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Boys With Toys #9

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Bankole was beginning to hate his boss, Mr. Duro. The man was a taskmaster and particularly had it in for him. He often loaded him with work that wasn’t under his area of specification and didn’t understand the use of an email to pass messages. He would either call him or ask to see him to get information or results over projects in person. This particular afternoon, he wanted to see photo concepts for their March magazine issue which he ordered Bankole to work on just three days before. The assignment had kept Bankole awake all night. He prayed the man approved it.

“Oga is inside,” Mr. Duro’s secretary informed Bankole as he got to the man’s office. The girl looked annoyed, like she would rather be elsewhere.

Bankole knocked and entered. Mr. Duro raised his eyes from his laptop and looked at him.

“Hello, Banky.”

“Good afternoon, sir.”

“You got what I want?”

Bankole walked to him and handed a folder which he dumped aside.

“I’ll go through it later. You may leave.”

Bankole made a turn for the door.

“So how are you spending Valentine’s?”

Bankole stopped. The question was odd, coming from him.

“I’m ehm… going for that Smush party.”

“Oh. Everyone in Lagos seems to be going. You’ll be with your girlfriend?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You kids should have fun.”

Bankole faced the door again. When he touched the handle, he heard the man’s voice one more time.

“I hope my wife didn’t strip naked at her last photoshoot with you?”

Bankole almost choked on air. He stopped, breathed in and steered his feet to face the man.

“Your wife?” he asked.

“Yes, my wife. Angela.”

“She’s…your wife?”

Mr. Duro made a sound like a scoff. “Like you didn’t know.”

“No…” Bankole choked. “No, sir.”

“She’s my wife.”

Bankole, at this point, just wanted to dissolve into the air.


He hurried out, perspiring. He didn’t wait a second in the area. He left the floor and the entire building as if chased by the wind. He only caught his breath when he got to the parking garage. As he was about getting into his car, he heard a familiar female voice speaking to someone in agitation. Training his ears, he discovered it was Ruky. She sounded on the verge of tears. He turned around and saw her standing beside her car; she was on the phone. He got into his car and turned on the engine. He was about putting the car into gear when he saw her head resting over the hood of the car and her body shuddering.

He became torn between whether to drive off or find out what was wrong with her. He could have easily taken the former option but she had seen him already. He didn’t want to come off as ungentlemanly.

He killed his engine, got out of his car and walked to her.


She made no answer.

“Ruky?” His hand touched her shoulder and she looked up.


She was crying as he had suspected.

“What’s wrong?”

She gave a shake of her head but turned and sought comfort on his shoulder. Bankole patted her back to calm her, then opened her door and helped her into the driver’s seat.

“Guy problems?” he asked.

She reached for some tissue from a Kleenex box behind the car and blew her nose.

“On fucking Valentine’s Day! Geez! You men are so heartless!”

“He cheated?”

“No. That would have been better, at least I would have known it was another woman.”

“Okay. So what’s worse than a cheating man?”

“A shallow man! A mommy’s boy!”

“You want to talk about it?”

She hesitated.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to….”

“I’m not from a rich family,” she revealed. “And right now, I’m struggling, Banky. I won’t lie. I’m the breadwinner in my family. Everyone relies on me. Okay, so my guy came into my life like six months ago and kind’a helped my financial situation a bit. But the problem is that his family hates me because I’m not up to their level. Shey you get?”

Bankole nodded. He felt like he was walking down memory lane.

“This car you see me always pose with is not my own. It belongs to him. In short, I’m not the girl you think I am.”

Bankole liked her brutally-honest persona. One would never know she had this side to her. Being the company’s stylist, she was always on top of her game with her appearance. No one ever looked beyond that to see this side she was revealing.

“But that’s not the issue. This guy just woke up this morning of all the days in the world and decided that we should break up. Today! On Valentine’s Day! Haba! Who does that to somebody?” She pursed her lips together but they shook in a despondent sob. Bankole took her hand to console her.

“And he’s even asking for the car back. Imagine. He has three cars o!”

Bankole didn’t know what to tell her, so he held her hand until she calmed down considerably.

“You love him?”

“I don’t know jor. We’ve been together only six months. But it’s all good. A girl’s gotta move on.”

“Yeah. You have to.”

“What is paining me now is all the guys I turned down that would have shown me a good time today.” She hissed. “My Val will just be rubbish!” She hissed again. “I’ll just go to that Smush party, get drunk and have a one night stand with any guy that asks.”

“Fara bale.”

