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Long Night #12

Daniel stood before the mirror, carrying out his final checks before heading out. His hair could probably use a cut, not that his girlfriend seemed to mind. His girlfriend, the thought of that thrilled him. How long had he known her and she had come to matter this much to him? His lips curved into a smirk, Morayo, his beautiful girlfriend. He picked his car keys and headed out to work, the smirk still on his lips.

In the car, his thoughts went through every moment he had spent with her. It had been one long crazy ride, like a racecar speeding down a race track. He remembered the day he had teased her in the office with the toy, making her cum so hard she almost got caught by her subordinates at work. She had scolded him after that, but they had tumbled into the sheets right after. Apparently, he had not been the only one turned on by the events. Then they had gone on that long weekend, the fun weekend, the one that had ended with him getting shot. He shook his head to stop himself from dwelling too much on such thoughts. This morning was for happy thoughts, he would not spend it worrying about who wanted him dead and why there was no lead for the police to work with.

He turned into the parking lot of his workplace. He got out of the car and stared up at the daunting building where he worked. The building stood taller than all the others buildings around it. How his boss had gotten the money to build such a building, Daniel had no idea, but the man was rich, extremely so, it fit after all. He walked in, greeting the guard, the man hailed back at him and Daniel waved to the receptionist as he stepped into the elevator. His office was on the 40th floor, with three floors above it, it would be hell to take the stairs.  His thoughts ran back to Morayo as he stood in the elevator alone. He remembered the night they had met. He smiled, his reasons for going to the club that night had been to relax and cut loose. Well, he had relaxed and cut loose and now here he was still relaxing and cutting loose months after. The elevator dinged and the door slid open.

He smelled her before he saw her. The scent of her perfume wafted through his nose, dragging up emotions he didn’t want to be dragged up. He greeted his team and walked towards his secretary. Yewande nodded gravely as he walked up to her. The look in her eyes told him all he needed to know, the witch had come back. He leaned against Yewande’s desk for a while, gathering his wits, what did she want now? It had been almost a year since he had seen her last and yet he still didn’t think it was long enough. He contemplated having her thrown out, but she could probably get him fired for it.

He sighed and walked into his office, resigned to his faith. Rosaline Oluchi Ndubuka leaned against his table, a broad smile on her face.

Kunle strode into his office. He had barely sat down when his aged, loud and annoying boss walked in after him.

“You are late.” The balding man declared. 

The man’s eyes bulged in their sockets and Kunle could swear he could see fumes rising from the man’s head. He sighed, there was no denying it; he was late. An hour late and why? Because he had dreamt of Morayo throughout the night. His dick hardened in his trousers again at the thought of her. He grasped his head in his hands and calmed himself, this girl would be the end of him. 

“I’m sorry Oga, it won’t happen again.”

That seemed to placate the man and he slammed Kunle’s door on the way out, rattling everything on the desk. He had every right to be mad, Kunle knew that, but didn’t the man see? Couldn’t he see the madness dancing in his eyes? Anyone who knew him should know that something was not right. He had a craving in his soul and only Morayo could satiate him. Others only seemed to keep it away for a while. 

This morning’s craving had been overwhelming and that was why he had sought out Hadizah. The silly girl was serving her fatherland, far away from somewhere in the north, he had not been listening when she had mentioned where in particular. The dark skinned girl had a crush on him, anyone with eyes could see that, hell; even a blind man could see it. Even since she moved in, she had always had an excuse to come visiting, bringing food she made for him along with her and acting hostile to any girl he brought home. She had still been in her nightie when he had knocked on her door, the flimsy thing did nothing to hide the swell of her breast from his gaze. It barely went past her waist, doing the barest minimum to hide her lady parts. As if to prove his point, when she had yawned, the sleep still clearly having a grip on her, the nightie had left her bare pussy to his gaze.

Looking back now, she had probably faked the yawn. She didn’t hesitate when he grabbed her and kissed her. She had returned his passion, pulling him inside with her, the door shutting behind them, nothing holding it in place anymore. They had collapsed onto the floor of her room, still locked in feral passion. Her finger, the nails on them long like claws, had grazed his back, sending tingles down his spine and flooding his member with blood. He broke their kiss, moving to kiss her neck instead, she mewled in reply, her fingers gripping at his back harder. He liked the pain, he had welcomed the pain even. It had distracted him from the thought of Morayo then. 

