Long Night #11

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“Yes! Yes!! Yes!!” Morayo moaned as Daniel pounded her walls. She was bent over a sink in a restaurant toilet. He was ramming his hard member inside her from behind, her panties and gown shifted aside to make way. It was a few weeks after the gun incident. A few weeks without sex. The doctors had insisted on it, hell they had made Daniel stay in the hospital for the most part. Then now work had kept them both too busy and too tired to meet up. But now their desks were cleared. And here was clearing away the cobwebs of her pussy. She gripped the edge of the sink tighter as another of his thrusts sent her careening into the arms of another orgasm. “Oh my god!” She moaned as he kept on fucking her despite her orgasm. The man was starved and it seemed he was bent on satisfying himself right here and now.

Her mind wandered to those they left at the table, Segun, her brother, Tomi her best friend in the whole world and Tayo, the best friend of the man in her guts right now. She wondered if they would found something to say since she and Daniel had excused themselves from the table a few minutes ago. Her hips began to move back to match Daniel’s thrusts. The thought of them getting caught here in the toilet was turning her on even more. She could guess that it was what was making Daniel even more beastly than usual. Add the weeks without sex and you had a man waiting to explode on your hands or in her case, your guts.

“You are so beautiful, I just want to spend the rest of my life inside you.” he breathed into her ears as he pulled her up, arching her back into his chest. His thrusts were frantic now. He knew he was close, but he wished this moment could go on forever. He knew he wanted to be with her both in the sheets and out of it. She was not perfect, there was no such thing as a perfect person. But he knew she was perfect for him. He knew they both had not said it, but they were dating now. He knew it, she knew it neither of them had made the first move of saying it though.  He sighed into her ear as he clasped her throat, choking her slightly as he unloaded himself inside her. Her pussy contracted against him, milking him for what he was worth. She fell from his grasp and steadied herself on the sink. 

“Wow, I’ve missed that.” She sad between gasps, “thank God today is a safe day. We would be in a lot of trouble then.”

He chuckled as he pulled out of her. “It’s best you still take the pill though, just to be safe.”

She smiled as she adjusted her panties and shifted her gown back into place.  “No worries Daniel. I will.” She kissed him and they both stepped out of the toilet, grinning from ear to ear.

Kunle parked his car in front of the restaurant. He knew she was inside, her car was outside too. He smiled, she had tried her best to avoid meeting him. The foolish little girl was playing hard to get. She had done away with him on the digital space with blocks and all. She had even stopped picking his calls. There was that one time the security at her place of work had thrown her out. But damn if he would give up. He knew she wanted him. Every woman wanted him. He smirked as he gripped his crotch in his hands, once you had a taste of Kunle, you could not stop.

He smiled even wider as he saw her make her way out of the restaurant, she was not alone. Tomi, the silly best friend was with her, two men he did not know and one other girl too. The last girl looked familiar for some reason. He shrugged it off, she didn’t matter he was here for his little Morayo, not her. He smiled as she walked in front of the pack. Her knee-length skin-tight gown accentuated her hips perfectly. He felt himself swelling on his pants and he squeezed. He watched as she got into the passenger side and one of the men slipped into the driver’s seat. 

He frowned at that. Who was this bastard?

He slid out of his car and slowly made his way to their car, stopping halfway there, hands in his pockets. He watched the car pull out of the car park and pass by him. She was on his side. A smirk appeared on his face as she saw him. The sight of him still unsettled her, he knew she would be thinking of him for the rest of the night and probably the coming week. He turned back and entered his car.  He closed his eyes as he remembered the way she looked that night. His dick throbbed in his pants, struggling to get free. He freed it and slowly massaged himself to full hardness. He would have her, she would scream his name. He imagined bending her over the hood of his car right here in the park and making her moan. She was a loud one. His stroking picked up pace as images of Morayo kept streaming through his head. He exploded onto the steering, the intensity of his orgasm shocking even him. His hand dropped from his dick as he caught his breath. 

It was settled, he would have her back.

Morayo absentmindedly took off her gown. She was home now, her brother in his room with Tomi. Those two had been sneaking around behind her back. She smiled faintly, she had suspected but she had been too distracted by Daniel to notice. She shook her head, her brother and her best friend? Well, that was not something she would have expected. She remembered the way they had told her at dinner tonight and the shock on their faces when she just waved it away and gave them her blessing. Hell, it was not like they needed it, they were adults, after all, they could take care of themselves. Her thoughts drifted away from the eager horny bunnies. She thought of Kunle instead.

She could have sworn that was him in the car park on the way home. Just standing there, waiting, as if he wanted her to see him. She shook her head as she dismissed the thought. Surely even he would not do something so psycho. It had to have been a random stranger. She smiled as she heard the shower turn off. Daniel was done. She was glad that she had introduced him to Segun. The two had hit off almost immediately. Her brother had even forgotten to do the whole protective brother nonsense he loved to do with her other boyfriends. Boyfriend? Was that what Daniel was to her? She cared for him, a lot. She knew it almost bordered on love even. But he had not asked her out and she didn’t want to ruin things by seemingly asking him to label things.

Daniel walked into the room, a towel around his waist and another smaller one being used to rinse the water from his hair. He looked at her and asked, “What?”


“So you just decided to stand there and ogle my sexy body then?” He said as he turned around like a runway model for her to admire. 

“I do like your butt.”

“Ladies always like the butt.”

She smiled as she took off her bra and panties. “Pass me the towel, I need a shower too.” She said as she stretched her hand towards him.

Daniel smirked as he looked at her top to bottom. He licked his lips and loosened the towel around his waist too. The article dropped to the ground, leaving them both naked. He fell to his knees and grabbed her outstretched hand, pulling her towards him. She stumbled forward, confusion on her face. 

“I always thought I would have a whole speech and a better setting.” He said.

“Are you proposing? Because my answer will be no, I will not be naked while being proposed too.”

“Oh, no, no, no. It’s not exactly a proposal. Morayo. Will you be my girlfriend? With the hope of going the distance?”

She blushed as hard as her dark skin would allow. “Yes!” She fell to her knees and hugged him. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours but was barely a minute. She buried her face in his neck, enjoying the clean scent of him and the feeling of being in his arms.

Together they made their way to the bed. They kissed with passion. The flames of their souls lit anew. Their hands roamed everywhere, seeking to touch and feel. When his mouth dipped to her bosom, closing around he engorged nipple, she gasped. His fingers rubbing her sex between her thighs. Her legs spread, eagerly parting to aid his fingers in their work. His mouth continued its journey downwards, before reaching the vee between her thighs. His mouth closed around the clit her gasps becoming louder as he sucked. Her fingers gripped his hair as her release thundered through her. He moved back up and stared in her eyes. She felt she could see her soul in his and suspected he felt the same.  He pushed into her in one swift stroke, joining them. Together they rode the waves of passion to the end.

Tomi and Segun laughed in their room, cuddling up against each other.

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  1. Dotun Olajiga

    Weldone o Dexter, Be making someone horny at work. An valentine is still far.

    • Sorry about the late reply Dotun, hope you ended up having a fun Valentine?

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