“Kini? Take what easy? In short, now-now-now. I’ll take this car to his house and smash the windscreen in front of him. After he has kpansh me finish, he wants to clean mouth and not pay his dues. He hasn’t seen anything!”

“Ah. You women sef…”

“Banky, just forget that thing.”

Bankole let go of her hand.

“Thanks, hon and um…you have some lipstick on your shirt. Sorry.”

“Ha, this babe. You want to put me in trouble.”

“If madam fights you just come over to mine,” Ruky teased. Bankole smiled.

She started her car and he walked back to his. They both drove out of the parking and waved goodbye to each other as their cars took opposite routes. Bankole headed straight for home. He was famished when he got in and was glad that lunch was ready and waiting. Not quite used to eating at a dining table, he chose the bedroom and had lunch with Beatrice there. It was a meal of peppered yam porridge with smoked fish.

“That’s how you didn’t tell me happy valentines,” Beatrice accused as they began eating.

“Today is Valentine’s Day?” he held a pokerface.

She eyed him.

“I didn’t know o.”

Her countenance changed and remained sour for the rest of the meal. He acted as though he didn’t notice until he was done and his empty dish put away. He waited for her to be through as well but she left her meal halfway.

“Happy Valentine’s baby,” he smiled and took her hand.

“Leave me, abeg.”

“Come nau.” He pulled her close and had her sit on his laps.

“So you thought I forgot.”

“Didn’t you?” she crossed her arms.

“Close your eyes.”

“For what?”

“Just close your eyes jor.”

And just like that, the frown on her face lost its bearing. Her crossed arms also dropped to her sides as her eyes went shut. He put his hand beneath the bed and pulled out a small gift box.

“Now, open your eyes.”

She lifted her eyelids and grinned at the first sight of the box in his hand.

“You got me something?”

“Open it.”

With the excitement of a little kid, she unwrapped the box to reveal a gold jewelry set that brought instant tears to her eyes. Her hand went to her mouth to curtail her emotion.

“It’s so beautiful.”

“You like it?”

She answered him with a warm squeeze.

“Remember I used to tell you that when I eventually make it I’ll spoil you silly?”


“Well, I’ve just started.”

“Thank you, Banky mi.”

Taking her hand, he laid her on the bed and leaned over her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything,” she said. “I’m mad broke.”

“I wasn’t expecting anything from you, Bea. Just allow me spoil you.”

He kissed her hand. “So what did we miss this week?”

It was an invitation to make love to her but Beatrice didn’t seem quite in the mood. She sat up instantly as she recalled something.

“I have good news!” she said in a squeak and reached for her phone somewhere on the bed while he laid his back to rest.

“An email I was expecting came in this afternoon. See!”

She passed her phone to him. On the screen was an opened email and it was a job offer to her.

“You got another job?”



“Here, in Lagos. At Muri Okunola. It’s a small consultancy firm.”

“Really?” His tone didn’t match hers. “How and when did all this happen?”

Tucking stray strands of her weave behind her ears, she replied, “A colleague from my old job referred me to one guy at the firm. I went to see him on Wednesday and I got the job.”

“I didn’t know you went out on Wednesday.”

“I was going to tell you when the guy called and asked me to come but I forgot. I went there and was given the job there and then but I was waiting for this email to come in so that it’ll be a surprise to you. So, ta-da!”

Bankole propped himself up on both elbows. “Wait, you went to see the guy and he offered you the job just like that.”


“Just like that. You didn’t write an application or…”

“No, he was impressed with my CV and we spoke for just few minutes and he said, ‘hired’.”


“Boo-boo, what’s wrong? Why these questions?”

“Nobody offers a beautiful girl like you a job just like that in this town.”

“What are you saying?”

“It’s either you gave him something or he’ll get it later from you.”

“G-gave him something? What are you saying, Banky? That I gave him… what exactly?”

“I don’t know. I just know that you’re not taking the job. Does he know you’re pregnant?”

“No. He doesn’t have to know.”

Bankole sat up fully. “He doesn’t have to know. You hear yourself?”

“I need this job. I’m tired of staying at home already.”

“You are not taking the job. Period.”

He scrambled out of the bed as she stared at him through moistened eyes.

“What’s your problem? First, it’s that I gave him something and now, I’m not supposed to work? Why are you doing like this, Banky?”

“Bea, it’s simple. You are pregnant, so you can’t work. My money is enough for both of us.”

“I don’t have friends in Lagos o! And me, I can’t stay at home!” she screamed at him.

