer would be. What if she isn’t really my wife? What if it’s Ade?.” He had no idea what he would do if it were the latter.

“Just pray first. Don’t assume.”

“I’ve heard. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“How about you? How are you doing? Heard from Funlola yet?”

His cousin shook his head.

“John I feel for you o! I can imagine how you feel. Loosing the woman you love to another man. For all it’s worth, I’ve been trying to talk to Dele but he’s not the least bit repentant. I would have loved to go meet Funlola myself but you already said I shouldn’t. Why?”

“I want her to come home on her own. God would bring her back. I strongly believe that.”

His eyebrows curved upwards; Daniel was stunned. “It’s been months, I can understand, but what if it takes years? What would you do? Won’t you marry again?”

“I would wait for my wife.”

John’s resolute answer shocked him.

Daniel wondered if his cousin was crazy or if he was truly in love like he claimed he was. He hadn’t seen such love like this before. It amazed him and shook him to his bones.

He got home late afternoon to meet his wife watching TV. He took a look at the screen and shook his head. Zee World. What do this women see in this soap operas sef? It was difficult for him to comprehend.

He dropped his keys on a table and strode over to the long couch to find Efe fast asleep with Ulunma in her arms.

Daniel smiled and took out his phone. He snapped the picture and took his seat on the floor quietly, legs up so he could rest his hands on them. He studied Efe’s features. Her mouth was slightly opened as her chest rose and fell. Different emotions surged through his body.

Pain and anger.

Doubt and hope.

Doubt if she really was for him and hope for Adesewa to be the woman for him. In the past he had battled with confusion on making the right choices. What he hadn’t told anyone when he slept with Efe was his surprise to find her a virgin. He had never deflowered a woman before, and when that singular event happened it had stirred up something within him. But right now he couldn’t put a finger on it.

Right now what he felt for Efe was anger and pain for what she had done to him.

He was so lost in thought that when he looked up it was to see Efe staring at him. His heart almost leaped out of his chest.

“Ah!” He placed his hand on his chest, trying to calm down. “You scared me.”

“Sorry. You were frowning while in thought and I didn’t want to interrupt you. When did you get back?”

He flicked his wrist. “About thirty minutes ago.”

“Okay, I – erm – made Eba and Banga soup. Let me bring yours.” She made to get up but Daniel held her feet down.

Her eyes swung to his in question.

“We need to talk.”

Efe settled back on her seat; careful not to wake Ulunma up. She hugged herself. “Okay, what about?”

Daniel got off the floor and stood up tall. He shoved his hands into his pocket. He had a lot to think about on his way home. And no matter how he looked at it, Efe was wrong for everything she had done to him. Everything she did was based on deceit. Gone was the little girl he had known and how he had looked out for her as an elder brother would his younger sister. She had betrayed him and robbed him of his relationship with Adesewa.

John could talk about his love for Funlola despite everything. How come I couldn’t stand up for Adesewa and what I feel for her? The truth was he was a coward. The pain of Adesewa leaving him just so he could focus on his marriage and be a good husband was too much to bear; knowing it all had been Efe’s master plan. How could Efe expect him to be loving to her after everything?

“So how do you feel now? Since you manipulated me to be with you. . .”

She looked confused. “Manipulate you? No Dani-”

He raised his hand at her and told her to shut up.

“You think you could play the innocent girl? You think what you did is love?” He shrugged. “Okay.”

She opened her mouth to speak but he wasn’t ready to hear her out. “Tell me how it’s love if you’re willing to trap a man into marrying you. How can you use a child? Obviously you must have known you would get pregnant abi? Or thy didn’t teach you that in general biology? Adesewa was right about you! Is this what you would teach our daughter?”

“I know I did what was wrong and I’m truly sorry. What you’re saying is hurting me.” Tears fell down her cheeks but her tears meant nothing to him.

You aren’t hurt enough. “I think we should be separated for a while. It would give us time to think and know what’s next. I believe you are going to be posted to a far place for your NYSC, so Ulunma would be here with my parents and when you come back we can see how it goes from there.”

She was speechless.

He picked up Ulunma from the couch and kissed her forehead. He could never hate his daughter. She had no fault in this. He looked down at Efe.

“Pack your bags and go back to your father’s house.”

