I didn’t want to write this story. Never ever! It’s one of those things as they say, one should cover up, especially when one considers the human beings involved. But I thank God that someone like Ese Walter came out and shared her story. I am not God, so I can’t disprove her and say she’s lying, nor can I say she’s telling the truth. I’m only here to share my own story because something has been stirred in me.

Mine is a little different from hers but it runs along the same lines and I will combine it with a similar story because I want to expose a few things today. It is not easy to come out and share this. I stand to be judged for sharing it, especially by those who share the same faith as me and who have known me from home. But I make no apologies. I am a grown woman, a mother, a wife. And my husband approves. Nobody’s judgmental opinions matter.

Before I go to the main, story, read this intro. I hoped to hide this too through some random blog post about child abuse. I wrote this a long time ago and tried so many times to post it but my guts failed me. Today I share it. Here’s my story:

She was only six years old when her father’s friend visited their home. She didn’t know much about the visitor but she called him Uncle Cameroun because that was where she was told he lived. His name began with a C too but now she doesn’t remember. He could have been very fair or very dark. After all these years his face still chooses to be a mystery to her.

The first time she enters the guest room to see him, her whole family is in the parlor watching Another Life. A curious child she is, she wants to know what is in his bag. Earlier, he had promised her some goodies. But she finds nothing. The bag is full of books. Her eyes stroll to the dressing table and she sees a sachet of red pills. They look inviting and she picks the sachet.

“Uncle, what is this?”

“Blood medicine.”

“Blood medicine? What are they doing with it?”

“Bring it here.”

She takes the pills to him and he pops one into his hand. He puts it in her mouth and she instantly likes it.

“Iz sweet!”

“Yes. And it gives you blood.”


“Because you need blood to be strong.”

She keeps licking the pill and when the sugar-coated part of the blood supplement is over, she spits it out.

“Iz not sweet again.”

He takes her hand and draws her towards him.

“There is another thing that can give you blood.”


“Let me show you. Turn around.”

She turns away from his face but she’s very curious and tries to look back.

“Face your front,” his voice is a little gruff and she obeys it.

Next thing she knows, his hands lift her dress and runs over her sides.

She is innocent. She doesn’t know what he is doing. There is no danger alert device installed in her system. Her brain has no explanation for what is going on. She stands there and takes his abuse, oblivious. After he is done, he tells her she’s a good girl.

“don’t tell anybody. When you come back from school tomorrow, come back here and collect more blood so that you can be strong. don’t wear any pant. don’t tell anybody o!”

She is happy to leave the room but she can’t wait for more blood tomorrow. As he has instructed her, she tells no one.

The next day, after school, she runs into his room in her school uniform. He does as he pleases with her; gives ten kobo afterwards. She uses it to buy local sweets and shares with her sister and cousins. She looks forward to the following day.

This continues for the entire week—she collects ‘blood’ everyday and he buys her sweets. Finally, his visit is over and he must return to Cameroun.

The little girl is sad.

“Uncle, you will come again?”

“Of course, he will,” her dad says, oblivious of what his daughter has gone through.

He never comes back. She grows up, forgets him.

Years later, in her friend’s room on campus, she gets into a conversation with a bunch of girls. All of them have a secret to share; they have all been sexually molested as children. Every one of them.

It is then she remembers… A scene from a girl’s story sparks something in her and she remembers everything Uncle Cameroun did to her. Somehow, her mind had blanked him out all these years but now she sees everything in detail. It should not be in her memory if it has been quiet all these years but strangely, it is there—the picture of a six year old girl who was the object of a man’s dark sexual fantasies. He had pleasured himself while looking at her naked body for one full week.

She cannot handle the recollections as she leaves her friend’s room and goes home. Tears are her food for days. For weeks, she goes through the horror of her past over and over. Time makes her forget because she commands it to. She pushes it all into that blank place it came from and she moves on with life, unhealed, scarred, broken.

Uncle Cameroun was a pastor.

In 2004, while in school in my second semester, I fell really ill. I had the dreaded combo of typhoid, malaria and brokeness, so I did what every normal student would do. I went home. I had one other reason for going home: my ‘uncle’ was in the country. Not, Uncle Cameroun. Another one. And I needed to tax him for house rent which he promised me. Now, this uncle is not a blood relative. He is that uncle that one grew up knowing as one’s parents’ friend. He lived outside the shores of Nigeria and visited the country at least twice a year and spent both times at our home. We were very close. Now, this uncle, because of his oyinbo orientation, was very open with us and we were the same way with him. In short, I shared with him my relationship issues at some point and he gave me good advice on what to do. I trusted him that much.

