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Long Night #10

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Kunle rammed his dick back into his partner’s hole. The girl’s legs shook, both from the pleasure and the force of his thrust. She was moaning again. She had been doing that for the last hour. It was starting to annoy him He pulled out of her again, his hand twisted up in her hair for grip, and thrust back into her. She screamed into the pillow. He smiled. He was still a god. Women always bowed to his prowess. He flipped the girl off her knees and reentered her. There was tension in the air as he held himself from moving. He knew she was expecting it, she wanted it. No, not wanted. At this point she needed it. And he bathed in the power he held over her, knowing that she needed him to reach orgasm. He was just that good. And then he started to move.

The girl beneath him wrapped her legs around him. Her fingers traced paths along his back. The feel of her nails on his spine sent signals to his erect member. Signals that made him throb inside her. Signals that made him stroke her depths even deeper and faster. She moaned again. Irritation flitted across his face but he hid it quickly. Women were so weak, so easy. Give them a couple of orgasms and they were putty in your hands. He smiled down at her and leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was filled with her passion. Egged on by his thrusts into her depths, her tongue wrestled with his with fervor. She was close, he could feel it. And so he stopped.

What came out of her mouth was akin to a roar. He smiled. He knew he had her. He looked down at her, a mischievous smile on his face.

“Were you close?” He asked, amusement fully resting on his person.

“Yes! You know damn well that…”the rest of the words caught in her throat as he thrust inside her again. She made a noise that sounded like a little kitten. She attempted to frown but the only mask of emotion her face could put on was the mask of pleasure. He was nibbling at her ear one second and kissing her neck the next. All the while, his thrusts went into her with unmatched ferocity. She exploded beneath him, unable to bear the pleasure anymore. Her body was no longer hers to control. Her legs shook and her hands gripped the bed as her back struggled to arch beneath him. His weight kept her pinned, his thrusts did not stop and neither did her pleasure.

Morayos’s heels clicked on the tiled floor of the hospital. She walked behind a nurse that was guiding her to the room she had to be. Her thoughts were jumbled. She did not know what to think. When the call had come in that morning she had just rolled out of bed angry that the weekend had ended too quickly. Her mood had perked up when she saw that it was Daniel calling. That perk died after the voice on the phone told her what had happened. She had rushed out of the house. She hadn’t even had time to ask Tomi why she had been walking out of Segun’s room so early in the day. In her nightie no less. Those two were up to something. But right now they didn’t matter. 

She turned into the room the nurse gestured and stopped at the door. Daniel was here. He was there on the bed and smiling sheepishly at her. She had no idea why tears were dropping from her face. She just stood there as her bag slid off her hand and scattered its contents on the floor. The stupid boy was alright. He had a bandage wrapped around his shoulder and he sat there a steaming cup of coffee in his hands watching her with a smile.

“I was so scared.” She said tears still streaming down her face.

“Don’t worry. It was just a scratch.” He said. His voice warmed her. 

She didn’t realize it until then, but she had been scared of never hearing his voice again. She started to move towards him when a woman ran past her and clung onto him. The coffee spilled from his hand to the floor. The hug was intimate, Morayo registered that in her mind. This was the kind of hug you gave someone you cared for deeply. She stopped in her tracks. Letting them hug for a while before she excused herself to use the bathroom. 

“You do know she almost caught us this morning, right?” Tomi asked as Segun wrapped his hands around her waist. She let him nuzzle at her neck for a while before she turned to face him. “And where were you yesterday evening? You weren’t in bed when I woke up.”

“I had to go do some things Tomi.” He replied as he sniffed at her neck, “Don’t you have to go to work soon?” 

“Yes I do. I still have an hour though,”


He cupped her butt in his hands and lifted. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let him carry her to her room. He kicked the door open and dropped her on the bed with a plop. She climbed up the bed, exposing her ass to him. He growled as he climbed onto the bed after her. He needed this. Being with her dulled every other emotion in him. He knew it wasn’t love yet, but it also was not pure lust. Something in the middle, a mix of the two. These thoughts ran through his mind as he leaned in to kiss her. He needed to work fast, she only had an hour before she had to go to work. And he should probably clear his table of overdue submissions.