She dropped to her knees and begged for him to reconsider. Her words barely audible as she cried. But he was hearing none of it, so he walked out on her . . . Just like he had walked out on Adesewa months back, except this time he was going to retrace his steps back to what he lost.




Tears rolled down her cheeks as more tears gathered in her eyes and blurred her vision. She hadn’t the chance to say goodbye to her, and it hurt her deeply. Her mother had been the only person she really had and now she was all alone. Just before her mother died she had advised her severally to go back to her husband. Funlola had changed the topic over and over again, but then her mother always found a way back to it.

Funlola laid the flowers on her mother’s grave and walked out of the cemetery to her car. Her mother wasn’t the only person she had lost; her baby had also been taking away. Tears clogged her throat as she collapsed into another round of sobbing. Her life seemed meaningless now, empty. She kept to herself all day and Dele was growing tired of her mood swings and nonchalance to hang out with him.

These days he went out on his own and came home the next morning, or he travelled for a job and left her at home with practically no food and money. Now he was bringing in different girls. She was sure he would kick her out one day.

Funlola started the car-engine and drove down to Dele’s house. She wondered why John hadn’t come to get her. Had he fallen out of love for her? His daily love messages had stopped three days ago and she kept checking her phone every five minutes to see if he sent it.

He didn’t.

She took a drive down to his church yesterday, hoping to get a glance of him but he was no where in sight. The decision to disguise herself in the whole Audrey Hepburn look; bold sunglasses and a head scarf around her head, had been on her mind. But she didn’t go through with it.

It was better if John went on with his life and forgot her. She had already caused him so much pain.

His family won’t want me back either.




Her life was better than it had been for a couple of years and that was because she was living a brand new life. She was attending church regularly and spending time studying her bible. Whatever she didn’t understand she jotted down and asked questions on the on-line bible study group a friend in church had introduced her to. Little by little, her life was starting to make sense.

Adesewa brushed her hair extensions and let it fall down her back. Ebuka was taking her out for dinner. She wasn’t sure yet if going out with him was a good idea right now; she was still trying to build herself up. She felt bad about her relationship with Daniel and she had even gone the extra-mile in apologizing to Efe and asking for her forgiveness. Efe had surprised her when she accepted her apology and also asked her forgiveness for being with Daniel when she knew he was in a relationship.

The two had smiled at each-other and that had been the last time Adesewa saw Efe in church. Adesewa had sought out a new church with in-depth preachings. She was hungry for the Word and wanted to know more. She wanted to grow in her relationship with God now that she was determined to serve Him with her whole heart.

The door bell rang and Adesewa checked herself out once more before walking out of her room, purse in hand. She had donned on a midi-length black gown (She had burnt the other gown she used to seduce Daniel) and gold stilettos. The gown covered up every part that needed covering; she didn’t want to indulge Ebuka in any sexual encounters. It was part of the things she wanted out of her life. She was willing to wait till marriage to give her body to any man.

Adesewa pulled open the door and smiled broadly. “Hi Ebuka.” She stepped out of the apartment and locked the door after her.

“You look beautiful as usual.”

“Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself.” He looked good in black pants and a blue and white striped shirt left unbuttoned at the neck. His clothing was a well-fitted on his muscular body.

“Thank you. Shall we?”

She nodded and they walked out together.

Adesewa hoped she wouldn’t give in to her inner desires.

She had discarded the need to set Daniel as a pedestal for the kind of man she wanted. Daniel was her past and she was ready to take what God wanted for her. She just kept telling God occasionally that he should be intelligent and at least taller than her, but if He wanted otherwise it was fine. Let Him know her preferences wasn’t bad.

Dinner was going well; they had light conversation over good food and lovely music playing in the background. Ebuka moved his head and tapped his fingers on the table in rhythm to the Jazz being played by a life band. She had never really taken him for someone that liked such music and she told him so.

“It’s ‘cause you never really knew me.”


“So what about you? What kind of music do you like?”

She placed her elbow on the table and rested her head on her clasped her fingers and said, “Guess.”

“Punk Rock.”

Adesewa shook her vehemently. “No way.”

“Hmm. . . R&B?”

“A little. I love the likes of Adele and Asa . . . Something cool and wouldn’t have me holding my head due to a headache.”

He chuckled. “I like both. Back in the days, my granddad used to play Jazz. At first I hated it, but later on it grew on me. I listen to it when I want to think and cool down.”