Now, my dad’s a gentleman of the cloth (pastor) and so is this uncle. Let’s call him Z. Now, Z was a bishop. A well-respected bishop overseas; a doctor, a theologian, a learned man and member of the Jewish community. Whenever he came into the country, he was always so booked that it was hard to see him except for the little time he spent at ours. Therefore I was lucky to meet him at home. I arrived home on a Sunday really, really ill. By Monday, I wasn’t any better. My dad left the house early to the church for a preaching engagement. My mom left to work, my aunt to some place, my sister to some place and everyone just vanished and I was left alone with Bishop Z.

He called me out to the sitting room and asked how I was doing. I told him I was getting better as per the normal answer na. Next, he asked me to sit on his laps. I did. Without hesitation. It wasn’t anything new. My sis and I had been innocently sitting on that man’s laps for as long as I can remember. He was like a father to us. So I sat and he started asking me about the house rent issue and I told him how much I wanted. He told me he was going to give it to me before he travelled. I thanked him and he asked why I was thanking him, that he would do anything for me, that after all I was getting married to his son. I laughed and while I was laughing innocently, I felt his hand on my breast. Now, I was a girl and I had been in situations when a guy wants to start getting fresh with you and he makes a move that you think is a mistake, that maybe his hand just mistakenly brushes against your body.

That was how I felt. It had to be a mistake. But I felt it a second time and I froze. I was shocked. I couldn’t move because I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. When he saw that he got me immobile, he became bolder and started groping. That was when I found the strength to move away. I asked what he was doing and he laughed and said, ‘why are you acting like you don’t know what’s happening? Are you a virgin?’

I couldn’t reply. I got up to move away but he pulled me back and became very forceful. Guys, I was scared for my life. I was very weak; if you know what typhoid can do to you, you’ll know how frail I was. I could hardly move and it seemed my struggles were useless but this man just kept on touching me all over, oblivious of my begging and tears and he was in the process of lifting my dress when God sent an angel to the front door.

My dad had sent someone to come pick him up. Mind you, he was to be speaking in the church in less than an hour at a pastor’s conference. I ran to the door, opened it for the driver and ran back inside crying. My heart was beating faster than a racecar. I was scared to death. I could hardly breathe. Minutes later, he left with the guy and I called my boyfriend and told him everything. Naturally, he was mad and told me to report it but I couldn’t.

And here’s why.

I told you my dad is a pastor. Before this, I have heard of stories like this and have gotten in-depth gist of such situations and always, the blame fell on the girls or women that were involved either in a rape situation or a consensual sexual affair with a man of God. Thus, I knew, nothing would be done to him if I reported and I knew I would be blamed for seducing him or something of the likes. So I kept it all in; I didn’t even tell my sister immediately. That man stayed in our house for a whole week and even on Wednesday, I went for midweek service and watched him preach. As usual, the church was slain in the spirit by his theatrics and I sat in one corner and asked myself what in God’s world was going on. This was the man that almost raped me on Monday, now here he was talking about living a holy life? Nothing made sense.

I kept that story to myself and told my sister when I noticed he was getting close to her. She wasted no time in telling my mom who got mad at his behavior. Things went awry after that and I will not expose family issues here. But later on, I was told by a close friend who travelled around the country on his preaching engagements with Bishop Z, that my case was small. There were more vulnerable women out there that fell into his trap – wives, daughters, including orphaned twins who had come to him for help. But like I said, he was just another randy MOG amongst so many others I knew.

Unless you have been a victim to the wiles of these fake pastors or have witnessed firsthand what the disgusting things they do in the name of God, you will not understand where Ese Walter is coming from. Her case was not like mine. She had consensual sex with the pastor in question and she has no right to play the victim. But was she a victim? Yes, she was. To what extent? To the extent that these men, if they have the oratory power to make their members believe anything they tell them, they also have that same power to make spiritually weak women fall into sin with them.

