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Boys With Toys #9

Happy Valentine’s Day, people! And happy birthday, KKN. Have fun reading this Valentine episode. Unfortunately, I would be absent for a while. Guest posts will continue. So enjoy and please, share this across social...


Boys With Toys #8

Previous Episodes “Erm…I don’t know if I should invite you for my party or not.” Madu stood before Guru’s desk, waving a black party invitation card before his face. “Considering what you did to...


Boys With Toys #7

Anticipate a Valentine’s special next weekend. I won’t tell you what it is but just anticipate. This post is dedicated to @Coolrosebelle from her beau. Previous Episodes It was love at first sight for...


Boys With Toys #6

Sorry, this is coming late. The email notifications will be delayed as well. Hope you enjoy reading it. For those of you who have contacted Audrey Timms and the email bounced back, try


Boys With Toys #5

Previous Episodes They were kept waiting for three hours. Madu, in his annoying nature, complained the entire time and threatened to leave, every now and then. “Maybe there’s no child sef,” he kicked off...


Boys With Toys #4

It took just three weeks to get them all out of sorts. Meetings upon endless meetings birthed sleepless nights where they had to come up with the year’s calendar, embark on researches, build a...


Boys With Toys #3

“Oga, na dis street?” Khalid answered the question with a distracted nod. His eyes were fixed on the exterior of his house where a utility van was parked. “Just stop here.” The cab rolled...


Boys With Toys #2

Read Episode 1 HERE Guru waited as the wrought iron gates with the baroque leaf design opened on their own accord, as if unseen hands pushed them along. He stepped into the three-acre mansion...


Boys With Toys #1

This episode is rather long, so I’m breaking it in two parts. This first part comes this morning and the second comes by 4pm. Have a fun read and remember to tell me how...