The Darker Berry #3 – Postponed

Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday.

I want to apologize on behalf of Tomi and I over the fact that we won’t be bringing you episode 3 of The Darker Berry today, reasons being that:

  1. I traveled and came back on Wednesday and I have been since occupied with missed work.
  2. Tomi is currently working and has a deadline. She’s not even had the time to chat with me, let alone have a meet-up.

We apologize for the delay but we will be here next week or earlier.

Thank you for your patience. Have a lovely Sunday.



  1. Iz a lie o…we the natives are offended and so diafore must be appeased ? do have a great week ahead. We go dey wait you and your sister…..patiently.??

  2. Calliboom

    kosi wahali we will wait, and happy Sunday to you too….

  3. Ok ? oh we will be patiently waiting, thanks and do have a great weekend.

  4. You are pardoned. We can only wait. Just bring a juicy episode for us.

  5. Scribbledheartbreak

    Wait?!!!.. I am personally suing you on behalf of all of us..We’ll have to wait till next week which looks like 2years away..??
    Anyways.. have a glorious sunday and beta appease us with a longer version next week.. else we’ll meet in court..

  6. The above comment Oh Yes we are meeting in court!!!
    You should have seen my disappointed face when I was ‘Postponed’. I’m like WHAT?!!!!
    Anyways yea, we look forward to it next week.

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