“Friends?” a sarcastic laugh escaped his lips. “We’ll make friends together as a couple but if you want to occupy yourself, register at the gym down the street, stay at home and watch cable. It’s full bouquet.”

He made for the door and walked out.


The Smush party was exactly how Urena had described it would be. A classy crowd enlivened with the presence of celebrities filled the venue. It was held at a fancy but massive residential building that had featured in a couple of music videos. The place had an expansive exterior that was covered with partiers entertaining themselves with music, an unending flow of drinks and barbecued chicken from suya stands scattered about the place. Inside the building was another party enjoyed by a more conservative crowd. It was there Guru chose to sit himself. Urena had dragged him out of his house with his mother’s approval, kicking and screaming. He hated the loud music, the partiers and the environment entirely. As he sat in a corner as a mere observer, Monet came to him.

“Having fun?”

She was wearing a piece he designed five years ago and he thought she looked absolutely gorgeous in it, even though she seemed over-dressed for the occasion. She was holding two glasses of champagne and offered him one but he declined. He didn’t drink at social events.

She sat beside him and was quiet for a second, both of them watching the people around them who had now become animated characters of children at a playground. There were mascots of famous superheroes and clowns that entertained them. Candy floss and ice-cream were in surplus; the kids were having fun.

“Hope had a blast today at the mall,” Monet said. “You should take her out more often. You’re like an elder brother to her now. She absolutely adores you.”

Guru narrowed his eyes on a little boy just ahead of them who was tugging at a girl’s hair unmercifully.

“So when are you going to get laid, Roy?”

Guru looked at Monet.

“Yeah, I’m asking you,” she said in her cockney accent. “You’re twenty-eight, boy. Look around you, so many beautiful girls. Just pick one this night and pop that cherry,” she said, poking him with her finger.

He looked away.

“You know you can use a condom, right? And even if you wanted to go bare, you couldn’t pass the disease to anyone. Your viral load is almost non-existent.”

A girl’s excited scream drew his eyes farther away from Monet.

“Just do it. Trust me, it’s better than wanking to porn videos of Asian women.” Monet snickered.

He wished her away and she got up.

“Be careful of Madu.” She blew a kiss and began to walk away. The train of her gown dragged across the sand as she went. The glasses of champagne fell to the ground at different points and he watched their contents spill and sip down to the shimmery beach sand beneath.

“Hey, Roy!”

He blinked and came back to the real world. Urena was standing before him.

“Come, let’s go and eat chicken outside and dance.”

She took his hand. He wanted to protest but she made a frown. He let her drag him outside. They stepped out to louder music and the smell of barbecue in the air.

Not far from them, Bankole and Beatrice were sipping on drinks, sitting on bar stools at a makeshift bar table. Bankole was having a cocktail while Beatrice enjoyed chilled juice. They were not speaking to each other, following their fight earlier in the day. There had been another minor quarrel just before they came for the party which was about what Beatrice had chosen to wear. Bankole had held that it was too tight and short, and ordered her to wear something more decent. They argued over it and in the end, she settled for a pair of leggings and a top. He still didn’t approve of the top because of the way it pushed out her cleavage but he couldn’t get her to change her mind about it. That spat distanced them the more. Now, they shared that awkward silence where they were both too proud to apologize. Fortunately for Beatrice, someone she knew from way back recognized her and came over. After hugs and delightful girly-screams, Beatrice introduced the stranger to Bankole and asked permission to accompany her to say hi to Don Jazzy who had just made an appearance.

Bankole nodded and both girls disappeared into the crowd. He turned his attention elsewhere. There was a girl dancing alone in a corner. She had declined dancing with anyone and it was a shame because she was sexy and danced pretty well. He was going to entertain himself with her but a familiar voice called out to him.

“Hey, Banky!” Ruky came by and gave him a hug that ended with a kiss on his cheek.

“Hey, you!”

He admired her. She was stunning out of office clothes, wearing a red, mini gown that revealed much of her back and curved her bum perfectly. Her hair was worn down stylishly and cascaded over a pair of moderately-sized breasts that were not aided by a bra. He could see her nipples straining through the delicate material of the gown.

“Enjoying the party?” she asked.

“Yeah. Can I get you a drink?”


Bankole demanded the attention of the barman and ordered her a cocktail.

“I hope I’m not encouraging you on your mission to get drunk and laid tonight.”

Ruky laughed and he noticed she was already tipsy.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” she leaned towards his ear. They both had to raise their voices to be heard above the din of the party.

“Somewhere around with a friend.”

“I’d have loved to see her o.”

