Best Man Duty #4

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The hall was illuminated enough for each person to see the other. It smelt fresh with different perfumes. How the clan made it happen in so short a time was a mystery but this was looking every deal the ideal after party. I saw a few faces from the wedding lazing around, shaking to the music. I could trust my clan to plan a social gathering that would take others five months in fifteen minutes. With what welcomed me to the hotel hall, I knew instantly that it was going to be an interesting evening that could swing any way.
That was no surprise anyway. There was Mike and his fellow party rocker, Dele. The logistics got sorted and they had the couple bring people together. That was not really a huge task as there were still friends in the hotels booked.
“Here looks so wonderful even for someone like me who doesn’t like loudness”, I said to Femi who smiled that I was finally in high spirits. “Looks like I’m one of the few overdressed folks here. Make I enter room and freshen up”, I added. He nodded his head in the direction of the person he got waiting for me, the one whose eyes bored holes into my body earlier in the day.
“Hail her before you go nah. Take over for the night Dot. You know how these things work. Lucky you, Queen could not make it down”.
We took the short walk to where she was seated with some of the other ladies on the bridal train and those in aso ebi. Pleasantries exchanged with them, I looked at her wearing my ashewo expression as much as I could.
“Hey pretty, I could not bring me to say a few words to you during the wedding in the afternoon”. She smiled. “Seems I’ve got the chance to redeem me. Name’s Dotun”. The ‘soft drinks’ I had was working well, my mouth was not in lack of what to say as I tried to warm up to who was already mine for the taking all day. I know that look when I see it. We don tey for this game nah.
“You were busy really. Checking out the facts and figures of different babes”, she replied with a huge grin. Femi and her other friends were getting familiar as well, and as if it was pre-planned, they just left us to face one another.
“That is expected in a place like this where we’ve got many pretty heads. Have I been forgiven for that act of lookery?”
“Did I say it’s a sin? Look brother, looking isn’t a sin. Don’t nail yourself. Don’t we all look?”
The meaning of that was not lost on me. In that instant, we stared into one another’s eyes for the first time. I don’t know what she saw but I knew what I saw would make the party one of my best in recent times.
Music was coming, their kind of silly loud music when they should have played something more soothing. The rubbish boys will however tell you “club banger is king in a situation like this”. I had no interest in their music anyway; I just wanted to see how the evening was going to pan out. I still secretly hoped Cynthia would be there, hidden somewhere and later presented to me as the trophy for my exertions all day.
“You still haven’t told me the name you answer mami”, I said trying to up the ante. It was obvious that we were communicating with our eyes and voices. Been a while I played the seduction game so I was loving it, it was fun. It actually made me feel about six years younger. She smiled again and made to answer me when her mobile, carefully placed on the table rang. She ended the call and looked at me still smiling. Just then one of her friends spoke.
“Zee, we’re going to the bar. What should we bring for you guys?”
“What do you want Dot?” she asked me, same way her friend asked her. I was taken aback by that. I introduced myself to her as Dotun, and here she addresses me exactly how the clan does. Managing after the initial surprise, I ask for a bottle of water.
“Dot wants water Jemi, you know what I’ll have”. This babe was ‘getting’ me already. I was wondering how she knew my tag and I did not waste time to ask her. Again she smiled, that bewitchingly seductive smile. I had to change my cloth and take a shower but I was enjoying her company. I told her I needed to get into my room and asked her to take the short walk with me. She obliged and we left the hall. As I got up to take my leave, Farouk’s was the next voice I picked, even with the loud music.
That idiot can like to spew a lot of rubbish when females are around him, and on this night, he had more than a few with him and two other friends. The drink I had was still active in my system as I was a little different from the normal me. I was not tipsy, just a little high. I had unfinished yabis with him so I turned to his table as I made to leave.
“You don begin tell these pretty babes your fables again abi? Hey ladies, has he called himself Superman or Shekau yet?”
I knew how to get on his nerves, and that I just did again because everyone burst out laughing. I knew Farouk disliked being the butt of jokes as much as he liked doing to others. For him, “yabis get boundary”.
“Goat, I know you’re in one of your lousy take down modes so I won’t join issues with you”, he replied trying hard to drown the laughter from the rest of the clan.
I targeted Farouk because he was always very easy to piss when he had female company. I tore into him a bit more to dampen his high spirits before cracking a few more jokes that we all laughed at.
“Let’s go Zee”, I took her hand and led her out.