I visited a church earlier this year and the senior pastor towards the end of the service, picked me out of the crowd and shamelessly told me I was beautiful and when I got embarrassed, he told me not to be, that God had a calling for my life and that I should see him after church. I obeyed and waited after the service. He came to me and continued the whole you’re beautiful speech and then asked to be my ‘personal’ pastor. No, scratch that. He begged. Not once, not twice; three times and when he saw the shock I carried, he went on to ask why I was shocked, that hasn’t anyone ever been that bold towards me? He continued, saying that there’s a calling of God for me, blah-blah-blah, he will publish my books and give me a job with a publishing company that has offices in London and South Africa. I should just let him bring out God’s gift in me. Nobody told me twice to leave that church with speed. He even had the guts to call me the next day by 10pm and my husband tore my ear with warning about him. Now, is that a man of God? But if I told his members? What do you think they would say?

On the top of the list of women’s problems are infertility, lack of husband, spousal abuse and financial issues. Such women are vulnerable and the closest spiritual figures they have next to God are their pastors. They will believe anything they’re told and might even do anything and these evil men prey on them and use them and when these women come out to speak, we open our mouths and tell them to shut up.

So, just because he carries the title of MOG, he is automatically sinless and untouchable by human scrutiny and investigation?

Of course, I have seen a case where a lady had consensual sex with her pastor and came out and told the world he raped her. There will always be lies by crazy people but this should only push us to make our spiritual leaders more accountable.

Cases like Ese Walter’s happen every damn day and people know about it and do nothing! I have seen a church where a man was caught in adultery and instead of having the backseat to shame him, he was given the seat in front with the leaders because he was a pastor while his cohorts in sin sat behind because they were members. Reason: I quote “one has to be careful when dealing with a man of God. He’s not to be handled the same way a normal Christian is handled.” But (excuse my language here) he has a d**k abi? Or is it a spiritual d**k? And he has sex the normal way or is there a biblical kind of sex that we don’t know about which makes it okay for these men to commit blatant adultery and God does not look?

Oh, okay, my bad. There is a different level of grace on them, abi?

Well, for those of you who believe this, I ask: what if this MOG is screwing your wife, daughter or sister or mother? Do your lyrics remain the same or do you scream bloody murder?

We Nigerians are so quick to jump into the “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” verse when it concerns our pastors. But have we read that passage to find out who God was referring to? Please go read 1st Chronicles 16.

More quick questions here: if my pastor tries to have sex with me and I report him to someone who can bring him to order, am I harming him? If I try to speak out against what he’s doing and nobody is listening and I am getting threats instead, am I harming a prophet? It’s bad enough that we live in a society where women are often blamed for rape and consensual extramarital affairs while the men are left free. The church is supposed to be the place where none of that is allowed, where hypocrisy is unveiled and truth abounds. Why then do we carry that same spirit into our places of worship?

I am one of the strong proponents of us not judging each other, though I too, still fall into this sin many times. But what gives us the right to damn politicians and everyday people to hell and even in our prayers but when we see the wrong in our pastors, we keep quiet about it and venerate them to a pedestal that is sometimes shockingly higher than Christ’s?

Let us face the truth: These are mere men. Sadder is the fact that people seem to believe that the super apostles (with private jets and huge churches and massive followings) are void of sin. If a small pastor in a mushroom church is caught in adultery, he should be persecuted but if a super apostle is caught, the whistle blower should be persecuted, silenced and delivered of her evils. Bet why?! Strip one of these super apostles of their wealth and his congregation would be the first to cast their stones and blogs will not be enough to post their sins on.

I repeat: They are mere men. As a Christian, you should know that we (not just one man) are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. Not one man. Not some men. Me and you as long as we believe, God will use us. He spoke through a donkey. Jesus sat and ate with people that even in our church today, we would turn our noses against. From some of such sinners came the gospel which we preach today because it was God who chose the vessels.

What criteria then do we use to know true men of God today? Sadly, there is none. At least, doctors spend eight years in school and every other profession has some form of accreditation. Yet there is none for pastors. Even theological seminary is not enough because we have atheists who have studied Christianity better than Christians themselves and can quote the Bible word for word, yet do not believe in God.

So what criterion do we use? We have only one standard and that is the word of God. If you’re a true Christian, you will not judge Peter and let Paul go free if both of them committed the same crime. You will judge neither but will bring their sins under the light of truth to weigh and see if they are on the right path or not, also being mindful that one day, you could be in their shoes as well. And when you see the wrong, you ask for mercy on their behalf and do not claim one is righteous over the other.

