The Magic Slim Coffee No One Told You About

Sometimes we really need to lose weight or go on a diet but we lack the time and energy to start a program that will take months to get results! Sometimes it’s a beautiful dress you plan to rock, only to look in the mirror and you see a bulging tummy. Not sexy at all…… Sounds familiar? The desire to look good effortlessly is what led to the discovery of this Magic Slim Coffee  You can rely on it solely for your desired body, or use it to jumpstart the process of your weight loss program be it  KETO ,LCD, VLCD, Go Green e.t.c, This Magic Slim Coffee is made of traditional coffee mixed with Hunger-Oblivion Grass, Griffonia Simplicifolia natural plants extracts, which is 100% Pure herbal extracts with transnational secret slimming formula, and it helps you lose weight safely and effortlessly. Here’s testimony from people who have used the coffee and have…

Band Aid Returns For Christmas – Join Jide Kosoko, Gideon Okeke, Emmaohmygod, Guitarist Femi Leye For Amazingly Fun Time

It would be a really magical Christmas as Band Aid returns to the Theatre this Christmas with Prince Jide Kosoko, Gideon Okeke, EmmaOhMyGod and Saxophonist Phebean Oluwadare. Band Aid is a reflective and exhilarating musical drama fused with humour and the amazing songs you love. The play tells the story of three Band mates – Femi (Patrick Diabuah), Flex (Eritosin Gregory) and Tony (Femi Leye) who though passionate about music have become jaded because of their inability to make a break-out hit. They meet and fall in love with Ivie (Goodness Emmanuel) who is also a music enthusiast. They think she can help them conquer their fears and become successful. They think she has come to save them from themselves but she takes them on as a project to fill a void in her life. Find out what happens when demons from the past she is trying to escape from…

Join The Kamdora Tribe Today

Contributors Needed At Kamdora A lifestyle blog with over 2.4 million female visitors monthly is currently searching for freelance literary writers to contribute engaging, interesting and captivating content (stories and series) that women in Nigeria (and diaspora) can relate to and fall in love with. If you think you have the ability to make her audience time travel with your articles, then join their Tribe to get your content out there by sending an email to

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