“And you go to Purple Lake and listen to all those heavy music to . . .?”

“Let loose . . . Chill out.”


Adesewa could already see disparities between them. He was operating in the old while she was operating in the new; how would they work?

God I’m not ready to fall for another guy and have my heart broken again. If we won’t work then don’t let it even start.

She saw Ebuka’s lips move and she figured he had said something.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“I said you don’t look like a club girl. As far as I can remember, you didn’t really go clubbin’ with us when we went. And even now that things have changed for you . . . Frequenting church and all. Guess it suits you fine.”

She smiled. “Yes, it does. Look Ebu -”

She stopped talking when he held up his hands. “I know what you’re going to say. You think we’re complete opposites and may not work. Right?”
Why deny it? She nodded.

“Don’t jump the gun.” He leaned in close and stared into her eyes. “What do I have to do to be the kind of man you would want to end up with?”

She blinked. His question had caught her off-guard. She removed her hands from the table and leaned back on the seat. “Erm – first thing is you having the same values I have. If we don’t share the same values we would have problems . . .”

He nodded. “Go on . . .”

Go on? She wasn’t sure what was going on but she went ahead to say a couple more things that were necessary. Not things she personally wanted but what God wanted for her. When she was done Ebuka took a deep breath and leaned back on his seat. She watched his facial expressions as he pondered on what she had said. In what seemed to be ten minutes gone but it was really five, he cleared his throat and Adesewa looked up from playing a game on her phone.

“In all honesty?”


“I’m not the man for you.”


“I mean I’m not the man for you yet. But I hope I would be some day soon.”

Adesewa raised her brow. Does he think I would wait for him?




Funlola left her suitcases in the car. She took deep breaths as she walked to the apartment and knocked on the door. She was half hoping another woman would open the door and chase her away so she wouldn’t have to face him. But that didn’t happen. No one other than her husband opened the door.


She couldn’t help the water-works that engulfed her. She felt his strong arms go around her and her whole body shook as tears threatened to choke her as she sunk to the ground.

“Funlola dear it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay.” He whispered on top of her head and he rocked her.

She just kept crying in response.

They were there for a few minutes and John carried her into the house and lay her on the soft couch. She heard someone call his name and come out, but her eyes were too swollen and blurred for her to see who it was. He left her side and whispered words to whomever was there.

Pain grabbed her heart. He has found someone else. Funlola get up and go! You’re too late. . .


He was by her side in an instant.

“Yes sweetie?”

“I’m going.” She made to get up but her while body ached. She opened her eyes to see him. He was still as handsome as ever. She trailed his face with her fingers. “I need to go.”

“Go where baby?”

He reached out for her hand but she shoved his hand away. Don’t call me baby or sweetie jor! You have someone else . . . You gave up on me. But what did I also expect?

“I want to leave. I’m going to live under the bridge.”


She mimicked him. “Help me up please.”

“You aren’t going anywhere.”

“Tell that to the woman you have in the bedroom waiting for you.”

The confused look on his face made her doubt if she had heard him talking to someone. Or am I going mad? No! I heard someone. Funlola raised herself up but John stayed where he was in-front of her.

“The woman in the bedroom is Uche.”

“Uche?” Her forehead creased. “Which Uche? Your cousin?”

He nodded.

She gaped at him. “Isn’t that an abomination?”

He chuckled. “Gosh Funlola there’s nothing happening between us in the way you’re thinking. She’s just hanging out here.”


“You still want to leave?”

She shook her head then nodded. She rose to her feet. John did the same. “I’m  not right for you John. I made a mistake coming here.”

He asked her a question that was also on her mind. “Why did you come?”

She wrapped her arms around herself; unsure of her answer. Dele had kicked her out two days ago because she was no longer responsive to him. He gotten tired of her mood swings. So she had been living out of her car. Things were hard and she had nowhere to go. Her mother’s house wasn’t hers and it was rented off to someone else months ago.

“I had nowhere else to go.”

“What happened with Dele?”

“He kicked me out.”

John nodded.

Funlola licked her lips. “I’m sorry for coming here.”

“Funlola you know this is your home. You don’t have to be sorry for coming to where you belong. You don’t have to leave, but if you want to leave I won’t hold you back. Just know I would still be here.”

