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Episode 3 of Little Black Book has Leonel attending a therapy session.

Leonel attends therapy

Leonel’s longtime therapist and friend, Idara (Bimbo Akintola) has interesting takes about his mental health, and you can tell that they have been at this for years.

A little backstory on Idara, which is not revealed in this series is that she is Leonel’s father’s ex and former therapist. She is also a mentor of sorts to Leonel, being that he is also a certified psychotherapist, although he isn’t practicing. His mental issues had pushed him to pick psychology as a field of study in school. All he has ever wanted was to cure himself. Unfortunately, he still has to face his demons daily.

(Read more about Leonel and Idara in Where To Find Breasts)

Tade, in this episode, has to face Moshood again, the nosy insurance claims investigator who has returned a second time. We see her lying to cover up for Leonel who is out of office at the moment. I have a feeling that she feels she can save Leonel or fix his issues. Let’s not forget that his father has left a huge burden on her. Sadly, baby girl, you can’t babysit a grown ass man. Especially when you have other annoying people on your back.

Cue in London (Moet Abebe), the annoying sales manager that tagged along with Jaiye (Paul Utomi) from Abuja. I love those two, by the way. They do that whole villain duo thing effortlessly. London doesn’t like Tade and she doesn’t hesitate to hide it. Maybe because she knows that Tade and Jaiye had that unnecessary one-night-stand in the past? But even though, what’s her own sef? Aunty is already plotting ways to discredit Tade and make her look incompetent at her job. Tade better watch her back.

Then, to my least favorite couple Zainab (Helena Nelson) and Cris (Floyd Igbo). When Marycollete and I came up with this relationship, we had aimed for a cute duo but I don’t think it worked out quite well. Seeing them on screen played out quite differently from what we scripted. Yes, the relationship was supposed to have its issues, but we wanted people to at least like them. Well, you don’t always get what you want.

But we have Dami (Anee Icha) and the same Cris to cushion that blow. They aren’t exactly your cute couple but there’s still something there after their breakup in season 1. We look forward to what is going to happen between them, although I smell drama ahead. The thing about exes is that they are like herpes, they just don’t go away.

Cris and Dami

Speaking of which, Brian (Michael O. Ejoor) Tade’s ex is serious about making himself available in her present life. He and his British accent 🙂 Dude comes to remind her of their past dream of building a company together. He wants to give Tade a mega role in his startup, Mintage. He also wants her back as his babe. If I were Tade, I’d take the offer. But it seems that our girl is sold on the Leonel dream. We’ll see how that goes.

Tade and Brian

As usual, here’s an excerpt from Episode 3. Enjoy and go and watch the whole thing on YouTube.


Tade and Brian are having their breakfast date.


I wish I could have breakfast like
this every morning. The view from
my side is particularly breathtaking.
I thought you graduated from being
a sweet-talker.
(off Brian’s smile)
What do you really want, Brian?
Asides your gorgeousness?
So, I’m opening a branch of Mintage
here in Lagos, and I feel… No, I
know you’ll be perfect for the role.
Chief Executive Officer. Or partner, if you prefer.
Wow. That’s a… lot.
Tade, we had this dream together.
We said we’d build from the ground up as a team.
But things have changed, Brian.
Not from where I stand. You’re
still smart and ambitious and focused. I need you.
(Pushes her meal aside)
Brian, do you still have feelings for me?
Have I done a poor job of showing it?
I meant to be more intentional.

She gets a message on her phone.

Sorry, let me…

She looks at it. It’s from Leo:

SUPERIMPOSE: Can we meet up for drinks later? 5pm

She puts her phone away.


You were saying?

You can see the entire episode below.

Little Black Book was created by Sally Kenneth Dadzie, written by Sally, Marycollette Matiki-Montul and Owen Dadzie.


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