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Clamoring You

Here’s something from Yakori to start your day: Unwrapping your sheet, my crave for your bitter sweetness blossoms to an addiction hence I stare lustfully at you. Taking a bite, it melts in the warmth of my mouth,...

LET ME BE A BOOK! by Uche Emmanuel Okolo 1

LET ME BE A BOOK! by Uche Emmanuel Okolo

I have learnt that the nature of dreams, dreamt today is to be disappointing when it becomes a reality tomorrow.  I dreamed of becoming a pen, a pen flowing with indelible juice of blue...

MAKAYLA by Aturmercy 3

MAKAYLA by Aturmercy

Makayla is 1 today. Yay! Happy Birthday, Darling! here’s a poem written by my dear friend, Aturmercy Makayla went to the bowls of hell and beyond Conquering where many have lost Overcoming all odds Standing...