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I am thrilled to know that you love content on this site and it is awesome enough for you to use or share on your own site. If you are intending to do so, here are the basic rules for republishing content from

1. You are free to share any story here or article on social media using social media tools and plugins which are visible under each post. I would appreciate the effort.

2. You are free to quote and or reference up to 100 words from any post on on your blog granted that you honor the acknowledgment policy below.

3. Regrettably, you are not allowed to republish any post from here in full because it is bad for SEO.

4. You are not allowed to make any profit off any post from

5. You may not claim stories, ideas and articles from here as yours. It is all free. The best you can do is share.

Thank you.

Content Acknowledgement Policy

1. Acknowledge as the source.

2. Link to the permalink source of the post on

Thank you for your cooperation.

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