Book Review

Review of The Colourful Secrets of Abstract Things

The first time I read Abiodun’s work, I was left with a pleasant feeling that had me smiling for a while. You know that “who is this writer?” feeling. Along the years, I was blessed to read other short stories from him, which I really loved as well. Hence, when I found out that he had a book out, I was excited and looked forward to getting a copy. The Colourful Secrets of Abstract Things is a collection of poems that depicts the reality of what it means to be a Nigerian and a Lagosian. One of the things that strike you when you start reading is nostalgia. You don’t have to be in diaspora for you to feel wistful when reading Abiodun’s poems. They revoke memories and feelings from your past, and it’s a weird thing, because he is not particularly trying to do so with his work.…

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