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Find out what happens to a young guy from a humble background when he falls for a wild virgin who is out of his league and the source of entertainment for a bunch of guys online who want to see her disvirgined. Also get to meet a geeky girl who finds herself in a relationship with a married man but is in love with a guy who is in love with someone else. You’ll love the mix of crazy characters; from the youth corpers that do nothing but get high every weekend, to the vengeful wife who wants her husband to feel the pain he has caused her.

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Jimi Bahaushe has just lost his wife, Marie. The pain is nothing like he has ever felt before and he’s not sure he can ever recover. But just one evening, sitting at home and watching TV, she reappears in his life. And she doesn’t come back to make things right; instead she comes to take more from him. Watching from the sidelines is the housemaid, Terdoo, a quiet, unassuming woman who knows more than a help should know and nurses a love for Jimi that must now take center stage. She stands by him, protects him and cares for him but his heart is torn between loving her and his wife. No Heart Feelings is a story of love, family, betrayal and of a woman whose roots have stripped her of human emotions, yet leaves her pining in love.

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A rich father, his spoilt daughter, a former stripper, a drop-dead gorgeous mami wata worshipper, a doctor with a dark past, a serial rapist, an award-winning actress and a DJ in love with his best friend, all come together in this interesting, page-clicking multi-character story.
It’s love tales interwoven together. It’s about family and friendship.
Read how a man in love does all he can within his professional power to ensure that he keeps his woman. Marvel at how a woman sent to destroy a man falls head over heels in love with him. Enjoy the story of best friends turned lovers. And bite your fingers when the villains get their way and meddle in the lives of the innocent.

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it's another saturdayJide is the The Bridemaker. He’s slept with more women than he can possibly ever remember but he falls in love with just one. The one who becomes more than he can handle.


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  1. Yup! Personal recommendation (if you need any) – all three of those stories kept me spellbound for months. Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!

  2. imotolab2014i

    amazing stories. you left out the fish brain series. all these stories made me stay glued to this blog! i was addicted to moskeda pages! i still am!

  3. I recommend these stories also! Very captivating, I wouldn’t mind revisiting them again. Sally rocks *kisses*

  4. modupsneb

    This is how i roll, u better roll with me and read along, 3 years following her and its just get more amazing with each story, welldone girl, *one hell of a fan.

  5. Engr.wissy

    Pls how do we get/buy d concluding part of boys wit toys since it is now being sold??

    • Sally

      It’s not yet out. When it comes out, you’ll be informed

  6. sierra nkem

    Sally,i love you. I am bringing my bed to live on this blog. Where have you been all my life?! OMG!

  7. Once you’ve tasted Sally’s writing, you can’t go back to any other writer’s blog. It makes you yearn for the best, only the best. Her stories are way out of this realm.

  8. ur story is superb just joined recently. But pls I can find d immortal code final stop at 19

  9. Hi Sally, pls how can i get the complete episodes of to tame a virgin. It stops at episode 11 then 15 reblogged. I hope you get this since it’s long you end this

  10. Hi Sally please I can’t find the link to chapter 13 and 14 of NO HEART FEELINGS.

  11. Venoworld

    Pls. Am new here and i’ve been glued to ur story “to tame a virgin” since yesterday but i can’t seem to be able to access some episodes because they are password protected

  12. emmanuella

    Hi Sally, pls im new here hw can i get the concluding épisodes of novocaine knight?

  13. princess

    When u read from other writers and finally find sally’s , you’d know that you’ve been sleeping on top bike! Worst is you’d get addicted and never wana turn back! SALLY IS A DARLING!

  14. Hi Sally. I have been glued to your blog since your feature on NakedConvos. Just read No Heart Feelings episode 12 and I have one question… where are the concluding episodes? Biko, I do not want to be left hanging like this.

  15. Hi sally,am new here and really enjoy your stories but couldn’t reqd the concluding part of “to tame a virgin” due to some password

  16. Good evening,
    I am an ardent follower of your blog and I must commend you for a job Welldone.
    I have been trying to access the final episodes of TO TAME A VIRGIN, and it has been inaccessible. How do I go about accessing it?

  17. Hi Sally,
    i must say your books always leave me yearning for more
    I stumbled on your book Another Saturday night on Okada books and i have purchased all of the books you have there, and then I stumbled on your blog (yippeee more to read)
    i just bought to tame a virgin(cant wait to start)
    thank you for writing , may your well of ideas not run dry
    Have a great day.

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