He remembered biting on Hadizah’s nipple, the Nubian girl had arched in response. Apparently, she was one of those girls who loved their breasts being played with. He smirked, girls had always been easy to him. There were the few difficult ones, like the one that had liked her armpits being licked, he had invited her over two more times before they had eventually parted ways. This one seemed to be the easy kind, breasts were easy; breasts were too easy.

He gripped the other breast as his tongue flicked the dark nub in his mouth, drawing more moans from her. He spent quite a while on her breasts, warming her up for things to come. When he was done, his hand wandered to her nethers. Her legs parted at his approach, just like Moses, he was going to part this red sea. He found her wet and ready, dripping even, apparently, she wanted this much more than he had thought. He smiled and wormed his way down to her thighs, his tongue flicked out, taking a slow long lick at first, testing her reaction. She moaned, no, she growled rather, her hips bucking. She moved towards his mouth, looking for more from him. He obliged. Sending his tongue to toy with her clit, the response was astonishing. He had to grip her thighs to hold her in place, prolonging her torture. She came hard, screaming at the top of her lungs. Damn, Hadizah was loud, almost as loud as Morayo.  His tongue continued to work through the orgasm, keeping her cresting on the orgasm for a while before she dissolved into a puddle, shaking and shivering on the floor, twitching as if she was having a seizure. 

Kunle unbuckled his belt and began to massage himself behind his desk. The thoughts of the events of the morning had brought back the craving in full swing. He had unbuckled his belt the same way as Hadizah twitched and shook beneath him, he had barely gotten his pants off before he had buried himself inside her. The girl was obviously no virgin, but she was as tight as one. He should know, he had taken many a virginity. He began to move inside her, imagining it was Morayo shaking beneath him as he drove himself and her towards an orgasm. The person beneath him moaned in response, her fingers clawing at his back, pulling him down to her chest as her legs locked around his waist, driving him even deeper inside her.

They kept at it for a while, the sounds of grunts and groans, the only sounds in the room as they both raced towards finish. He flooded her with his essence, dragging her after him into another orgasm. Her legs tightened around him and she bit his shoulder to keep from screaming again, vibrating in silent orgasmic bliss. 

Kunle filled his hands beneath the table with cum. He hissed and grabbed wipes to clean the mess from his hands. He sighed, he needed to have Morayo soon, otherwise, he would go mad. 

With that, he put himself to work as much as he could.

Roseline floated off the desk towards him, not really floated, but she had a way of walking gracefully that she seemed to glide across the floor. It was one of the things that drew many a man to her, that and her spotless, fair skin. Her hair reached down to her waist, all natural, he remembered. She was all natural, the large breasts, the slender waist, and the incredible ass, hell, her ass was comparable to Morayo’s. Daniel swallowed, his mouth was drying up to fast. She always had this effect on him and he hated her for it. Admittedly he hated himself for it too. 

“It’s been too long, Dee.” She said, her cool level voice had him shivering more than his air conditioning unit ever had.

“Not long enough.” He said, his voice hard, harder than he had intended, but if it worked then fine.

It didn’t.

“Oh, don’t be like that now.” She continued, dismissing the tone of his voice, “For what it’s worth, we had such fun times. Remember the company retreat, the night of the party.”

Daniel blinked twice and there he was, wearing a green tie on a plain blue shirt, a faded grey jacket over a pair of dirty black jeans. Back then, that had been the most formal get up in his wardrobe and he had felt so out of place at the party. He was standing back against a pillar, sipping wine from a glass and considering when it would be polite to leave the party. He had been so lost in thought he had not noticed her approach him, but once he did, he had not been able to look away.

Roseline Oluchi Ndubuka, the head of the design unit he had recently joined, was talking to him. Her lips, pink and glossy moved, but his ears didn’t pick up the words.

“Thanfully, your design skills are not as lacking as your conversation skills.”

He heard that and hastily swallowed. 

“Sorry, just too surprised that you were talking to me.”

“Really? Why?

