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Hadeh is a fiction lover, a travel enthusiast, and a reader. When he is not fantasizing about a kingdom that never existed or what loves look like in the era of the missionaries, he would be reading or listening to songs. He loves writing. He wrote a couple of short stories including 'Everything You Need To Know About a Male Dog' (which is on this blog) and 'Welcome To Lagos' (which was shortlisted for the UnionBank Campus Writing Challenge). He shares his stories on Hadehsblog.wordpress.com.

From Home To Rendezvous #3

October 2010 (Three Years Ago) Martha had just arrived in Lagos. She went to the club which would eventually become her place of work although she did not know it yet. She had arrived a day ago into the hands of her new guardian, Sophia. When she arrived, Sophia had peered at her for long and nodded her head, a smile spread on her bedizened face, which Martha believed had ruined her beauty. It was many months later that Martha would know that the simple nod was an acknowledgement that she would succeed in the ‘business.’ She was at home on the first day while Sophia went to work. She didn’t ask where she worked. Visitors, as she had learned, do not ask many questions. Sophia would tell her when the time was appropriate. So she sat at home on the leather settee, her shoes removed so as not to…

From Home To Rendezvous #2

Abeokuta was the same city after three years. It was the same familiar buildings, the touch of the sun over the city’s roofs, and only the feeling was different, the feeling of one daughter returning to her mother after a long sundering. She had looked from one corner to another, not with the aim to see something entirely new, but to see the quotidian things newly, that it was the same as she used to know, the road, the filling stations, the government buildings. Their house still wore the same brown colour, fainting and dull. Bishop’s Toyota was parked at a corner of the house. She heard that he bought a new car a year ago, but the car wasn’t anything new as it was parked. Dust and mud covered the body, a blinker was broken and a little crack was on the rear windshield. At the other corner, there…

From Home To Rendezvous #1

Sally here! Introducing Hadeh to you. Please read and drop a comment. I understand that you may be discouraged to encourage featured writers here because they don’t seem to complete their stories. I totally understand. But this series is complete. So, please give feedback. Thank you! …She is away from home. She wants to become a woman of importance. But she has to be a stripper for the meantime. Martha refused to return to Abeokuta despite the eyes staring at her like a tamed cat. She placed the glass cup on the table and waved her hand at her step-brother, Ayo, who happened to be her boyfriend and soul-mate. But he insisted she returns home. They were in a restaurant. The sound of music mixed with side giggles and the noise from those watching the big TV and those drinking. The light was dull, creating an ambience. Ayo was her…