IMPORTANT UPDATE! The Return Of IANS, Newsletter Subscriptions And Other News…

Good morning, dears

I just want to leave some quick messages.

I have a lot of people asking me about It’s Another Novocaine Saturday lately. It actually makes me feel sad that you guys are doing this because I took my time to give detailed explanation as to why I started the story in the first place and how I’m putting a break on it. I did not promise to bring it back immediately and I clearly stated that I am starting two new series.

It upsets me that I have to repeat myself. It’s like I’m wasting my time leaving important information. Some people choose what they read and ignore the rest. Even when I put the notice before any new episode of a series.

Please, I am begging you to take every single word here seriously. Every post that is put up here, asides the series, is very important. Please, read all. Because it is in those posts I leave important info. But for the sake of those who missed my message… IANS has been stopped. I am not bringing it back ‘now’. It wasn’t even intended to be here in the first place. If you know about literature well, it didn’t even have a plot. It was just following the lives of characters from two hit series. My reason for that was to keep the blog busy while I worked on other projects.Ad to also drive sales to both books. I have now stopped it to help me concentrate on current work. I hope you understand this.

Presently, Love, Your Enemy is running. I can see some people ignoring it, thinking IANS will return. Even if I was to bring IANS back, I would not do so until I have full engagement on Love, Your Enemy. I’m still the same writer, not someone else, hence the sweetness of whatever you have in IANS will be found in my other stories.

Some people once told me they couldn’t do without the Fish Brain series until IAS came. Some wanted me to continue with To Tame A Virgin. Others are still stuck on The Immortals’Code. Lol. I totally understand. But I’m a writer who is blessed with stories and it would be silly for me to keep writing only one just to please my readers. Inspiration doesn’t work like that. I simply follow it wherever it goes. And the reader simply follows me…or not.

Please, read Love, Your Enemy. And when Stranger In Lagos debuts, read it  too. Support my ministry. Help me grow. Drop your comments in Love, Your Enemy. Let me know how you feel. Don’t tempt me to implement my subscribe before you read option. That thing has been hungrying me since. Some people have begged for it but I feel it will be unfair to others who may not be able to pay in Naira. Or even for those who want freebies (nothing wrong in that).

So the only way to keep getting it for free is to give me some feedback. Yes, come and drop your comments. Lol! I have come again with my wahala. I know but let’s enjoy this marriage together. I write, you read and comment. I am happy and keep giving it for free. You remain always happy.

Email subscriptions are easy. If you’re using your phone, scroll down and you’ll see the widget. You’ll get updates every evening as long as there’s a new post. The title is usually Moskedapages RSS Feed.

Those of you complaining of not receiving updates, my host company seemed to have disabled it. I didn’t even know that one was existing. They warned me a while ago that I have exceeded my limit and so I disabled the plugin managing it. I had no idea it was still running. They have now disabled it. Subscribe again to the Google managed one as described above. For those of you who receive from Mailchimp, it comes once a week. But the best bet is to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get automatic notifications.

The Darker Berry continues today…anticipate.

I do pray no one comes to me with questions about the above issues again. I don tire. Oh, and..I apologize for the lack of pictures in this series. I’m too lazy for it. And I miss the old plain format. 🙁 I’m sorry.

Enjoy your day and God bless!


  1. Chidiogo

    Please don’t charge us o.. Thank you Sally. You take my boredom away. God bless

    • Sally

      Bless you too. Thanks.

      • Let me leave comment oo so freebies will continue ?
        Even if its not free, I go buy
        #diehardfan ?

  2. themainreason

    I’m already addicted to “Love. your enemy”. Keep up the good job sally

    • Sally

      👍👍 I’ll do so. Thank you

  3. Chidiogo

    Please which story is Ians? Because I did not see any story with Ians as a title and I will like to read the Ians story. Thank you

    • Sally

      It’s Another Novocaine Saturday

  4. Thanks Sally for blessing us with your gift…… @Chidiogo, Ians – It’s Another Novocaine Saturday

  5. Madam Sally i feel you. Love your enemy is also interesting and i’m enjoying it, if you must know been refreshing for the next episode. Plix, what happened to ‘best man duties’ missing dotman seriously o. Thanks for the update on Darker berry, chronicles of a repentant escort too Plix help bring them back #bringbackotherseries. Don’t make me carry placard for moskeda pages o ?. Love what you do sis! God bless you ??

    • Sally

      Thanks my dear. I appreciate your support.
      The series you are requesting for are all from featured writers. I have no hand in stopping them from being posted on my blog. When they send them, I post. My job is just to share.
      Please carry placard for them o
      Bless you!

  6. Sally ur words always light me up…keep up d gud work

  7. We are sorry 😐 . Okay, we won’t ask again for IANS (but in our hearts…). You know the saying about the yam and the knife…lol. Thank you for sharing this gift with us. God continue to strengthen, enrich and inspire you and other featured writers. Amen.

    • Sally

      Amen! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

    • Sally

      Thank you, Bman. Bless you much

  8. Sorry about the questions Sally, its just that people like me got addicted to IANS. I enjoy Love your Enemy too. Please dont charge us o. I promise to comment. God bless you as always for lightening our lives with your stories. Peace.

    • Sally

      Bless you too for always being here

  9. Glowing Kosnie

    I am already addicted nay fixated to Love, Your Enemy like it always happens on all your works…

    Please Sally Thanks a lot and pls continue writing… I am waiting with bated breath for Stranger in Lagos to debut cos I know it’s definitely going to be a Hit!!!

