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Caught Up #3 by @loglilmary

This is the final episode of the story. Have a fun read! The first time I saw Deji, the only word I used to describe him was ‘cunny’. He isn’t tall, in fact, he is stout but his eyes and commanding presence can make any person ill at ease.  We met in his house; a small one room apartment with a 32 inch LG tv that seemed too big for his cubicle. On that day, I realized that Jensen, Josh and I were not the only guys involved in this deal; there was Laura- the insider from the bank; Okoro- the driver to take us to our final destination; Twitter- the agbero-looking driver to drive us to the bank and back to Okoro. The meeting commenced with a prayer by Laura. It was strange to pray in such circumstances and it made me wonder how God felt. My burdened conscience…

Caught Up #2 by @loglilmary

Hi there! I know you’re supposed to be reading Fish Brain Vows but I’m shifting it to tomorrow and bringing you the second part of Caught Up.  Enjoy and I promise back to back episodes of Fish Brain Vows. Read Previous Episode HERE I wasn’t upset about what she said but it was the way she said it that got me worried. The way she flared up made me feel like she was hiding something from me. I refused to be drawn into another fight so I got up and pulled her into a hug while apologizing. She pushed me away. “Look, I have to go. Its 7pm and Jenson’s mum will soon be back from church. Work on your jealousy issues Tunde.” With that, she left the house while I looked on at the closed peeling grey paint on the door. After two weeks of keeping the fight I…

Caught Up #1 by @loglilmary

Hey guys, Introducing Mary. She doesn’t believe she writes well; I do. Show some love, drop a line. She also wants honest criticism. Thanks! This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the writer’s imagination. Dedicated to the ones we’ve lost… CAUGHT UP For a few seconds, I blink through the dark and forget where or who I am…this has happened since I came here but the amnesia doesn’t last for so long because reality hits and the memories come rushing back like an angry flood…I lay stiff on the cold, clammy floor. I know that if I shift any closer, my ass will be to Awin’s crotch and he won’t hesitate to put his arms around me ‘cause word around says he is homosexual and he will assume it is an invitation. My name is Tunde Fadeyi; I am a jobless…

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