Her eyes snapped up to his. “You would still wait? Why John? What for?” She opened her arms wide for him to look at her. “Just look at me. I’m worthless and undeserving of your love. Why do you want me? I,” She closed her eyes, “I have spent my nights in another man’s arms. I have let other men touch me.” She opened her eyes to look at him. “And you tell me you want me? You would still be here?”


Funlola dropped her hands by her side; defeated.

“I want you. In all honesty there were times I wanted to give up. I wondered if you would ever come back to me. That was why you didn’t see my love messages for a while, but I bounced back stronger after my mum spoke to me.”

Her eyebrows drew together. “Your mum?”

He nodded and stepped closer to her. “My mum made me realize whatever tests we face in life and the pains we feel . . . Blinds us to the great things coming. The pains make us want to give up. I wasn’t ready to give up on you Funlola. Not now, not ever. You remember our vows? I made a promise to love you no matter what.”

He took a deep breath and continued, “When Efe was getting married, Uche said I was in love with you. You know what God said?”

She shook her head, spell-bound by his love and energy.

“He said I don’t know what love is yet. I didn’t understand then, but I do now. I know a love that’s unconditional, it’s all about commitments and promise, not passion or whatever tingling feeling I get when I look at your beautiful body, ‘cause Funlola you have a beautiful body; your curves and soft skin drive me crazy. But I didn’t want to focus my attention on that and be carried away like the other men that had been in your life. You needed something different to realize how much I love you, and most importantly . . . How God loves you.”

God? Funlola moved a bit farther from John. What does God have to do with this?

“John I lost our baby.”

He blinked. “Y- You were pregnant?”

“Yes.” She swallowed hard. “Do you still want me even with knowing that?”

“Yes. We can have more children if God wants.”

He took a step closer and held out his hand, “I want to be a part of your life, do you?”

Funlola stared at his hand for a few minutes and looked up into his eyes . . .



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Four Months later . . .

Sonia was her childhood friend. They had played together when they were little and had experimented with each other’s privates, thinking it was just fun. But the juvenile behaviour had escalated to something more over the years. Sonia was now a married woman whose husband travelled often, but their little rendezvous was going unnoticed. Though it had been on hold for a while now.

Zainab hadn’t wanted to believe she could be interested in a fellow woman. She hated the idea . . . But it seemed silly that the more she despised it, the more she wanted it. Zainab knew she needed Sonia now. Needed to talk to her and sort things out between them now that she was back.

She parked her car outside her house. She got out of her car and locked it after her. The security guard allowed her in since she was a familiar face. Zainab smiled. If only he knew how familiar we were. Sonia welcomed her with a hug that lasted for five minutes while she told her about her mother. Zainab breathing in her lavender scent.

“It’s okay dear. I understand how painful it can be for you.” She said in a gentle tone, having lost her own parents to a car accident years ago. Sonia had been out of town for the past six months and now that she was back her presence helped her a lot.

Sonia patted her back softly.

Zainab pulled back and Sonia led her to a three-seater couch. Sonia used her hand to wipe the tears away from Zainab’s eyes.

“She left me a letter. I know my father.”

“Oh wow. Who?”

“One Benin guy like that. She gave me his address. He stays in Ibadan. I went to see him.”

“So how did it go?”

Zainab shrugged. ”He’s an okay guy. I found out things about my mum I never knew. Anyway, the past is the past. I came here for something else.”

Sonia had a guarded look. “Okay? What?”

“I’m getting married.”

Sonia tilted her head to the side which made her look more attractive. She was a beautiful fair woman with a slender shape. But her eyes . . .  Her eyes held anger. “To I.K?”

“Yes. I.K asked me to marry him and I said yes.”

Sonia scoffed. “I can’t believe you’re doing this!”

This was what had caused a fight between them in the first place and Zainab was sick of it. “You think you can have your own life and I can’t have mine? Is that fair?”

She shook her head. “Zee it’s not like that -”

Zainab got up. “Whatever was going on between us is over Sonia.”

“It’s not over until I say so Zainab.”

Zainab walked out on her as she shouted for her to come back. Let’s wait and see . . .


She stared at the women seated. She knew her husband was seated somewhere at the back, praying for her as he always did. Waiting to smile and give her encouragement whenever her eyes met his.

Funlola took a deep breath. All the women who had come to hear her speak. She was honoured that anyone would want to listen to her. It had become public news that John Ngwube was back with his estranged wife. A lot of people spoke up; people from the church and all sorts of people eager to know about what happened, eager to criticize their union.