“Why? Well, you are you. You are Roseline Ndubuka, the head of my unit. The goddess as all the guys call you.” he flushed with embarrassment, he had said too much. He downed the content of the glass not trusting himself not to embarrass himself further.

She only laughed. And kept talking. They talked so long that Daniel found himself staying the whole night at the party. About three hours later, she suddenly stopped a serious look on her face and asked him to follow her. 

She led him down a long corridor, moving quickly with purpose and even then she had somehow glided across the floor. She shoved him into a small room meant for supplies and pushed him up against the wall and squeezed in after him. 

“Word of this will never leave this room, understand?”

He nodded, unsure if his words would ruin the moment.

She squatted, bringing her face level with his crotch. She unzipped his pants and reached in, feeling him get hard in her grasp, she dragged it out, licking her lips in anticipation.

“Not too small. Impressive even.” She said, “You get a pass mark here.”

Then she kissed the tip of his dick, flicking the tip and sending her tongue inside the hole there. Daniel’s knees buckled as the sensation shook him. She held him steady, taking a little bite on his dick, he got the message, behave. He could do that. She placed her hand against his thighs, holding him in place, and started to swallow him. Her throat was warm and inviting and as each inch of him disappeared inside her mouth, he moaned in awe. Her tongue was curling and uncurling around his shaft and somehow, she had gotten her throat to open and close around the head of his dick. He groaned and the graze of her teeth against him reminded him to be quiet. This woman, this goddess, she had him by the balls, literally. He could not afford to piss her off. She stayed there, the tip of his dick buried in her throat and her nose buried in his pelvis for a while, before she began to move, slowly at first, but then she built up a steady faster rhythm. Daniel swallowed another groan, he was edging closer and closer, but he didn’t want her to stop, not now, not ever. 

As if sensing that he was about to cum, she withdrew her mouth from his length and focused on the tip alone, her hand undulating along the shaft instead. Daniel didn’t last a minute, he gripped the wall behind him, his fingers slid against the smooth wall as he splattered her face with his seed. He only realized what he had done, once he finally caught his breath. He looked down at her, unsure how she’d react.

She reached up to her face, gathered up some of his cum on a finger and tasted it. The rest she rubbed into her face. 

“Tasty and it’s good for the skin,” She said as she stood up, “Know that I’ll spend the rest of the night with your cum on my face. Especially as I give the closing remarks, think about that.”

She glided out of the room, her long gown bouncing as she walked, leaving him standing there with a hard dick and his trousers around his ankles.

That had been the first of many nights with Roseline. She had taken him to heights he had not thought he could reach, tying him up, whipping him and doing all sorts of things he had only seen in porn to him. He had loved it all, she had him eating out of her hand and once, quite literally. And then he had fallen in love, looking back now, it had not been love, but then he had not been able to think clearly. He had wanted her desperately to be his, but one could not tame a goddess, she had rebuffed him and soon stopped talking to him about anything not related to work. Then she had gotten transferred and he had finally been able to get his wits about him. He had been able to pick up the pieces of his heart and rebuild. Then he had found Morayo and now he was skipping, things were going so well.

What was she doing back here?

“Oh Daniel, I see you remember that night quite well.” She said as she ran a hand against his crotch.

“I have just been transferred back,” She continued, “looks like we’ll be working together again. This time as partners.”

A chill ran through Daniel.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. Sekinat says:

    Who are you talking about in this episode?
    Quite confusing!

    1. Sorry about that.
      It starts off with Daniel, shifts to Kunle and then back to Daniel.

      I’ll be much clearer in later episodes.

  2. Zinnie says:

    What’s it with exes resurfacing just when things seem to be moving smoothly, just to disrupt it?

    That Kunle is a psycho, he’d better cross paths with Roseline so that they can satiate their horny selves and let Danny boy and Mo be.
    By the way, I can’t believe there’s still no clue as to who Danny’s shooter is, makes me fear for his life.

    Nice one Dexter 👏👏👍

    1. Thanks, Zinnie. About the exes, it seems like Life just can’t let our lovebirds be. It just has to throw one curveball after the other. Anyway, the shooter and the exes crossing paths, I guess we just have to wait and see.

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