“She’ll be back soon. So how did it go with your boyfie?”

Ruky hissed, pursing out luscious lips. “I went to return the car and you can’t believe that he was asking for shags, telling me one for the road. The way I designed the body of that car with the car key ehn.”

“Windscreen nko?”

“I didn’t see stone in the compound.”

Bankole laughed loudly.

Just then the music died. There was a general murmuring of complain from the crowd but Madu’s voice came up on the PA system and silenced them. Bankole stretched out his neck and saw him standing at the poolside. A small stage of some sort had been erected there.

“I hate this Madu ehn,” Ruky muttered.

“You and a million others. And yet, see the mob that gathered.”

“He’s so full of himself and he’s a complete agbaya. We went to the same school.”

“For real?”

“Yeah. He wasn’t popular then sef. Just one of those rich kids nobody sent.”

Madu was making an announcement neither Bankole nor Ruky were interested in.

“Here’s your drink, ma.” The barman pushed a cocktail glass towards Ruky. She pouted when she stared at it.

“You didn’t put that tiny umbrella for me,” she carped.

“Sorry, ma. We just ran out of them.”


“Take mine,” Bankole offered, placing his umbrella into her glass.

“Thanks, darling.”

Madu’s voice came on louder. “So in case you’ve been wondering who Guru is, wonder no more! I specially invited him here. He’s a very private person so, it’s quite a privilege to have him around! You know, big boy tins!”

“Hmm?” Bankole held a perplexed face at Madu’s utterances.

“Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the guy behind the designs… Guru!”

The partiers looked around, mumbling to themselves. Somewhere in their midst, Urena had dragged Guru to the poolside and left him under bright lights and the attention of everyone.

“Dude, show face nau!” Madu called him forward and Guru made a brief appearance with a short wave. He pushed his hands back into his pockets and disappeared instantly.

“No mind am!” Madu joked. “Na shy guy! Ladies, feel free to engage!”

“Interesting,” Bankole muttered.

“What is?” Ruky asked.

“Nothing. Just thinking out loud.”

“We’re back!” Beatrice and her friend returned. “Hey baby,” Beatrice added the moment she spotted Ruky.

“Had fun?” Bankole asked.

“Oh my God! Don Jazzy is bae! He was with Ebuka too!” she squealed silently. “I took a photo!”

Bankole shook his head. “You’re going to meet more of them, Bea. Na you go tire.”

She linked her hands with his. “Boo-boo, you didn’t introduce me.”

“Oh, sorry.” Bankole apologized. “Bea, this is Ruky, my colleague. Ruky, meet my girlfriend, Beatrice.”

“Hi.” Both girls waved at each other and Beatrice turned to Bankole. “So, I wanted to get us some chicken. You mind?”

“No. Please, go and bring.”


Beatrice went off with her friend again.

“Awww, she’s so cute,” Ruky complimented.


“You like big girls?”

He raised and dropped his brows in answer.

“Bad boy. But what were you doing with that chick in that picture I saw in your phone? That one was lepa nau.”

“Who told you that was me?” Bankole asked. “You only saw her face and what she was holding…”

“Which was impressive and beautiful. Are you saying it’s not yours?”

Bankole let out a small cough. “Let’s change the topic, Ruky.”

“That’s an admission right there.”

He made to reply her but stopped in a laugh. “Seriously, let’s gist something else.”

Luckily for him, Ruky had a ton of office gossip at the tip of her lips. As she drank away, she opened the closets of their colleagues and let skeletons out.

Inside the building, Guru was alone again, although he now got stares from people who had previously ignored him. One of them came to him.

“Hi Guru.” She grinned.


“Can I take a selfie with you?”


“I am a mad fan! Can you see what I’m wearing?”

He looked at her from top to bottom. She had one of his designs on.

“Yes. Thanks.”

“I’ve always wondered who you were. I’m so glad to finally meet you. Sorry about Monet. We’ll all miss her.”


The girl sat beside him, struck a pose and took a picture with her phone.

“Thank you!”

“Sure thing.”

Grinning like a shark, she ran off just as Urena returned.

“I want to go home,” Guru told her.

“Just when the party started banging. Haba, Roy.”

“Guru, my man!” someone passing by, hailed. Guru gave a half-nod at the guy. He didn’t know him.

“Phyno is performing outside,” Urena informed. “Let’s go and watch.”

“Do I look like I understand a word in Igbo?”

“Okay, ehm… Want to drink?” her hand was extended to him. She had a plastic cup in it.