What then should be done to men in position who abuse their office? We demand from them to lead by example or else what they feed on, they feed back to their followers. If they refuse to lead a godly life, they should not lead us at all! The principle when last I checked is ‘follow me as I follow Christ’. If a man is following the lusts of his flesh, and we want to keep to rules and principles for order in God’s house, let us expel such a person as the Bible says in 1st Corinthians 5 because a little yeast works through a whole batch of dough. Makes me wonder why there is so much immoral lifestyle in the church. It is because predators, victims, partakers, spectators, contributors, judges, people on the fence, all of them keep quiet and it spreads from the head to the least person. Just because we don’t want to expose our sins and seek for mercy.

I don’t claim to be a saint. And I feel bad that I kept quiet and watched a man whom I should have exposed for what he did, continue doing it because I was afraid. Today, I keep his identity a secret because he is no longer in that position and has fallen from grace. Am I happy about it? Yes, I’m happy that he is not manipulating any more vulnerable and weak women. But at the same time, I am sad because that was a man God had deposited his word into and given the occasion to speak the truth but because he hid his sin and others like me helped him lock it with a huge padlock, he imploded on the inside and took many down with him.

Ladies, stop seducing your pastor. God has given you the strength to flee if he is too weak to flee. Go to church, face your God. Stop disturbing pastor for special prayers biko; that’s why women leaders are there. Leave those pastors! They are just men and last I checked, can still be affected by your boobs and bom-bom.

Let us be the donkey and not be afraid to speak the truth when we see things go wrong in the pulpit but let us also do so in love, remembering that it could be us in the shoes of our neighbor tomorrow.

Thanks to @OD_lifecoach, @larriepeniel and @ameh_arome

They gave me the strength to write this.

©Sally @moskedapages


  1. I strongly believe these stories should be exposed
    On one hand some of these “men of God” go hunting for the ladies,cos they simply feel they can,and on the other hand the ladies go hunting for the “men of God”,they r men first,and prone to temptation
    But,a man tasked with leading a flock,must try to abstain from urges of the flesh,especially when its tagged as fornication or and adultery.
    Good work sally,I urge all ladies with legitimate stories to come out,don’t make noise if u were a willing participant and got burned along the line and decided u want payback,cos that’s just being a hypocrite,the key word here being legitimate.

  2. che-koh!

    Preach on sister!! Preach on!! Solidly behind you. God help us all

  3. I have never been in a situation like this and I commend da ladies who are bold enough to come out and share their pain and rise above all da guilt and low esteem dat their experiences have shadowed them with .. And if u have never been in it or felt their pain u simply have no right 2 judge afterall even Christ said ‘ he who is without sin should cast da 1st stone.. I strongly believe that no man is perfect, we are all flesh and dust and so these men of God should not be placed on a pedestal above reproach 4 da sins they commit behind da clothe.. A lot of them abuse da power they think they have all because they stand @ da pulpit.. So please ladies .. Be careful.. Not all dat call him father father will actually see heaven… @moskedam. May the Lord continually be ur strength

    • WOoow…well expressed experience and response to earlier Ese story. God bless ur bravery and strengthen u more.

  4. God bless u 4 writing dis, dis same issue has been on my mind since last sunday when my church played a message by bro praise(rccg) tittled “raising godly children in a sexualised world” as d opening talk for our annual children root rally…even as a guy dat’s over 20,i was having goose pimples when d preacher was reading d statistics of female children dat have been sexually abused&d most sickening of it,is d fact dat majority of men dat abused dis young girls are dia close relatives,uncles which dey look up to 4 help&it’s a big pity dat when dis girls report 2 dia mothers,dey are advised 2 keep quiet about it

  5. Seriously my jaw dropped, this is no fiction, I heard of dis kind of story vaguely, u gave me an indepth understanding of w@ our innocent girls, women go 2ru in d hands of their pastors, I want 2 also commend on ur mentioning of d part women play in dis(seduction) and condeming it, u r infact strength 2 weak girls and women d@ have no one 2 talk 2 abt dis. Thanks sally 4 dis wonderful piece

  6. Men at the very best are still men. My qualms is when you missed it, stop justifying or placing yourself in some ecumenical sanctimonious pedestal of am can’t make mistake.
    The truth you know and practice set you free.

