Conquered #3

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After the whole saga, Tega resumed back to school. Nkechi remembered what she thought she would discuss with Mama. After the assembly and she stood at the window and stared outside. The environment was sparkling and the morning breeze kept blowing. Everybody waited in class for their first teacher to arrive. She saw Tega walk close to their classroom while his bag was strapped to his back.

He walked in an unusually quiet manner as he strutted towards the classroom. Some juniors were gawking and laughing at him, as he kept walking and burrowing the earth with his leg and sand particles kept moving up. His suspension was over.

Nkechi’s mouth was wide agape. She was standing and staring at him. She saw a man trying so hard to morph into something he wanted the society to accept about him. A man that was trying so hard to be what he wasn’t. His gaits and postures were forced. His gesticulations were screaming, trying too hard to suppress his hormones.

Tega walked into the classroom and all these eyes were gazing at him. There were sharp murmurings and a teacher walked in. Everywhere was silent. Nkechi walked to her chair and sat down. Tega loosened his bag and sat down on the chair, ignoring all the prying eyes on him.

“Hey, Tega, welcome back to school,” the teacher said.

They chuckled. Tega nodded without saying a word. He was fixated on the book he was flipping through. Some of the students were trying to glance at him.

When the class ended, the classroom became noisy again. Tega didn’t say a word to anyone. He sat alone and enjoyed his companion. He brought out a novel and flipped to the first page. Nkechi left her seat and  walked towards him.

“Hey, Tega,” she said.

He lifted his face, rolled his eyes and hissed. A girl at the other end cackled. “What have I not seen? A leopard will never change its skin Once a sissy girlboy, always one,” she said to a girl that was sitting in front of her.

They chuckled and clenched their palms in a derisive manner.

Nkechi glanced at them feeling irritated. One of the girl hissed and her eyelids fluttered at Nkechi. “Please don’t look at me that way. I don’t care if you want to be friends with him,” she said.

Nkechi pulled off her glance from both girls and walked closer to Tega. He raised his head up again and glanced at Nkechi. His expressions looked uncomfortable, and he pulled down his face. She sat on the locker’s chair in front of him. “Hey,” she said and tapped him.

“What? Are you going to pretend like you don’t know I’m aware of how sneaky you are? I mean all of you. You must be a joke,” he said, waving his hand in the air.

His face radiated in rage. He was melanin dark-skinned and Nkechi could observe angers written all over his face. She wanted to walk away but stopped.

Her eyeballs bulged and her nostril flared as she kept staring at Tega. She moved her hand forward to touch him but he pushed her hand away. He stood up and fumed in rage. “You think I don’t know what you did. Don’t come here pretending like you are the only one that likes me. Everybody, including you, was against me the other day. You think I don’t remember? Spare me your fake love or are you going to deny it?” he said in an angry tone, attracting the attention of other classmates.

Nkechi wanted to counter him but stopped. She clenched her fists and opened it, then walked back slowly to her seat.

The first girl at the end shook her head. The second one laughed. “Someone is trying to be close to him and he is so full of himself. What a sissy girlboy,” the first one said.

They laughed and did a high-five. Tega tried to stand and hit one of them, but stopped. It would be another suspension, he thought and tears ran down his cheeks. 

He placed his head on his locker and all the scenarios with his parents while at home kept replaying in his head.

“Tega, you are a disgrace. Tell me when you will start behaving like a boy, eh?” his father said, staring at his mother.

His mother was only shaking her head not saying anything. “It’s all your fault. I told you when he was younger, and you said he will change. Has he changed? Disgrace upon disgrace,” he said before walking away.

Tega wiped off the tears in his eyes and on his face. He raised his face up. Everyone seemed to be busy doing different activities except Nkechi who was staring at him. Her face was looking calm and innocent. He tried to smile back but his smiles stiffened.

“She looked like she actually cared,” he said to himself and bent down his head again.


  1. Eyah, bullies everywhere….. please make it longer biko.

  2. The episodes are way Too short …I just started understanding the story line .Nice

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