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Long Night #3

For your steamy night read, here’s Dexter with Long Night. You can click this to read the previous episodes

He dropped her on the bed with a flourish, standing over her with his hands on his waist, “Now what do I do with you?” he asked, a sly smile on his face. He looked her up and down, admiring the beauty that she was, tonight had definitely been good to him.  He breathed out and patted his still erect dick, a natural reaction to the beautiful woman before him and looked her in the eyes as she lay there, sprawled out beneath him, his for the taking. 

“How about you let me take over?” Morayo said as she leaned up on her arms. 

She slid off the bed onto the balls of her feet and grabbed hold of his member, “Let me blow your mind.” She took him in her mouth in one swift movement, letting his dick rest against the back of her throat. She felt it pulse in response to the warmth of her mouth, she was definitely going to enjoy this. She looked up to find him staring down at her, she smiled, well as much as she could with a dick in her mouth. 

She winked and began.

Her tongue curled around his shaft, slobbering it up and down as she bobbed her head along his entire length, always making sure she took him in completely each time she swallowed, the groans escaping from his mouth spurred her on, turning her even more than she thought possible. She stopped swallowing and took him out of her mouth, “Damn, you are driving me crazy.” 

“I’m driving you crazy? You are not the one minutes away from com….”Daniel said, the rest of the sentence left uncompleted as she started lick the cap of his dick while stroking his shaft. Her hand felt heavenly, he threw his head back as waves of pleasure traveled up from the tip of his dick to the rest of his body.

“Fuck, you definitely know what you are doing.” He praised her.

She felt the moistness return between her legs, this feeling of having power over a man was one she definitely enjoyed. It had been three months since she had held a dick in her hand, thanks to her stupid ex putting her off men, the stupid scum had cheated. But now was not the time to think of scum like him, now was the time to savor dick and all the joys it promised and that was what she was definitely going to do, she thought as her fingers reached between her legs to rub on her clit. She was going to enjoy herself tonight.

Daniel looked down at her and found her playing with herself, damn she was hot, the swell of her tits, the thickness of her thighs and now the sight of her touching herself, it was enough to make a man go mad; he was not sure he wasn’t yet. She moaned around his dick as she sucked on the cap again, drawing a groan from him too. He clenched his hands into a fist, restraining himself from thrusting into her mouth, she was definitely testing the limits of his control; this girl definitely knew how to handle a dick.  

“Why don’t you just stop fighting it and fuck my face daddy?” Morayo purred as she stroked his dick. She evened out her movements, slowing down her strokes to keep him from coming, but just enough to keep him at the edge. She enjoyed playing with him like this, he was like a clay mold in her hands and she could do anything with him, she could shape him to her will. The euphoric feeling had her rubbing her clit even faster, she could feel her orgasm building, she was so close, but she needed something to tip her over the edge. She moaned in frustration in unison with his own groans.

“Fuck it!” he groaned as he grabbed her head between his hands, he slammed his dick into her mouth. Her moans only fueled his passion and he didn’t slow down one bit, he rammed her throat repeatedly bringing himself ever closer to an orgasm. “I’m going to come.” He called out.

“Hmm, Hmm.” Was the only response he got from her, before he flooded her throat with his come. He came in three spurts, bathing the walls of her mouth with his sperm. He pulled out his semi erect dick from her mouth and watched her swallow his release with a flourish. Damn she was sexy.  He felt his heart rate even out as he calmed himself down.

“Delicious, someone eats healthy.” She purred out as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. 

“Well, my mother always insisted on me eating my veggies, the addition of clean beautiful kitty was my choice.” He replied between pants. 

She got to her feet and stretched, “a funny man, I like that. So what do we do next?” she asked, a grin on her face. She took in his body again, he was not muscular, but not fat either, he was basically a plain Joe, definitely not her type, but with his skill set in bed, she definitely did not mind.  She lay on the bed again, “Again I ask; what do we do next?”

“Now we wait. I love fucking you, but I’m only human, I need to recover.” He replied.

“Are you sure you can’t get it up?” 

“Sorry, can’t”

“Are you really sure?” she asked as she spread her legs. Her fingers slipped between them and into her pussy. She slowly pumped her fingers, moaning as her palm grazed her still sensitive clit. “I could really use your help here.”