  7. toyinfabs

    Only an idiot will blame you for this. Thank you for this.

  8. Wow Sally…….God bless you for these truths…… “It is because predators, victims, partakers, spectators, contributors, judges, people on the fence, all of them keep quiet and it spreads from the head to the least person. Just because we don’t want to expose our sins and seek for mercy.”
    “…..Ladies, stop seducing your pastor. God has given you the strength to flee if he is too weak to flee. Go to church, face your God. Stop disturbing pastor for special prayers biko; that’s why women leaders are there. Leave those pastors! They are just men and last I checked, can still be affected by your boobs and bom-bom.”
    I can imagine the Emotional turmoil you went through. No words, really. Sigh.

  9. Just like i said the oda time on Ese’s case,it only God’s grace that we all need to survive in their perilous time….we were all concieved and born into a sinful world all we pray 4 be it a pastor,iman,bishop,deacon,alfa,ordinary member,atheist and what have you is the mercies n grace of God to survive…..lets all keep prayin 4 whoever is in authority be it spiritually,socially or politicaly cos that what they all need frm us all..God bless us

  10. The Light

    This is just the beginning of girls coming out to talk. I have been a victim of this crap. May God wash the church and set us free. Pastor even sleeping with their associate pastor’s wives and their pastor being aware. All their fakeness and unstable penises and “hiding under grace and touch not my anointed” cover is pathetic. May the same happen to their daughters and generations. God bless Ese Walter for coming out. Say what you will, if you haven’t being tempted sorely. PLEASE SHUT UP. Temptation from authority and “anointing” can mke a naive christian fall. It is the worst and hardest.

  11. I’m glad you wrote this sincere story. If Ese’s story becomes the catalyst for exposing charlatans, all well and good. God bless you!

  12. I think a lot of women think that their pastor’s phallus is angelic. They take the man to be angel Gabriel visiting the virgin Marry. I can understand why they hide such crimes. Talk about disgusting thing standing in a ‘holy’ place. I know of a widow who goes out with her pastor who is not yet a widower! Sometimes ask, how does the woman now view the pastor when he is preaching and praying? Snd does the pastor think that the woman will view him when he stands on the pulpit? Little wonder that a lot of people have lost faith in religion due to the behaviour of these men of what I don’t know. Shall we talk about their attitude toward money? What about their total deceptive power? Do they really see what they claim they see? What is the source of their power if at all they have one?… There are many bags of question for these men. Take note, this is not a nigerian problem,it is a global issue. Crime committed in the alter of religion is more heinous than all those committed outside it. Even the crimes of politicians have religious undertone because most of them associate with one religion or the other. Their religion has failled to built a righteous life in them. How can it, when it is these very politicians who are closer to their religious leaders more than all else. So they see the hypocrisy of the religious leaders first hand. There is no way that their religion will have an impact on them.

  13. Hey Sally,

    As someone who has been to your blog many times to enjoy your writing, this happening to you would have never crossed my mind.
    But that’t the thing about abuse towards women, especially in Nigeria.
    Our society teaches us to casually sweep it under the carpet and move on with our lives like it never happened, else face the wrath of the masses who pose as a mob of “holier than though judges “.
    I say thank you for speaking up. Even if it took many years to build up the courage to do it, because I guarantee you, that your share will help other women/young girls out there who are facing or have faced abuse to do the same.
    It’s about time women started speaking up when they face these kind of situations, because making it clear that IT IS abuse, it has happened to them, and it is frequently happening especially in the church society is the only way it even has the chance to be addressed.
    I’ve had no other contact with you apart from the stories you’ve shared on your blog, but I say as a woman and someone who will stand by any woman as a sister who has experienced any form of abuse;
    for the maturity, objectivity and courage you used to share your story; thank you again and God bless you.

  14. God bless you!

    Christians should not loose their voices to hypocrisy. Sadly, this hypocritical disposition has so pervaded the church to a point of disgust! I usually say to my friends that the most popular sin among Christians these days in Idolatry and a whole lot of Christians don’t even realize they are committing it! Your write-up just reiterated my opinion.

