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This Bey/Jay-Tiwa/Teebillz Affair and The Nigerian Culture by @AdaIzsna

This Bey/Jay-Tiwa/Teebillz Affair and The Nigerian Culture Nigerians, are you entertained? We have been entertained! Or have you not? Since the duo met, got married and started their journey together, we have been entertained. When Tiwa first came onto our screens, with ‘Kele Kele Love, from her failure to be what she aimed to be, having been held back by circumstances such as being Beyoncé’s backup singer, we accepted her into our homes. Little did we know there was an agenda to become her predecessor, indigenously. As time unfolded, we noticed little traits to suggest that she might indeed be walking in the very footsteps as Beyoncé with ‘Love Me x3’, but it was so subtle we could almost miss it for her versatile personality, that of course an artiste must possess. And then came, ‘Ife Wa Gbono’, and we loved her more, her innocence and sincerity debunked…

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