He watched her and felt the blood return to his dick, it throbbed in response to the visual stimuli he was receiving. “It’s not as hard as it can be, but it will have to do.” He said as he approached the bed. 

Damn this girl was sexy and she was going to be the death of him.  

“Well, that’s a fun way to go. Turn over.” 

She got on all fours, ass pointed up at him, wiggling and inviting him to take her. 

An invitation he was not going to refuse. He got behind her and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Her pussy glistened invitingly and his dick throbbed again.  He rubbed his dick up and down her slit, teasing her. She mewled like a cat in response. 

“Just fuck me already.” 

“Yes mistress.”

He slammed into her opening, bottoming out inside her in one straight thrust, drawing a gasp from her. She wiggled her ass on his dick, urging him on. She needed to be fucked, she needed to be fucked well. 

He was only eager to please.

He started with deep thrusts, slow deep thrusts. Every time he went balls deep she moaned. He was playing with her, she knew that, a payback for the teasing from the blowjob, this was a petty man. She was enjoying the game though. Her breathing was getting harder, he was not very long, but his girth was well suited to her opening, it was as if they were a perfect match.  She gripped the sheets in frustration, he needed to pick up the pace. She started to move her ass in rhythm with his thrusts, trying to get him to fuck her faster.

“Someone’s eager for a rough pounding.” He said as he grabbed her ass. 

“Just fuck me, please.” Morayo pleaded.

He pulled out of her, drawing a groan from her, “Well since you asked so nicely,” he said as he spanked her ass, “I just might.” 

He slid into her again and let her adjust to the feeling of him filling her up once again, “Here we go.”

He pounded her hard, watching her ass jiggle and ripple as he smashed into her repeatedly. He grabbed her by the waist, pinning her down, leaving her with no option than to quite literally, take this dick. She gripped the sheets again as pleasure rolled through her. He was definitely good. 

And she was definitely enjoying herself. 

Her legs gave out beneath her, splaying out under her, causing his dick to almost pop out of her, a situation easily remedied as he slammed back into her, drawing a scream from her. 

“Fuck that’s good. Don’t you dare stop.”

“Oh I don’t plan on stopping.” He replied.

Her orgasm ripped through her. She felt her soul leave her body once more as it had done many times this night, this man was going to kill her. He pulled out of her again, his hard dick slapping on her ass as it left her feeling empty.  

“Turn over.”

“Yes daddy.”

He pulled up her legs and placed them on his shoulders, “I’m going to fuck you good now. Are you prepared?”

She nodded unable to form words.

He slammed into her as he rested on his hands, he pounded into her hard and fast. The strokes became a blur, the pleasure became all that drove them, he to drive into her and her to receive his slams. She felt like she was floating on a cloud, one made of dreams and she did not want to wake up from this dream.  

“This is the third time tonight, but I can’t believe I’m about to come again,” He said.

“My face, my face.” that was all the response she could muster.

He pulled out of her and triggered another orgasm for her as his dick rubbed against her g-spot on its way out to pump what was left inside him all over her face. 

“That was incredible.” He said as he collapsed on the bed beside her.

She could only pat his back in response as exhaustion threw her into the warm embrace of sleep.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. Whoa,that was steamy😋..

  2. Beebee says:

    Hmmmmnnnn, really steamy and hot. Hope they don’t be the death of each other

  3. Jisola says:

    That was explosive

  4. Mariam says:

    And I’m reading this on a hot Thursday afternoon. Na wah oh!

  5. Bookunmie says:

    Waooo 😋😋😋

    It’s all playing put as if I’m seeing a movie. 👏🏼

  6. MIDE says:

    Yepa, everything just went up 100°C over here .

  7. Seye says:

    This two going after one another so hard. Maybe because it’s just meant to be a one time thingy. With how the fling has panned out, they may be meeting sometime again.

  8. Sophia says:

    Steamy… Nice one …Got me horny ., very nice.

  9. Jay says:

    I thought he was wearing a condom at the end of Episode Two ni?

    Slammed doggy without a condom? STD oooooo. Or maybe wedding straight.

    Nice work Dexter.

    1. Dexter says:

      Let’s see how things go

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