    • Sally

      Thank you, my love. And I will deliver

  10. IANS was a great read Sally and you know how people get stuck on characters in a series and even pick camps, so please forgive those still clamouring for more. But I’m certain that Love your enemy is going to be great as well and would keep us hooked on it too and even beg for more, particularly because it has your focus right now. Truth is whatever you write would always have me enthralled. We thank you for bring us such intellectual and entertaining pleasures in form of a book/series, irrespective of it’s particular title. Once again, more ideas to your head, more ink to your pen and strength to your hands.

    • Sally

      Thank you, Sarah

  11. On behalf of all of us, we are sorry mam.

    We will be better.

    Keep writting, may the story flow and the ink too..


    • Sally

      You, you have no wahala

  12. yasssssss! darker berry coming up…. *rubs hands in anticipation *

    OK… I’m also guilty of not commenting on love, your enemy…. that’s mainly coz I still have ambivalent views about it….not totally comfortable with the direction of the story and at the same time quite intrigued at the angle of the ‘church story”….

    all in all, Sally stay encouraged and inspired. give people time for the story to worm its way into our hearts like the others have.

    have a great day.

    • Sally

      Thanks, Reni.
      I’m only asking for feedback. No writer ever made it anywhere on their blog without comments. I see the views but see few comments. It’s discouraging.
      When I decide to face my job, people will start complaining. Sally is not posting again. Sometimes it’s tiring. I want to reward those who are always here supporting me. I really do.

      Thank you, Reni

  13. I am of the opinion that you should finish the series and put it on Okada….Do like one of my friends Kiru Taye….Post snippets, promote other writers. I like reading, and supporting writers. Abi ya eye no dey chook? LOL ???.

    • Sally

      My dear, that’s what I do with my stories. They are all on okadabooks. But I can’t leave my site just for guest writers. People are here mostly because of me. How would you feel coming here and it’s just other writers? I always put something up to keep the site going. Is it too much to ask for feedback?

      I always appreciate your support, Modus. Thank you

  14. Tnx aunt Sally u’re a bae
    am sorry am guity of this too
    i am enjoying d new story
    God bless u nd d works of ur handYour Message

    • Sally

      Bless you too, Dharmie

  15. Sorry Ma. Am also guilty. Truth be told, I get carried away reading & forget to appreciate your work. Instead, I look forward to the next episode without appreciating the previous. In my heart, I praise you. Keep up the brilliant work as usual, will try take my mind off IANS & read this new one. I will also learn to drop comment. No vex Madam

    • Sally

      I understand, dear
      Thanks for reaching out

  16. hacolyte

    Tanks Sally, sowie for d recalcitrant one amg who b Oliver Twist asking 4more. I’m also guilty of it but won’t stop asking 4 Boys wif Toy. Bikonu don’t start charging us, all of us who try 2b beta by liking n commenting more. Please don’t b vexed wif us, coz most tym we get carried away wif ur plot dat we 4get to show appreciation by commenting. Sally, kip up d good work, we do appreciate u, may ur writer’s ink neva runs dry n may u kip soaring higher n higher, amen. U re dat bomb, wif much love.

    • Sally

      Love you too, Hacolyte
      Thank you

  17. Aunty Sally im already hooked on Love, your Enemy. Actually happy The Darker Berry Is back. Wanted to ask about It. Glad you and miss Tomi didn’t kill. Oya. Time to read. See ya. Waiting for my next fix of both LYE And TDB

  18. Sally I just realized its Love, your enemy and not love your enemy as in don’t hate them. Sigh.

    • Sally

      Lolz. It has three meanings

  19. Sally no ves jire we, (as dem dey for naija) love your great mind and your free gesture to us. Respect your opinion but you know some of us are Oliver ask for more, pardon biko. Thanks for this platform, God Bless you Plenty.

    • Sally

      Bless you too, Bi
      And I’ll always give more. Even without anyone asking.

  20. Funmilola Adekola

    I am so happy to see notification of the Darker Berry. Not guilty of the above charges. Lol. Well done Sally.

  21. IANS was an interesting series, I appreciated that u came up with It, and I respect ur decision in setting it aside for now, as for love ur enemies, I am getting to like it, bcos it is not what I expected, but I believe it will be intriguing. Thank you for letting us read for free, although it is not profitable being part of ur source of income, but it help ease our mind from committing suicide… Wink

  22. I think the reason I haven’t actually warmed up to the series Love, your enemy is cox I haven’t fully grasp the meaning of the title. Will revisit and comment ma. Please keep up the good work. Tenkiu ma

  23. thank you sally God bless u , really enjoying love ur enemy and tanks again for darker berry

  24. wasmakelly

    am 1 of dose readers dat read and don’t coment most times. But weneva am chanced I always deliver. u Know aw it use to b wen we r very young. and ur mum call u from where u r playing to cum and collect meat. u knw quiet allright dat ur palms r dirty But u don’t want to miss d offer.I dats my case. am not promising thou. But am going to keep up.

  25. gbeminiyi

    You have been good to us….we will be good to you too
    thanks for the stories sally

  26. Sally,,you don’t know how I feel whenever I see an update from moskeda on facebook,,Choi, that feeling ehn ,I love and trust anything coming from Sally,am sooo into love your enemy right now,,am sorry I’ve not really expressed that love on the comment section,,thanks for being consistent,,thanks for working so hard to give us good good stories for free,,you’re very very much appreciated,,and yes of course we will do our part,we will comment,thanks Sally

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