Justin Bieber’s Purpose Understands How You Feel

Justin Bieber is making a belieber out of me. Like him or not, he outdid himself in Purpose. I am still digesting the album bit by bit. 

When I came across this piece by my friend, Steve, I just had to share. I’m not going through a heartbreak though but good music is like good literature. It takes you into its world and places you right where it wants you to be.

Here’s Steve’s story:

While recovering from a terrible heartbreak, I was opportune to cop Justin Bieber’s Purpose — his fourth studio album.

Normally, I am not the mushy love type of guy. But after I came across this older, intelligent, understanding, loving girl that was risking so much to be with me, I decided to lower my guard and probably give love a chance. It ended with a sad break up that was so complicated that I can not even give one answer as to how it happened

Purpose helped me get through this period, so I will be defining the album from an emotional perspective.

The first song that got to me was Sorry. When the breakup was fresh and I was still trying to get my woman back, I emailed her the song telling her it explained everything I feel and it struck home with her and even got us talking for a while. Sorry is the song that made me get the album eventually. The song has Justin describing how his craving for his girl goes beyond the sexual and is based on dire need. The pop sound and soulful lyrics of the song makes it not to be too sad yet reflective.

No Pressure with Big Sean is a song that has Justin singing about how he is not trying to pressure his woman into a decision. I never paid close attention to what he was trying to pass on specifically but instead keyed into it from my situation. Big Sean probably the best collaborator on that album came in with some sick yet meaningful wordplay on that single adding more meaning to an amazing song.

At some time, I began to get pissed off about my situation and Love Yourselfbecame my anthem. I think the song was actually meant to be Fuck Yourselfbut was censored to ‘love’ for the sake of Justin Bieber’s tender fanbase. Justin is basically telling the girl to f*ck herself — “if you think…then you should go and ‘love’ yourself”. The calm way he sends the message is killer.

My next addiction was The Most. The Most is basically a slower, R&B version of the hit single, Where Are You Now. I think Bieber recorded The Most then Diplo and Skrillex took it, made it electronic and he released that version asWhere Are You Now. They are the same lyrics, just that one is slower and cleaner than the other but both versions are dope. I love the slow The Mostversion because the beat lets the lyrics carry more depth. It is basically Bieber asking his girl where she is now that he needs her the most. Apparently, he also did everything for his girl, yet she left when he needed her.

The album title track, Purpose, helped me to accept my situation and let go. In this song, Justin talks of how he is grateful for the time spent, and so on. After some reflection, I realised that I should be grateful too for my ex, and now I am. I had some of the best times with my ex and she showed me that I was actually capable of being in love. For years upon years, I was scared that I had irreparably blocked my heart from feeling deep affection for someone and she showed me it wasn’t so, while helping me see for myself that relationships are not scary. I think every word of Purpose is an exact portrayal of how I feel right now.

Justin Bieber’s Purpose (the album) is mostly slow R&B and a little of Pop. For commercial purposes (I suppose), the Pop tracks were the ones released as singles which might give a casual observer an impression that the album might be simply sugary without real depth. I have, however, discovered this to be a fallacy of epic proportions.

Every song was enthralling back to back. From Company where he sings about casual relations, to What Do You Mean where he turns depth into a club song, to Life Is Worth Living where he encourages listeners against suicide, to Children where he sings about the leaders of tomorrow. Ko ni dafun Iya anybody.

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