“You know I don’t drink at parties.”

“For fuck’s sakes, Roy! Just make my night.”

Urena didn’t swear often. Whenever she did, she was on nerves. Guru felt bad that he had upset her. To make nice, he took the drink offered.


She still looked upset. He apologized. “I’m sorry, Ure. You know me and parties. And the loud music just gets to me.”

“Maybe we can go upstairs. The VIP rooms are there and there’s no music.”

He only wanted to go home but fearing that he would hurt her feelings further, he obliged and followed her out to a lobby that led up a flight of stairs. A bouncer stopped them halfway.

“Guru.” Urena pointed a finger at Guru and they were let through.

“Just like that?” he asked.

“I think sometimes you underestimate the status of your name. Start getting used to it.”

They came to the second floor but continued to the third via another flight of stairs. There, a second bouncer was waiting.

“Again?” Guru mumbled.



“Guru.” Urena pointed again and just as before, they got a pass.

“Wait, how come you know this place already?”

“You think I’m like you, sitting downstairs and boring myself to death? And just in case you didn’t know, you are like the guest of honor or something like that. Madu hardly ever introduces anyone.”

“Madu hates my guts.”

Urena said nothing. They were on the third floor and true to her words the sound of music was subdued there. A door opened and Patoranking emerged from it with a couple of friends. They walked past them.

“Let’s take their room. I heard there’s food and enough shacks in every VVIP lounge. And that you can ring the kitchen and order anything.”

“Wait, where does Madu get the money for these parties?” Guru asked as he followed Urena on.

“Sponsors,” she replied.

They got to the door Patoranking had materialized from and opened it. They walked into a bedroom turned private lounge. The place was unoccupied. A table laden with champagne, chocolate and finger foods invited them over and Urena dragged Guru in.

“Isn’t this way better than downstairs?”

“Now you’re talking,” Guru answered.


Ruky had long abandoned Bankole, whisked away by some guy who came by and claimed her waist possessively and planted a steaming kiss on her lips. Bankole remained in his position and ignored a girl who had come up to the bar and was seeking his attention via subtle means.

Beatrice came back with the promised chicken. She was alone this time.

“Where’s your colleague?” she questioned.


She tugged him towards her. “Banky mi… I’m sorry about our fight earlier today.”

“It’s okay, Bea. Me sef I’ve forgotten the whole thing. So, let’s go home and…” he whispered something into her ear that got her giggling.

“Okay. But can I go and say hi to Banky W?”

Bankole lost his smile. “You want to famz all the celebs in this party? Just now I saw you hugging Patoranking.”

“Boo-boo, it’s Mr. Capable fa. How can I see him face to face and not say hi?”

Banky W was her favorite artist. She had mad love for his music.

“I told you you’ll see more of them, Bea. My line of job gives me access to them. Just on Monday I was in KCee’s house for a private photoshoot. I’m now a celebrity photographer and I don’t think my girlfriend should be a groupie. It’s embarrassing.”

Beatrice let out a sad face that touched him.

“Okay, just go.”


“Seriously, go.”

“You’re sure?”

He nodded and she kissed him on the lips before dashing off. And as if cued, Ruky came back.

“What did I miss, handsome?”


“Are you okay? You seem bored? Where’s our sugar spice?”

“Off with Mr. Capable.”

“Ehya, pele. He always steals the ladies.”

“Chicken?” Bankole offered the paper plate of chicken Beatrice had come with. Ruky took one.

“Want to dance?” she asked.


“Well, I do.”

Woju by Kiss Daniel was playing and she began to move her body to it. Bankole could tell she was high but felt it wasn’t his business. So far, she was behaving herself. He didn’t even complain when she moved in front of him and positioned herself before his bar stool to shake her backside provocatively at him. She was just a friend. He had never entertained fantasies of them being romantically involved.

“So who was the guy that took you away earlier?” Bankole asked. She didn’t hear. She drew backwards until their bodies touched.

“What did you say?”

“The guy that took you away earlier.”

“Oh. Some guy I met last week at the mall. He’s married o. Imagine.”

Bankole held his tongue. It wasn’t his business.

Ruky continued dancing. The only problem now was that he could feel her body rubbing against his crotch. He did nothing to stop her, just merely leaned back and focused on the party. It was then he saw Beatrice looking their way. She was walking towards them but stopped and took another direction.

“Ruky.” Bankole held Ruky’s waist and stood up. “Give me a minute.”

“You’re leaving?”

“No, I…”

“There you are!” Ruky’s married friend appeared. “Why did you run away?”