It was talked about on the radio and everyone wanted to know their story. When Funlola and John had announced they would share it in church, tons of people had showed up to listen and had passed the message on to others.

Funlola had shared of her past before giving her life, finally as John would add, to Christ. She told them of her sexual encounters and adultery. She told them how her husband had taken her back. How God had used various events to show His love for her. She knew her husband wasn’t God but was following instructions to keep loving her. Now Funlola wanted to share her story with others, hoping it would heal broken women and help marriages on the verge of breaking. For everyone to know there was always one more time to get it right, always a second chance if they were willing to live right; an always one more time with God.

She looked at the the women again.

Lord, where do I begin?

Start from the beginning.

She smiled and so she did . . . She started from where it all began.


Hosea 3 Verse 1 (NKJV)

Then the LORD said to me, “Go again, love a woman who is loved by a lover and is committing adultery, just like the love of the LORD for the children of Israel, who took to other gods and love the raisin cakes of the pagans.


We are all like Funlola in a way. . . even though we don’t want to her or accept that we are, but God is ever ready to accept us into His arm











. . . Continuation of Always One More Time


It was one in the morning and it was quiet, except for the crickets doing their usual night rounds. Pain. Sadness. Unhappiness. They were like little demons preying on her heart and in her mind and she was tired of it all. Tired of the hollow feeling that crept up on her frequently when she was all alone. She wanted it to come to an end.

Efe sneezed and drew the covers closer to her body. The mosquitoes dancing near her ear to a tune she didn’t know. She was serving in the far town of Cross-rivers state. Far from her family and the life she had always known. Far from her daughter . . . Far from Daniel.

She and Daniel had both agreed for their daughter to stay with his family for the time being. Her father had been distraught; a big fight harbouring between him and Daniel.

Daniel. The same man she had crushed on for years and began to love. The man she had given her virginity to. He was the father of her daughter. But she had done wrong by him. Trapping him with her pregnancy and making him marry her against his wishes . . . When he loved someone else. The marriage didn’t work out and now they were separated; taking time out to think on the next step.

So this is how it feels like to be separated from your husband? All the chaos and pain. . . God when would this end? I know I made a mistake in the past, but how long would my punishment last for? Or isn’t this a punishment?

No scripture dropped in her heart. No answer from God. It was awful. Now she understood what it meant when people said God was silent. No longer did she feel His presence comforting her like before. It was frustrating.

Efe remembered how in church it was easy to ask couples not to separate from their spouses when their marriage was undergoing tough times, but it was easier said than done.

It was easy for people to say all that when they had never been in such a difficult situation. They were all going through the religious motions and not acting it all out.

Just like love.

Efe chuckled silently; careful not to awaken her new room-mate.

It was easy to say ‘love your enemies’ but it was really hard to.

But uncle John acted it all out. Loving Funlola despite all the things she did to him. Sleeping with men that weren’t her husband.

The mere thought of Daniel with another woman tore at her heart and she couldn’t imagine how Uncle John got past the pain of Funlola’s betrayal. That was God all the way.

“So where are you now God?” She whispered to her pillow. “Where are you when I need you the most in my life and at this moment?”

Lean on me.

Lean on You God? It’s been three months already and Daniel hasn’t gotten back to me. I’m trusting in You but it’s hard. What do I do?

Wait on me.

Lean . . . Wait . . . I’m afraid I can’t wait any more . . . Why wait? I’m already living my life without Daniel.

With the question on her mind she finally drifted off to sleep.

The next day she got to work with baggy eyes. She was serving in an oil company, courtesy of Daniel’s father who was trying to right his son’s wrongs by helping her whatever way he could.

Efe worked as a personal assistant to the Assistant Managing Director in the company. So it entailed a lot of running around and setting up meetings and other tiring tasks. A plus of the job was the salary; a whooping figure for her first job. She had plans to go abroad and do her masters in psychology. But she would be taking her daughter and no one would stop her.

“Mrs. Nwachukwu?”

Efe looked up from the computer screen at her boss who stood before her. “Yes sir.”

He stretched out a couple of papers to her which she took. “Make copies of this for me and bring it up to my office.”

“Okay sir. Erm – How many copies would you like?”

He shrugged. “Two of each is fine. Thanks.” He winked at her and took off to his office.

