IANS Valentine Special

Happy Valentine’s Day…in advance!

I’m sure you’ve been wondering where all the writers on this blog have gone to.


Tomi and I have been busy on personal projects and haven’t had time with The Darker Berry.

Olajumoke is busy as well. She sends her regrets.

Fatimah will be back next week.

Ibukunwrites has issues with her laptop. Once it’s fixed, she will return.

Seye will be back soon too.

Hard times have hit all of us. We can no longer sit comfortably and write as we used to and money will come. We have to take on extra jobs to get the income flowing. Hence, it’s not as easy and fun as it used to be. Please, bear with us.

But in the spirit of the love season, I am giving you guys a double dose of It’s Another Saturday on Monday and Tuesday.

Don’t miss it!

One of the reasons I have been busy is because I’ve been working on Stranger In Lagos. It’s not a moskedapages.com project only. But I won’t give details now until it premieres. So, anticipate!

And on a totally unrelated note, are you a woman who loves to talk about sex, who is sexually expressive and needs a place to be free and not be judged, who wants to learn about sex and other female health-related things? Whose husband calls her stiff and unresponsive in bed?

Then you need to join the Facebook group Sex and The Nigerian Woman

Here are some testimonies from members of the group:

Testimony time! Blessing time!
Praise the Lord! Sisters I say praaaaiiiiise the Lord. Chai! The Lord is good oo (in my thickest Anambala accent oo).
Ehen! I am now a pro in blow job, thanks to P*******, now good friends with d penis, thanks to S**** and ee, I lasted the other day so well in the cowgirl position. Oga E** was like, Nne, who is spoiling u?

~Mine wasn’t based on the expert something, Twas health related. I learnt when Amyn (can’t remember the spelling correctly) came to sexducate us. I thought it was normal. Yet to go for treatment tho but it was worth it

~I was a bit insecure about my body after I put to bed but S****Β posted about being confident and letting it all go, plus she encouraged us to dance to some naija jamz inorder to be energetic and gain stamina while doing the cow girl position , omo I tried these and to God b da glory hubby testified that the Lord is indeed good, he said I was soo good plus my body had become so soft and supple that he even thought it was someone else…. Come and see me grining from ear to ear na.

~This group has helped me o. I’ve always been the naughty one amongst my friends and I thought I was alone but to God be the glory, I don find people wey spoil pass me. Hehehe! Hi five to all of you

~The group gave me a place to voice out about things I’ve always been interested in but society has skewed to be abomination so much so that I start to feel I’m spoilt and immoral.

It’s great to have somewhere to say things as it is, to be comfortable with one’s sexuality. A place where you will see that actually sex and related issues are no taboo; even if you knew that before.

I love Sex and the Nigerian Woman (SNW)

Simply click >>>Sex and The Nigerian WomanΒ to join. It’s a closed group and once we investigate your status and see that you’re a Nigerian woman or married to a Nigerian man, we’ll grant you access.


See y’all on Monday.



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  1. Kemi says:

    I was wondering o, missed all the writers o. Thank you all for your good work, we might not say it often but we appreciate you a great deal. ?
    I am writing on behalf of all Fans of Moskedapages?
    Sally, see you Monday morning ??

  2. Scribbledheartbeat says:

    Chaiii.. I have missed every single writer., will be here waiting for their return..

  3. Modus says:

    It’s difficult times every where!!! I had to leave FB for a while….But I shall be back eventually. I need to concentrate on a couple of projects I’m working on.

  4. CHINNY says:

    Good to know that all iss well Sally. God bless your hustle nne. We are here waiting.

  5. Adeshina omotayo says:


  6. Ritzy says:

    I await una return mbok!

  7. Honey says:

    Tnx sally! we will be looking forward to it…can’t wait??
    God bless you!

  8. zeeniey says:

    We miss y’all… Come back soon o

  9. Just Dotun says:

    Hi Sally, we await your return soon. happy valentine day in advance.

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