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Hang Out With Elsie On ‘Crux Of The Matter’

Elsie Godwin is one of coolest Facebook friends I have. She makes my time there worth every single data. You can’t be following Elsie on Facebook and have a dull moment. She’s always engaging and owns her space well, never afraid to say it as it is supposed to be said.

But Elsie is other things too, and one of them is that she is an OAP with her own radio show ‘Crux Of The Matter’ which airs on Happeningsradio.com.ng.


On Crux of The Matter, Elsie talks about everything, including the ones you so want to talk about but you’re shy to. She doesn’t stay away from getting her hands dirty with controversial topics. And today, she’ll host Vivien Adaeze as a guest. They’ll be talking about body count. And no, I don’t mean dead bodies. I mean the number of people one has had sex with. Does it matter in a relationship? Is it a deal breaker, especially for men? Well, tune in and have a talk with Elsie.

And of course, yours truly would soon be on her show (*whispers: I’ll give you details later).

But tonight tune in to www.radio.happenings.com.ng

Time – 9pm (WAT)

I promise that once you listen to her, you would tune in every other Friday.

To be part of the conversation while it airs, like Elsie’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/elsieisy and share your thoughts.

You can also call or send an sms to 07061639761

P.S: It’s a sumtin for mature minds and I also heard that she’s giving away some freebies.

Meanwhile, read her last hilarious Facebook update on the Body Count matter:

“I remember one brother wannabe boyfriend asking me how many guys I’ve had sex with. I simply said 2.

He paused, looked at me like I was carrying shit on my head and said;

“Ok, how many boyfriend have you had?”

For someone like me, they are absolutely 2different questions as a boyfriend does not necessarily need to have sex with you, neither are you expected to have sex with a boyfriend. Oh! Maybe in my own world sha…lol. But of course, nigga was trying to be smart…wetin concern me?

So I said I have had 5 boyfriends. The human being started laughing like an idiot and I kept looking at him displaying.

After his long laughter, I asked him what was so funny. He said he just found out another level of lie and I was truly amazed.

He said I should simply say I have had sex with 5 guys instead of trying to form another type of lie. Sigh*

We argued it out anyway and I was able to let him know I’ve have dated guys without having sex with them and I’m still very capable of doing that, if my head tells me that is what needs to be done. I define my rules and space and no one does that for me.

He went on to say he sure will not be part of the other 3 guys. Saying they were dulled. And I told him he will not even be part of those 5guys because he’s an idiot.

That was how we ended our matter.

Another guy came in the space of 2weeks and asked the same question. Stats never change and I just told him 2. He laughed but did not ask the second question.

After that second guy, I sat down to discuss with myself.

Elsie, are you mad? Why are you even answering stupid questions? Is something wrong with you? What is a reasonable boyfriend’s business with your body count?

After the discussion, I gave myself brain.

I’ve been waiting for the next person to ask me what my body count is, but Unfortunately, nobody has. I’m angry. Na for social media I dey see the para.

It is well. One person will still enter this trap one day.

Anyways, I am happy to discuss BODY COUNT tonight on radio.

Join myself and the beautiful Vivien Adaeze as we discuss.

Your opinion is highly important and we want you to join the discussion too.

So what do you think? Is that question necessary?

Does knowing your partner’s body count add anything?

Time – 9pm (WAT) today
Radio Link – www.radio.happenings.com.ng

Please drop your opinion on this matter in the comment box below and/or call or send an sms to 07061639761

Remember you can win power banks, selfie sticks, bags, flasks and manicure set just by calling into the show and participating wisely. Thanks to Huawei!

You can listen in on the program at http://www.radio.happenings.com.ng or download the ‘TuneIn’ app, search for ‘Happenings Radio’ and play!

Let’s do this tonight!

I am counting on you for a mind blowing show as usual. Please tag your friends and share. Thank you”

See you 9pm tonight!


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