Pamela, her room-mate/colleague, came to her table as soon as the boss was out of sight. “What did he want?”

Efe raised the papers up. “He wants me to make copies of this for him.”

“That’s strange. He should just have called you up to his office and given it to you instead of coming out here.”

Efe didn’t get her. “What’s wrong with him coming here to give it to me?”

She leaned on Efe’s table and whispered. “Because that man is very arrogant! Too proud.” She hissed. “He’s the type to buzz for his secretary to take him to come wipe the catarrh from his nose. I don’t know why God blesses the handsome ones with pride and a terrible attitude.”

Efe chuckled lightly. “You’re not serious. God doesn’t bless people with pride jor. It’s we ourselves that decide to be too pompous and think we don’t need anyone other than ourselves.” She said as she got about making the photocopies.

Pamela waved her hand. “Abeg, I know . . .  Before you begin to preach to me. I think oga likes you.”

Efe stopped what she was doing and frowned at Pamela.

“Get that silly thought out of your mind!”

Na wa o! See how you snapped at me. Okay o! Just telling you what I see. He’s not that bad nau. He’s young, well in his late thirties. He’s rich, he’s hot, he’s -”

“Since he meets your taste go after him na.”

Pamela shook her head. “I heard gist about him. Besides,” She turned so Efe could get a look at her back view and said, “Which man can resist this? No offence o, but how can he see this and not be attracted?! I just think there’s something wrong somewhere.”

Efe chuckled and shook her head. “See you at lunch jere.”

Papers in hand, walked to his office and knocked on the wooden door. She heard him call for her to come in.

On sighting him from where she stood she couldn’t deny he was as handsome as Pamela, and literary all women in the office, said he was. She dropped the papers on his table and asked if he needed anything else.

“Yes. Please have a seat.”

She drew the chair back and sat down. He got up from his chair and came to sit opposite her on the edge of his glass table.

“Efe, why do you keep turning me down?”

Efe looked down at her hands. Yesterday afternoon she had made her decision but now she struggled with it.

“I’m married sir.”

“No, you’re separated. There’s a difference.”

But in My eyes you are still married.

She gasped as the word came to her swiftly. She looked up at Amanze’s face and shook her head. “We made a mistake the first time. I – I feel so guilty.”

His strong hands caressed her face and Efe felt herself shiver from his touch. “Guilt, to me, means you enjoyed what we did.” She felt him lean close to her. His breath on her face that smelled of coffee. . . She wondered what gist Pamela had heard of him even as his lips pressed against hers. . .


Details of the series would be on my website,


  1. Nice one!!! I enjoyed it a lot nd its making me see love in another perspective God bless you looking forward to the next series ❤?

    • Thanks Iyanu. .. I’m happy to hear that 🙂 Thank God.
      Amen, God bless you too.

  2. Wow! Can’t wait for separated. Good job Temitope, i felt i was reading one of Karen Kingsbury’s books on second chances and redemption. Indeed John loved Funlola the way Hosea loved Gomer. But is unconditional love like that still possible between human beings? Even though that is what Christ os asking of us i don’t think i have witnessed it before. Let me go to your site and knock myself out.

    • Thanks Mariam 🙂 You read Karen Kingsbury books as well? Live her books!
      Yes, unconditional love is still possible. God has told us to love our enemies when on a normal day you wouldn’t. I Corinthians 13 also talks about that love. It’s a process and we can only love that way with God’s help.

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    Lessons picked and learnt very well. Thanks a bunch.
    I’ll gladly check out your blog for the continuation.
    Bless up

    • Oh wow… Both Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury! Those are big names in Christian Fiction. 🙂
      Please share lessons with us…
      Thanks Seye!

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    yaaaaayyyy. team karen kingsbury and francine rivers all the way. Robin lee hatcher is pretty nice too *converted from romance to christian fiction* but quick question, seperated is the continuation of this series shey? if yes, will it feature all the characters in this series? also please notify us when its out oo so we can start reading sharply. THANK YOU for this amazing uplifting story. xoxoxoxo.

    • Hey Tobi! Robin Lee hatcher? Would check her out. Thanks. 🙂
      Yes, separated is a continuation of Always one more time. Featuring all the characters… you would have to wait and see. Let it be a surprise:)
      Information on the new series would be on my website, so stay tuned 🙂
      Much love!

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