He used a finger to trace a path from her neck, over the swell of her breasts down to her center. He knew her pussy was bare, the panties meant to cover it where on the floor of his room. He dipped the finger in and already found her wet and ready for him. He fingered her for a while, his thumb resting on her clit while he suckled from her breast through the night gown. She moaned as she cradled his head. Her hand teased the other nipple alive. She wanted him so bad. His fingers continued to work their magic as he moved up and kissed her. She moaned into his mouth, grinding her pelvis against his thumb. He was dragging her to the edge of an orgasm already.

“Time. Time.” She moaned.

He took the hint and climbed on top of her. He pushed her thighs apart and thrust into her soaked hole. She gasped at the sudden invasion, but she welcomed it. They began to move at the same time, their eyes locked on each other. The bed creaked beneath them. Her legs pushed his butt, driving him very deep inside her with each thrust. They never broke eye contact. They were alone in that moment, locked in the fiery embrace of passion. She broke eye contact first, letting out a silent scream as she came. Her release helped him find his. He pulled out at the last second and covered the bed in his baby maker. 

Morayo walked back into the hospital room. She was better composed now. She smiled as she saw Daniel look up when she entered. The woman was still there, she sat by the bed, holding his hand fondly. She smiled at Morayo briefly before turning back to Daniel. She leaned in and whispered something in his ear. He laughed. The laugh Morayo had come to hear so many times, the laugh that sent shivers through her. There was the usual glint in his eye as he looked at her, smiling. He cleared his throat twice before he spoke.

“I had hoped to do this under better conditions. But I guess this is a good time to do it too.” He said, his voice still stirred her loins. God knew she wanted him right there. “Morayo meet Tayo. Tayo meet Morayo.” He gestured from one to the other. “Tayo, I am sure you know who Morayo is. You’ve heard all about her.” 

That last part confused Morayo, who was this woman?

“Morayo, meet Tayo, my childhood best friend.” He said with a smile.

Morayo’s thoughts went wild. Best friend? How? She knew that she had Daniel had only hooked up in recent weeks but how had the best friend story never come up between them? She started to have ideas. She knew that she and Daniel had not really declared themselves dating, so why was she getting jealous of another woman holding his hand in the hospital. She must have had a crazed look on her face because Daniel smiled at her nervously. She returned an equally awkward smile.

 “And before you start thinking of cliché childhood best friend lover stories, Tayo plays for the other team.” He said nervously.

Morayo didn’t know when she breathed a sigh of relief.

Kunle sat on his bed alone. The woman was gone. He still didn’t remember her name. That was his reality now, bedding strangers showing them a good time and kicking them out the next morning. They were all exciting, all thrilling but they all lacked a certain something. Their names were never Morayo. The she devil had crept back into his memories. He remembered how unleashed he had made her. How wild she could get when he pushed the right buttons. She was his finest creation. He had built her well, pouring his efforts and time into her and she had thrown him away. 

He was a god. He was every woman’s dream. The perfect gentleman outside the bedroom and a beast, god whose rod was to be worshipped in the bedroom. He sighed. Women were weak creatures, they needed his guidance to make something of their lives. Morayo had been the odd one. She had broken free from his grasp. She had done the impossible. Well maybe the almost impossible, now that she had done it. He chuckled at the thought as he got out of bed. 

He walked to the mirror and looked at himself. He was the perfect specimen and if anyone couldn’t see that, they were blind. He would have her back. She would no longer remain free. At least not of her own free will. No, she had to dance to his tunes. He would make sure of that. He was going to get her to worship him again. He smirked, the little flimsy resistance she was offering by not picking his calls and blocking him on all social media would not stop. That was why he had gone to see her. To look her in the face and remind her of all that she was missing. His smirk turned into a grin. And he laughed his head off before punching the mirror.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. Beebee says:

    Yassssssss, Danny bobo is alive and fine. How come I’m suspecting Mo’s brother for the attempted murder and this Kunle berra gedifok

    1. Dexter says:

      Oh my God! Why would you suspect him?
      Yeah we are all glad to find out Daniel is alive….

      How will you tell a god, God’s own gift to women to gedifok🤣🤣🤣

  2. Cheeyormah says:

    We have ourselves a Stalker

    1. Daniel says:

      I know right… So mentally unstable and violent…

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