The Fourth Finger E-book Is Finally Here!

Hi Guys,

The book is finally here and I am excited but exhausted. The okadabooks link is posted below.

The book is only N2000.

As they say, grab download your copy now!


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  1. Yaaaay

    Drumroll,been refreshing this page like kilode

    Well since it’s pdf I want,lemme gwan sleep. I shall be back tomorrow

    Sally,you rock….as always

  2. Haleemah

    Whoop! You’re one of the most consistent writers/bloggers I know. Always keeping your promises. Nne, biko sleep well ehn. I shall be back tomorrow to request for a PDF copy. In the meantime, chop BIG kiss ??

  3. Me sef, I want pdf. Sally, you know how we do it.
    Congratulations, once more.

  4. We are glad…..i am glad most especially….. well done our Sally

  5. Hmmmm I waited till 12 midnight, well I ll still wait some more for d PDF copy…well done sally, may ur ink never run dry

  6. Congratulations Sally. May you never be short of inspiration.

  7. Well-done!!! I over slept while waiting ????. Please rest very well

  8. Glowing Kosnie

    Happy New Month Sally and thanks for this…please I need de PDF copy since am using a BlackBerry phone. Waiting for de Acct details pls. Thanks and do av an Amazing August

  9. Already bought mine thru Okadabooks. U deserve all the rest in this world. Thanks for keeping to your words and happy new month.

  10. Welldone ma’am, the sky is your stepping stone

  11. Our Sally eyaf do it again! Congratulations mamalet

  12. Yaaay!!!! I’m so excited, I’ll wait for the PDF…. God bless u Sally

  13. Omo Ade, Aya Ola

    I want the PDF too. Thanks for the effort and helping to restore homes through your writings. May God in His infinite mercy continue to be with you and your family, amen

  14. Big congratulations and bigger hug for you Sally. We shall wait while you rest #teampdf#

  15. Adeola gem

    Well-done Ms Sally. May God bless you and yours more. Ameen. Rest okay. PDF lo sure ju. Will beep u on ur email address. #feelingveryexcited

  16. Sally, you know how we do this..since the days of Fish brain clan. I’ll be back to request for the pdf, can’t access my Okada books accout, dunno why.Thank you dearie. You the rocket, always.
    Pls get enough rest too

  17. How do I get the book, this one that I am in Ghana and I cannot put money in my okadabooks account?

  18. Sally I love you….I have been spellbound since morning. I read it from beginning to end. Omo you try ??????????

  19. Salllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!u are indeed a natural at this. This book has all shades of ‘awesomeness’ ascribed to it. Your creativity nd research is so deep. Mehn u be the baddest for this writing industry walahi. Twale!!!

  20. Toyenlon

    Wow! At last, this is good news.

  21. Sally how do I go about it nau. Tried sending a mail. Was just bouncing back

    • Feyi cousin. Never knew you a fan. Lol

  22. WOOW!!!! i dont uaually comment but after reading the full novel, i had to.. mehn!!!!!!! sally U ARE AWESOME every chapter, page, line, sentence, words was worth it. it was amazing from beginning to the end… Damn!!!! i luv u sally. * i have to give u a hundred million thumbs up* for this. kudos may ur ink never dry and may God continue to give you more inspiration to write more books like this.

  23. Hi, please i need your help o. Bought the book for close to a week now but haven’t been able to download on Okada books… come to my aid o. Thanks in anticipation.

  24. Hi Sally, I’ve sent an email to you. Eagerly waiting for you response

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