Conquered #5

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Mama got married to Mr. Charles. Nkechi loved to address him as that, whenever he came to the house. Mr. Charles was in his early fifties and had a not-so-obvious protruding stomach He was dark-skinned, six feet tall and looked athletic despite his stomach. His cloths fitted his body tautly. Nkechi was querying him so much and it made Mama uncomfortable. Mama tried to hide it with a fake smile. She made her displeasure with sour facial expressions but Nkechi wasn’t having any of it. She smirked.

“Why are you still unmarried at fifty? That’s weird for a man,” she said.

Mr. Charles laughed. “People always ask me that and those that know me keep pestering me on why I’m still not married,” he said lifting the little pillow that was lying beside him on the sofa and placed it on his laps. “Some assumed I was gay. But now, I am here getting married to your mother. Such a beautiful thing to happen to me after a myriad of options I didn’t feel that were worth it.”

Nkechi smiled amidst being puzzled and Mr. Charles could decipher it from her facial expressions. He glanced at Nkechi and gave her an awkward look to know if everything was all right.

“I hope you are okay?” Mr. Charles asked.

Mama had walked into the room in the midst of her daughter’s unnecessary questions. She later walked out of the room putting on a lingerie, brassiere and a long flowing overall that had buttons. It was unbuttoned baring her small belly button as she catwalked into the sitting room. “I need to prepare something,” she said moving her hand forward with a phone in her hand.

Mr. Charles smiled. “Oh, you look sweet, milady” he complimented her.

“Anything for you, mi amor” she replied, blowing out a kiss with her hand before walking into the kitchen.

Nkechi glanced at her mum, and took a look at Mr. Charles. “Mr. Charles, you really brought the sexy part out of my mum. I have never seen this part of her. She has always looked uptight,” she said.

He smiled and tapped the edge of the sofa. Nkechi moved close to him and held his hand, then looked to his face. “I want to ask something,” she said.

“Ask away, there is no problem. I am always willing to lend an ear,” he replied.

Nkechi sighed, and swallowed saliva that was stuck in her throat. “You talked about gay, not long ago,” she said.

Mr. Charles eyes lit up. Oops, this would be an interesting conversation. Is she a lesbian? he thought.

“Err… There was this boy in my class that was  bullied because he is girly and people call him gay. They taunted him with a weird name and I wouldn’t even accept that name if I’m in his shoe. Can you believe? Sissy girlboy. I really felt for him. I don’t know anything about gay, but I don’t think people should be bullied for mere accusations. For all we care, he might not be gay,” she said. 

Mr. Charles held his lips with his hand not tl laugh out loud. “What a name. That’s really hilarious,” he cackled again. “What if he is gay?” he asked.

Nkechi gazed at him. Since her mother got a phone for her, and she recently finished from secondary school, she had been surfing the internet and reading up on issues, articles and trendy news. She navigates through a Nigerian forum, Nairaland and saw how homosexualism was constantly bashed and disparaged whenever the topic was brought up. The site was too toxic because apart from homophobia, misogyny and ethnic bigotry were the big things. They exuded so much bile and she was indifferent about their philia and phobia. Whenever she is touched, she asked, why same sex should be a thing. She always wondered why they have to be with their own gender instead of an opposite one, but waived it off.

She always brainstormed by shaking her head. “Well, I think if he is gay, I am okay with it. I wanted to be his friend but something happened and we weren’t that close till we were done with our final wassce examinations.”

“Well, for all we care, he might not be gay, but if he is gay, love wins,” he said.

“You support gay rights?” 

“Yes, I believe everybody should have their rights,” he said and laughed. “…Because I am an open gay apologists, people thought I was gay and that’s I’m unmarried, but we don’t need to be something to identify with them. Everybody have rights to what makes them happy.”

Mama walked into the sitting room holding a big plate. “Oh, you guys are still engrossed in whatever God knows when it will end?” she said, walking towards the dining table. She dropped the plate on the table. 

She walked back to the kitchen. Mr. Charles turned facing Nkechi. “I think my babe is done with cooking. I am off to the dining table. But remember this, no matter your sexuality, it doesn’t mean you should be promiscuous at a young age. Stick to a partner at least, but anything that makes anyone happy is welcomed but safe sex is important,” he said, tapping her as he stood up and walked to the dining table.


Mr. Charles and Mama walked down the aisle after a month. They tied the nuptial knot in a big cathedral and were declared as a husband and wife. Nkechi had passed the age of being a flower girl. Mama requested she should be amongst the bridesmaids but she rejected. She stood at the pew, putting on the most expensive gown she had ever worn in her life and stared at her mother saying, “I do.”

She couldn’t control the tears that streamed from her eyes down to her cheeks. She thought she had lost her best friend. It looked like a fairy tale. After Mama locked lips with Mr. Charles, her gaze moved at her daughter. Nkechi brought out a handkerchief from her little bag and wiped out the streaming hot tears that kept walking down her cheeks.


  1. Interesting , Mama is married atlast

  2. Kudos, it’s too short bro,you write as if you running somewhere

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