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Deception #1 by @newnaija


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So, this is Isaac Ola. I would introduce him but I’d rather have his work do so.



Safiya was fidgety, looking forlorn with the zit on her left side temple dancing to an unknown drummer. She sighed heavily as she looked up to the grandfather giant wall clock and a lone tear drop unconsciously escaped from her eyes and trickled down her well made-up face. What happened to her and how will she explain her situation to her father? Something had to be done before it became too late. It was actually becoming too late as the sun had started taking it stroll toward setting and darkness was gradually encroaching on, and enveloping her world.


Casting her mind back, she remembered how it all started in the recess of her father’s compound hidden from the main building. Her Maalim1 was the only person of the opposite gender that was permitted into the hermit-like abode of the females in the vast compound. The young but virile Maalim whose name she did not even know deceived her into allowing him to touch her sensitive part with holy fervor and fear as his instrument of getting her submission. She was actually supposed to cry out or ask her father to change her Quranic teacher but the touch left her with a bitter sweet experience, the kind one wants a repeat of; the kind that chains the commonsensical  and awakens irrationally unhealthy desires.


Safiya stayed put and allowed the godless religious teacher invade her privacy. That decision to not totally discourage or report the Maalim is one she has now come to rue as she is left with the craving for what should not be mentioned among her age mates, even in this so called jet age. She was hell bent on milking the best from him even when her rational mind kept telling her to flee. How to explain her present state to her husband on her wedding night, a few hours away, was now a burden. “How do I tell him that I am no better than a slut, at just sixteen years old? How?”, she queried no one in particular.


Shehu, though the dream guy of all the young eligible spinsters in his community, is suffering from a serious medical condition he is unable to disclose to any mortal. The consequence of disclosing the ailment has far reaching results, beyond what his mind can bear.


The only son of the reigning Emir2 of Kandol, a town in the north east part of the country, Shehu had the best in terms of education. His was where the children of the nouveau riche and the influential were schooled.  They were well exposed and introduced to different things, both the good and the not so good.


Introduced to the way of the world by his teacher at a tender age shortly after his tenth birthday, Shehu had involved himself in different things that have shaped him and has several bearings on what his life has turned into.


Here he is, on a day that is supposed to be the happiest of his life so far, a day that is looking to be anything but the happiest. Culture demanded that he marries a virgin. After the ceremony in the day, he is expected to bring out a blood stained white handkerchief on the first night of the marriage. This was to signify his manhood and his wife’s purity.


How will he explain that his manhood is as dead as Pharaoh’s mummified corpse? In one of his escapades during his wild days, he contracted a sexually transmitted disease which has rendered him practically impotent.  He looked up and a tear drop escaped his well-rounded aquiline face as he weighed his options.

1 Maalim – Hausa/Arabic

2Emir – Traditional ruler in Northern Nigeria


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  1. josephine says:

    Aunty Sally, God bless you for your efforts. I did enjoy this piece!

    1. Thanks boss

  2. toyenlon says:

    OK. It is well with you, do take it easy with work o & don’t over stress urself. Take care.

    1. Sally says:

      Thanks a lot, dear

  3. jessie says:

    take tins
    ‘wayoli’ (easy) 4hrs is too short

  4. anita says:

    Hmmm so did deception plenty no work 4 me today,just to read, Tnks sally

  5. Yakori says:

    I read all the 7 series of this story since Monday but couldn’t drop any comment. I was heart broken there wasn’t more episodes to feast on. I hope you’re consistent as Sally so you’ll post the next installment soon.

    I really love this series because it’s a different setting from the contemporary fiction stories. Particularly depicting the northern royal household. It’s intriguing and written intensely. My concern is that, the episodes are short. Pleaseeeee can you lengthen it?

    Safiya’s character paints an adventurous yet shy young lady. I love how you conceived her. Mostly such similar character of hers, end up hating men. Due to the fact they’re molested, so it’s natural for them to exhibit such behaviors.
    But in Safiya’s case, she ended up enjoying the experience. Her desires betrayed her moral values, hence suckling the pleasures of the forbidden fruit.

    Shehu on the other hand is your contemporary young man. Suave, handsome nobleman. I’m sure he regrets his indulgence that caused him to be infertile. I wonder how that’ll be mended.
    It’s only fair of him to save her pride and his as well by feigning their genuine state. Even though in most cases, the man ends up humiliating the lady in question. I have a feeling love will encapsulate both of them in the subsequent episodes. The consequent predicament they’re facing will strengthen their union. Thus, understanding, care and love will be etched in them.

    The only cause of concern is the Emirs staunch and unyielding attitude. I wonder how he’ll let them be without his wrath striking them. Hopefully, nothing bad will transpire since this is a delicate matter and can’t be made public. Knowledge of such can taint the royal dynasty and their reputation will be affected for life.
    The guards that are privy of this information should really be warned. Or perhaps they should be under an oath of secrecy. Failure to do that will spell doom for them. That’s a sinister option but might work, even though it can boomerang later on.

    Hoping to read more from this series. A thrilling and engaging write. Penned impeccably. Welldone.

    1. Thanks boss. I really appreciate the effort. One or two more episodes to go. We are having some technical issue from the boss editing it. I hope it will be fixed ASAP. Thanks once again.

  6. Gloria A says:

    A very catchy series…. Nice piece!!

  7. Lolade says:

    Just catching up on my reading and this seems really interesting…*fingerscrossed*

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