  15. Typical cases of abuse. But you should have reported the Bishop Z incident to your parents, more so when you summoned courage to tell your boyfriend. Your boyfriend supported and asked you to report the matter. You failed on this one bcos, you would exposed the man right away. Abi na the house rent matter hold your mouth?

    • Yeah, na the house rent matter hold her mouth. Mtschewwww. Typical Nigerian. There must always be a way in which the victim was culpable.

      • Lol! You no see say I no answer the guy. Some trolls are just brainless. They must put mouth for everything

  16. Olayinka

    I’m catholic nd very unfortunately, many priests are fond of me. I see it as a big misfortune cos for years now, I’v had to avoid getting close to priests. Dis is bcos on several occassions, a gud nunber of dem hv tried to bcom intimate wit me. At first i pitied dem, thus, I just avoided being alone wit dem in order to help dem. Now, I find no excuse for dem cos dey had 11 yrs 2 decide.

    Me, I’m @ a stage in my life where I am my own priest. I never get hung on any Man of God’s charms. It cant be so hard to see wen dis MOGs are evil @ heart.

    Thank u for sharing. It was really bold of u..

  17. Olayinka

    I’m catholic nd very unfortunately, many priests are fond of me. I see it as a big misfortune cos for years now, I’v had to avoid getting close to priests. Dis is bcos on several occassions, a gud nunber of dem hv tried to be intimate wit me. At first i pitied dem, thus, I just avoided being alone wit dem in order to help dem. Now, I find no excuse for dem cos dey had 11 yrs 2 decide.

    Me, I’m @ a stage in my life where I am my own priest. I never get hung on any Man of God’s charms. It cant be so hard to see wen dis MOGs are evil @ heart. It behoves on us to not allow dem fester in dis indiscipline. We should rebel as much as we can..

    Thank u for sharing. It was really bold of u..

  18. firetrap

    the truth is that before these so called pastors “became men of God” they are first and foremost men of flesh and blood and therefore are susceptible to sin as the the next guy. I’m Christian and was brought up a catholic but can say that even the catholic church is not spared this evil. I have seen churches where people hang on every word of the pastor; pastor said this, pastor said that. do not let yourselves be deceived by these men as they are being used to destroy lives. the bible is extremely clear on how to serve God. don’t let anyone interpret it for you cos their interpretation is their own understanding of it.

    also I will advise people to go and listen to blackmagic’s every gaddam city it will also help to enlighten you more about our Nigerian “pastors”

  19. Very insightful and a needful account of what happened. Better late than never, but these stories ought to be exposed as soon as they happen (DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES). Unfortunately most people are not bold enough to do so. Calling the Pastor, Pastor Z still doesn’t help to expose these ills. I am not criticising, I am just stating the obvious.

    I have seen the amount of curses being reined on Ese Walter, and pretty much most of them are baseless. She has given an account of what happened to her (true or not); it is her account. If it is true, she is an EXTREMELY bold lady. She acknowledged her faults in the story and people are still condemning her? That is outright wrong! As for COZA’s pastor, if he is guilty then the exposure should be to the fullest irrespective of the consequences to the church or otherwise; and if he is innocent then fine, it is not the end of the world! Churches and pastors are by their very nature suppose to face criticism. “Christianity” is just so twisted in the current day and time (ESPECIALLY IN NIGERIA)

  20. Damilola

    WOW! i’m not even sure what to say.

  21. I too have been in such a situation, infact I was disvirged by a ‘pastor’, I had jst finished my second schl edu and was seekin to praise my God so I joined d church choir and dats where I met him wit his’ oh I want to be ur friend’ I didn’t see anytin wrong wit dat and I never knew wat he had in mind, he wld stop me at odd corners and touch me a lil here a lil there and being dat I was jst discoverin my body myself I let it all happen and I actually enjoyed it, it was a fine game but dat day finally came wen d game ended and real life began and before I knew it my virginity was gone. Dat was d start of my ‘uphill downhill christian life’. I was marred for life

  22. You’re so right about the interpretation thing. People interpret the bible as it suits them.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  23. Very beautiful write up! You have said it all! May God give us the grace to know the fake ones and flee from them.

  24. thank you for speaking out. dis is seriousss

  25. Olubukola

    Wow!!! Thanks for speaking out and sharing your story.
    I hope God gives grace to other abused ladies to open up and expose these so called “MOG” (wolves in sheep’s clothing).

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