Before Ruky could give an answer to the guy, Bankole dashed off. He followed the direction Beatrice took, pushing through people as he went. He noticed she was leaving the venue. He caught up with her outside the gate.

“Where are you going?”



“You’re asking me? Weren’t you the one rubbing your dick on your colleague?”

“Rubbing my… whoa!” he laughed. “Is that what you saw?”

“You were dirty-dancing with her.”

“I was not.”

“You were!”

“No, I wasn’t.”

Bankole noticed the bouncers at the gate watching them.

“You’re just not a nice person. You were mean to me throughout today only to come here and be monitoring me like a child and allowing Miss. Bootylicious to be giving you nyash!”

Bankole let out his hands in innocence, although he wasn’t surprised at Beatrice’s outburst. She had the emotions of a teenager.

“I wasn’t dirty-dancing or even dancing with her. She is drunk and not thinking clearly.” A distracted glance towards his left revealed Ruky approaching with her man friend. She was laughing and staggering while the guy’s hand made itself at home on her bum.

“See?” Bankole pointed. Ruky walked by without noticing them. The man led her down a tight street where cars were parked, that got darker as it stretched.

“Can we go back and enjoy the party or go home now?” Bankole suggested.

Beatrice’s anger seemed to have simmered down at this point. “They’re handing out gift bags inside. I want to collect my own.”

“Okay. Go ahead.”

Beatrice turned back towards the gate but Bankole didn’t. His eyes had followed Ruky and her companion and he noticed the man was being indecent with her in the open, having pushed her over a car and was ravaging her body with his hands. At this juncture, Bankole knew it was his business to ensure that nothing nasty happened to her.

“Bea, please go back in. I’ll come meet you.”

“Where are you going?” Beatrice followed his eyes. “What do you want to do?”

“Go back in.”

Bankole made straight for the assault scene and he arrived there just as the man had opened the backdoor of his car and pushed Ruky in against her will. Bankole dove in-between them and dragged Ruky out. The man jabbed him with an elbow but Bankole held his feet and pulled Ruky away. She was more inebriated than he thought and had little cognizance of her environment.

“Ruky?” he called gently as he led her away. He only got a mumble that came with tears down the sides of her face. She had no phone or purse with her and he knew it was useless asking. He crossed her over to the other side of his street were his car was parked and literally dragged her to it. He opened the backdoor and laid her in. She passed out straightaway. He shut the door, locked her in and went back in search of Beatrice whom he found stopping a cab.


She gave him one angry look and entered the vehicle.

“Beatrice!” he called.

The cab sped away.


Upstairs at the VVIP, Guru was having his own Ruky moment as his eyes began to dim for reasons he couldn’t explain. When he tried to think about it, his brain gave him a mishmash of images. Sweet sleep called to him and he couldn’t fight it. Urena was speaking in her usual manner with her mouth full but to him she sounded like she was warbling.

By careful means, he lowered himself down to the lounger he was seated on and shut his eyes in deep sleep.

Urena immediately stopped speaking and tapped him.

“Roy? Roy?”

There was no response. She got off the chair and looked about her as if she was expecting something else to happen. Subsequently, she hurried out of the lounge and made a phone call. In no time, Madu and a hunky guy appeared.

“He’s out,” she said.

Madu opened the door and peeped. “Great job, Urena.”

Urena didn’t smile. She looked like she was about to cry.

“I have something for you.” Madu bobbed his head at the guy who retrieved a brand new iPad from a sling bag he was carrying. He handed it to Urena.

“I don’t want it.”

“You have earned it, darling,” Madu took the Ipad. “Take it. I know you want it.”

“What do you want to do with Guru?”

“Nothing he can’t handle. Come on, have this.”

Urena took the iPad from him.

“Now, off you go.”

“Please, don’t hurt him.”

“We’ll be good to him. Get out of here.”

Urena turned around and faced the corridor but her heart was with Guru. If anything bad happened to him, she would never forgive herself.


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    1. Sally says:

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      Thanks, Fola
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      Thanks, Rida, for enjoying my work. I promise I won’t stay long. Just have a a lot to do and blogging has to take aa break for me to put food on my table. Lol.
      As for the comments, worry not yourself dear. I am not breaking my head over them. People are reading and that’s what’s important. As a writer, I concentrate more on my work. If I write solely because people comment or not, it means I’ve lost focus. I write because I love to. Soon, my efforts will be rewarded; that’s what I’m working towards. All the same, I appreciate people like you who take time to drop a line. It means a lot!

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