Dugo #2

His relationship ended with a smashed camera. Four years of invested emotions tumbled off the ledge of a window that was three floors up and hit the ground. Ace held his breath, cringing, as he watched the camera meet its untimely death. He had been careless with it a few seconds ago, having placed it on the ledge so that he could taste the rich goodness of his spicy Masala tea. His elbow then nudged the device and sent it tumbling down. Behind him sat his girlfriend. His only love. His lifeline on many occasions. It was she who had gifted him the camera just a week ago. It cost her almost a quarter of a million. She wanted to support his newly-found love for photography. What was he going to tell her? “I’m going down to get it,” he announced, hurrying out the door. She gave no reply. He…

Dugo #1

Dugo grasped both plaques with firm hands. She felt their bumpy curves making dents on the insides of her sweaty palms. Her name had just been called again, nominated for the third time. There was applause, and with it murmurings of surprise from the audience. Everyone was shocked that she was getting this much accolades. But why should they? Hadn’t she worked hard for this? Hadn’t she fought her way to the top, sold her soul, and seared her conscience to get here? She deserved this. She deserved more, but… “Und der Gewinner ist…” the tall, blonde woman on stage with massive breasts, an orange tan and a vagina dress announced in German. There was suspense. This was the big one. The award for the best international act. According to some, Dugo didn’t deserve this award. She was a German citizen already. No longer considered a Nigerian. The Venus Awards…

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