We strolled towards the reception, trying to know the basics about one another. She told me Zee is the ‘funkified’ version of Zainab. ‘Funkified’ sounded good to the ears really, it was my first time of hearing that. She told me she just resumed work with a federal government agency in Abuja. That and a whole lot of other information I did not ask for or needed. The interaction was interesting as she seemed cerebral. She had basic knowledge of different areas of life: politics, entertainment, gossip, health, finance and even sport. It was easy to relate with her as we changed topics at will.
The walk to my hotel room took longer than necessary because we totally slowed down. A snail would finish a hundred metre race before us. We continued our discussion inside the room and I left her to go run myself a cool bath. I was done very quickly and came out smelling and looking fresh, even to myself. She looked up and did that smile again. If I were Usain Bolt, I would have been sapped of all my energy with that smile.
“See fineness. No wonder Cynthia kept trying to get your attention”. I looked into her eyes that minute. That was not the first time I got commended for my looks but I realized at that instant that the Best Girl had not strayed into my thoughts since me and Zee started discussing.
“You need some more hypo sweetheart, that way you will wash me better. When a good looking you deceives me that I look good, you make me wanna pinch me that I’m not dreaming”
“Stop being modest Dot. Half the train got all mushy over you but we noticed you had the hots for Cynthia”
“How do you even know they call me Dot? You did not answer when I asked you earlier”
“We know what we wanna, same way I know you have been friends with Sam for long and that you have a thing for Cynthia. Same way I know you were trying hard to ignore me because she was there. Maybe it woulda been a bit different if there was no Cynthia”
I liked her boldness. I liked my women coming straight at me, and I knew the night was just getting started. She brought me back again
“Your phone rang while you were away”, she said as she picked it from the bed and gave it to me. It was Queen that called. I knew it was going to be a not-so-cool convo but I called back and of course she showed her colour.
“Is it not time for you to call me ni Dotun? Abi those girls there no let you remember say you get person wey dey wait you for Lagos? You know I can’t trust you one bit and would still gimme reasons to never consider doing so shey? No worry o, I’m sha expecting you back tomorrow. As I nor fit attend now, you fit dey do anything wey you wan do. I dey here dey wait you”.
I chose not to say a word, let her run her mouth and get the venom inside her spill out. When I knew she was done, I tried to reply as cheerfully as possible – “hope your day went well madam. Have a blessed night”. I ended the call and switched off my phone, then I turned to Zee.
“Hey mami, if I avoided you all day. I have you all night”. She flushed, made to speak, and then stopped again. She got up and smiled again.
“You have me all night after your babe raked for you. You’re absolutely funny. I’ll enjoy my night with you anyways. We may not see again after today.”
“I need a favour before we get the night into overdrive. My flight to Lag is 12 noon tomorrow and we may not be chanced to see then. I’d like that you get me Cynthia’s deets. I wanna meet that babe again”.
I was serious, I sounded serious, I acted serious and I got a serious response.
“All I know about her is that she’s very good friends with Dorothy, friends from their boarding house days. I don’t have her deets, Dot”
“There must be a way you can help me Zee”
“I know of more than one way. Let’s enjoy the night out and I’ll reward you with everything you want, and that which you have not asked for”
I nodded understandingly, smiled and closed the gap between us. I moved not decided whether to kiss her or not. I noticed the anticipation but I tried hard not to exploit her . Instead of kissing, I whispered into her ears – “let’s get the night started with the party, we’ll be back here to sort every other detail”.
I disengaged, took her hand and led her back to the hall.

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    first to comment today
    well-done Seye
    but ya putting us in hot suspense with this short episodes p

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    Social Islamic Ustadh Reply

    Hmm…dot is surely a real badt best man but with d clan in his train, he is a beast in man’s clothing.

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    Awon Yoruba boys yi sha…oniranu lo po ju ninu won,,eisshh!!! *side eyes at Yoruba guys…hehehehe

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    Bimbola-Rikitava Reply

    When expert jam expert… time for story. Awon eleyii ti pe in d game ???

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    Please this is too short ooooo……..eehh. nicely written. keep it coming.

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    Dotun is a case…lol.. Lord, deliver us from the Dotuns in our lives.Amen..

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    I’m so liking Dotun.
    Seye, please lengthen the episodes if you can..good job.

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    Dot is the original Yoruba demon, lemme still hang on bcoz ladies like Zee get what they want. Nice one Seye…, keep it up.

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    This Dotun sha, you are with a babe and still asking for another babe’s digits from her…na wa o.


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