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The Fourth finger looks into the lives of married Nigerian women and the complex reasons that lead them into cheating on their husbands.

It’s a story of cheating wives and extra marital affairs in the context of the Nigerian society.


The Fourth Finger Release Date

Hi Everyone!   Hope you’re having a good day? I have read numerous messages from Twitter, Facebook and the comment section concerning the release of The Fourth Finger. I know you guys are anxious...


The Fourth Finger #21

Christie woke up alone and with the sun in her face. The room was bright with daylight. The shades had been drawn apart and she couldn’t remember doing so. She lay in bed for...


The Fourth Finger #20

Previous episodes of The Fourth Finger Tired after her long meeting, Christie arrived at the hospital to visit Bernadette and her baby at exactly 7pm. A nurse at the reception, upon recognizing her, presented...


The Fourth Finger #19

  Toni carried that look on her face that women are often said to have after a wonderful night with men they love. She just couldn’t stop smiling, although she had kept a composed...


The Fourth Finger #18

Read Previous Episodes… Meanwhile, this is 18+. All kids, go outside and play. It was the day before her trip to London with Tayo. Dapo had not been able to get a visa so fast....


The Fourth Finger #17

  Catch up on previous episodes of the fourth finger All seven of them were seated. Not a sound was heard. Christie’s face was buried in a silk scarf. If she could have hidden...