Long Night #2

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They reached the estate in silence, both unable to come up with idle conversation to cut the sexual energy in the car, she quickly directed him to her house, getting wetter the nearer they got.

“Are you sure you are not a serial killer or something like that?” Morayo asked as the car came to a stop inside her gates.

“Should I not be the one asking you that?” he replied.

“I guess. I just like to cover my bases. Welcome to my humble abode.” She said as she stepped out of the car, her gown caught between the cheeks of her unclad bottom, drawing his attention to it. She opened the door to her home and gestured for her guest to follow. 

He did, hurriedly, skipping a few steps in a bid to keep up with her ass.

“So what would you like…” the words never finished their journey out of her mouth, swallowed up in the passionate kiss he planted on her lips. She melted, her hands falling limply to her sides as the intensity of the kiss overwhelmed her. Her head swarm and she could barely form thoughts and the ones that did form were focused on how good a kisser he was.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the blowjob.” He said.

“Well, I’m glad you did.” she replied.

Their eyes met and as if in unspoken agreement, they started to undress. His clothes went flying one way and her gown and bra the other way. In a few seconds they stood naked as day before each other, taking in each other’s bodies.  Neither moved for a minute, the sexual tension in the room was heavy and it would take a chainsaw to cut through it.

She could see his eyes roam all over her body repeatedly and yet they always ended up looking at her face. It unsettled her, was he reconsidering or perhaps he found something about her utterly repulsive and was now weighing the scales, perhaps she should not have done this at all in the first place, if he did not do anything in the next second, she was going to get dressed and send him out of her house.

“You are absolutely stunning.” His voice rang out low, as if restrained.

Morayo looked at him again, glad that he had finally spoken, she looked him in the eyes and found lust swimming in them. He wanted her, he wanted her so bad it showed in his eyes, and she finally understood, he had not gone silent because he no longer wanted her, he had gone silent because he wanted her so much he was afraid of losing his self-control. She had him by the balls, figuratively, before the night was over, she would ensure that it was literal.

She walked over to the sofa in slow calculated steps, each step sent her hips swaying and her ass jiggling. She sat and turned to face him, spread her legs.

“Fuck me.” She said.

The groan that came from his throat as he moved towards her, sent chills through her, it had been awhile since she had felt so desired, so wanted. This feeling was intoxicating, it felt good to hold this much power over a man, she could feel the shivers run down her spine.

He knelt in between her spread legs, breathing in her scent before he took a slow long lick across her slit, drawing a low moan from her. He stuck his tongue out again and took another lick, spending more time on her clit this time. She bit her bottom lip as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

“Stop teasing me and just get to it.” She ordered.

“As you wish.” 

He buried his face between her legs, sticking his tongue as far as possible inside her, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with each passing second.  Damn he was good with his tongue, she could feel the pressure building up inside her, and he definitely knew how to push her buttons she thought as his lips grazed her swollen clit again. She started to hump his face shamelessly, trying to get as much contact on her clit as possible, damn him for making her want him so much.

He smirked against her sex, her humping was making it quite difficult to breathe. He stopped tongue fucking her, drawing a low moan of protest from her, as she tried to keep his head between her legs. 

“Please.” She begged.

“Didn’t say I was stopping, it was just getting harder to breathe.” He said as he closed his mouth around her clit.

“Fuck!!! Where did you get that tongue?” She asked as the sensations of his ministrations rolled through her. She gripped the edges of the chair as she tried to steady herself.  She could feel his tongue dance across her clit, flicking it here and there, causing her soul to do the same dance. She rested one hand on his head, driving his tongue into more direct contact with her clit, the other hand went up to tease her nipple, bringing her even more pleasure.

“Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop.” She screamed as her pleasure built up.

He complied and even went a step further, inserting a finger inside her. His finger rested against the roof of her pelvis, rubbing slowly against her G-spot, in a slow in and out motion. The pleasure was too much, Morayo could no longer take it as she peaked and felt her orgasm roll through her, she came hard, even harder than in the car park. He still hadn’t stopped working his tongue on her, she screamed even louder struggling to get away from him. 

And then the world went black. 

She came around a few minutes later to the sight of him stroking his dick, now wrapped in a condom. Where he had gotten it, she had no idea, but at least he thought ahead.

“Someone needed that.” He said, a smug grin on his face. 

“Oh I did,” she replied between breaths, “you weren’t lying when you said you know how to show a girl a good time.”

“Thank you.” He replied as he continued stroking his member, “My name is Daniel by the way.”

“Daniel, nice name, but why are you telling me this now?” She asked as she watched his dick with hungry eyes. She definitely wanted that dick inside her right now.

He knelt on the floor between her legs, putting them over his shoulder, he pulled her closer to him and lined his dick with her lips.  

“So you’ll know the right name to moan.” And he thrust into her in one swift motion. 

And she did moan his name, nearly even screamed it as he bottomed out inside her, biting her lip at the last moment and swallowing the scream. She gripped the back of the chair and started to return his thrusts, working with him to bring them both pleasure.  His strokes were sharp and fast, each reached deep within her and every time he pulled back, she nearly screamed as the head of his dick rubbed on her g-spot, only to return to hit her cervix.

She heard screaming and it took a while to realize she was the one screaming, her senses were getting duller, nothing else made sense asides reaching that  point of no return, this was definitely the key to heaven and damn her if she wasn’t going to open its gates. Another mini orgasm rolled through her, her third since he entered, it joined the rest in her center, building up for the big one. 

It came to her like a sledgehammer to a wall, slamming down her defenses faster than she could process what was happening.  It rolled through her entire body and at a point she could have sworn she died and was looking down on him as he fucked her lifeless body with the same unyielding force. He was definitely good, fuck it, he was great. This was the best night of her life, at least sexually. 

When he finally stopped, she let out a whimper as he slid out of her, grazing her clit with his still hard member. He reached down and stroked her hair, before kissing her, she barely had enough energy to return the kiss.  

“That was great.” She managed to breathe out, “Are you some kind of sex god; how are you still hard?”

He laughed and grinned like a school boy given a new toy. 

“I already came in the car, it takes a while before the next one.” 

She nodded in understanding.

He reached down and pulled her to her feet, “Which way to the bedroom?”

When she pointed, he scooped her up and lifted her in his arms, bridal style, she leaned into his chest, the scent of sex filling her nostrils.

“Okay then, I’m not done with you yet.” He said as he carried her into the bedroom.

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  1. Favourite

    All i am seeing is ,i am not done with you yet….kai Morayo you are in for it….

    • Of course
      After all I’m not done with my readers

  2. Fehintola

    Can I be in her shoes right now? Kai….I love this.

    • Well you’ll need your Daniel for that..
      I really do hope you find him.

  3. I’ve bought my popcorn for the next episode.

    • How about your drinks?
      It’s going to be a long night

  4. Steaming!!! And am reading this on a Saturday!!!
    U’re sure not done….
    Thank you

    • Things can only get hotter… We aren’t done yet

  5. The I’m not done with you part is making a girl yearn for more……… Thanks Dexter

  6. This Daniel must be related to Uncle Wilson.

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