The Empty Cot – A Mother Shares Her Heart-Rending Story

To everyone who has lost a child, a pregnancy or had a stillborn, this is for you. I can’t imagine the pain but I pray you heal. And find the will to smile someday. I remember a woman in my former church who put her baby down on her bed and went to the bathroom to have her bath. She returned to a dead baby and no possible explanation as to why it happened. It was a nightmare. This was not written by me but by a mother, Jennie who lost her baby due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Read more from her HERE When you have seen a baby dead in a cot It is hard to put another baby in one When you have seen your daughter dead in her cot It is hard to put another of your daughters in one How am I to look in…

Clamoring You

Here’s something from Yakori to start your day: Unwrapping your sheet, my crave for your bitter sweetness blossoms to an addiction hence I stare lustfully at you. Taking a bite, it melts in the warmth of my mouth, stirring tingles of sensuality buried in my core.Swirling in me, its smoothness gets me to revel in its power to enthrall my senses, loosening my defensive knots. So creamy it rouses my yearn to indulge more of its taste, endeared to you like my crush, I blush shyly.Together we entwine inadvertently making love in waves, inducing a moan you’ll aways remain my aphrodisiac, lindt chocolate.  Related articles across the web 10 Sensual Aphrodisiacs And How They Got Their Reputations Swiss chocolate maker Lindt near deal to buy Russell Stover

LET ME BE A BOOK! by Uche Emmanuel Okolo

I have learnt that the nature of dreams, dreamt today is to be disappointing when it becomes a reality tomorrow.  I dreamed of becoming a pen, a pen flowing with indelible juice of blue or indigo. A pen marking sheets of flat whitened pulp with calligraphed scribbles. A pen the vehicle to convey deep, wild, free, unabashed and unabated lore and fact through the streets of paper and furthermore into the jungle of mind. A pen, maybe ball point or quill. A pen that soothes itching, spontaneous and radical fingers. A pen beautiful, catching the eyes of many admirers but the disappointment of being the pen is that someday, one day, that indelible ink will cease its flow.  I dreamed i could be a writer, the eccentric and intelligent creator of fantastic knowledge. A maverick, willfully churning emotions and upsetting notions. A writer, a magician of sorts conjuring fictions and…

MAKAYLA by Aturmercy

Makayla is 1 today. Yay! Happy Birthday, Darling! here’s a poem written by my dear friend, Aturmercy Makayla went to the bowls of hell and beyond Conquering where many have lost Overcoming all odds Standing proud, firm and tall Victory is Makayla! Demons from hell In this pure heart thought they could dwell They battled fiercely against this angel and lost The courage of this angel cannot be bought Courage is spelt M-a-k-a-y-l-a! Sworn to care, The Hippocratic Oath becomes a dare The betrayal of some quite clear Makayla rose above all their sneers A joy to her forebearsTriumphant is Makayla! In search of the meaning of victory I need look no further than Makayla Seeking for a reason to go on I find strength in Makayla A blessing truly is Makayla