Long Night #4 – The Morning After

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Morayo woke up with a start. A quick scan of her surroundings showed she was in her room. She looked at the sleeping form of Daniel on the bed and smiled, the man definitely knew how to show a lady a good time. It was a pity she had to send him on his way soon. But now? Now she’d use him to satisfy one last adventurous craving that she had.

She tapped him lightly to wake him.

“I think you’ve drained me of all my cum already.” He said with his eyes still closed. 

“I was wondering if you’d like to shower with me.” 

His eyes shot open as he sat up, the thrill of taking her again chasing the last dredges of sleep away from his eyes. His mouth curved into a little smirk as he stared at her. 

“That interests me.” Daniel said, as he leaned in to kiss her. 

Morayo felt her insides shift as their mouths met. His tongue was rough and intrusive, the forceful nature of it would normally not arouse her, she liked to be in charge after all, but the thrill of being taken was sending shivers down to her core. His hands held her head in place as his tongue forced hers into submission. He dropped one hand to caress her neck, causing her to whimper into his mouth. Her head was clearer now, no longer clouded by wine and months of sexual starvation, so why was she still enjoying him being in charge.

He pushed her back down on to the bed, rolling on top of her before slowly kissing his way down. He stopped at her breasts, her nipples stood straight and proud, like cherry toppings on an ice-cream and just like Daniel would do to Ice-cream, he lapped. His tongue trailed a path on her areola in slow flicks around them, drawing little moans from her. She wanted him to take one in his mouth, any one, it didn’t matter. She groaned out her frustration, causing him to chuckle.

“Please,” she pleaded, “stop teasing me.”

He answered her plea by taking her nipple in her mouth, flicking the little bud with his tongue and grazing it with his teeth. She let out a silent moan at the action, raising her hand to tease the other nipple. She cried out as he slapped her hand away, before cupping her lonely breast in his hand. He squeezed and massaged it, as he played with the other nipple in his mouth. He switched breasts a few times, leaving her wet and wanting at her center. It didn’t take long before her cries turned into pleas for him to go down on her. 

He continued his journey downward, leaving little kisses all over her torso, playing especially with her belly. He moved down to her thighs, nudging them apart with his nose to breathe in her morning scent. She whimpered as he took a slow long lick at her slit. He took her clit in his mouth, drawing circles around it with his tongue. He inserted a finger inside her, curving it to graze the roof of her cunt. She cried out at the intrusion and a shudder ran through her body. She was so close to orgasm and she cried bloody murder when he suddenly stopped, pulling out of her and leaving her wanting for more. 

“How about we take that shower you mentioned.”  Daniel asked with a smirk on his face. 

If looks could kill, she was sure he’d be dead right now from the way she stared daggers at him. 

“Fuck you.” She said as she got up to lead the way to her bathroom.

She turned on the shower, put on her shower cap and got under the water. 

“I don’t know why, but you wearing that is such a turn on.” Daniel said as he patted his raging hard cock.  He got under the shower behind her, reaching forward to pull on her nipples. She leaned back into him, as the water rolled down her body, gently caressing her skin in contrast to the roughness of his hands on her breasts. He nuzzled at her neck, dropping one hand to her cunt to play with her clit. She let out moan after moan as he worked her sexual tension back up, spreading her legs further apart to allow him easier access.

He humped his cock along her backside, rubbing it furiously against her. She reached down and grabbed it in her hand, using the water as lube and began to slowly stroke it. He moaned into her ear and rubbed her clit even harder. He groaned as he began to pump into her hand. He stopped playing with her clit and reached up to her shoulders. He only tapped her once before she turned and fell to her knees, taking him inside her warm mouth, drawing a loud groan from him. He gripped her head and pumped furiously into her mouth, face-fucking her with relative abandon. She knelt there, taking it while using her tongue to massage his shaft as her hands fondled his sack. 

“I’m going to come.” He groaned out. 

Morayo quickly pushed him out of her mouth, his dick plopping out, standing proud and eagerly awaiting release.

“Why?” He asked, the frustration clear in his voice.

She only pointed at the floor. 

He wasted no time falling to his knees. She draped one leg over his shoulder, placing her cunt directly over his mouth, leaning back and gripping the shower bar for support. He lapped at her pussy like a thirsty dog, licking her flowing juices before burying his tongue into her cunt. He griped her ass and squeezed her ass hard, causing her to throw her head back in a loud moan. She humped her pussy as hard as she could against his face.  

Still gripping her ass, he lifted her into the air as he stood up. Her other leg went up as she wrapped both around his waist. Her arms dropped to his neck, grabbing on to him tightly. He stared into her eyes, as he lifted her slightly, to expertly insert himself into her wet, soaked cunt. She sighed, feeling like his cock was a missing part of her finally returned to make her whole.

He gripped her waist firmly and began to slowly move her along his shaft. They locked eyes and he gradually picked up speed. He pounded into her hard, bottoming out inside her with each stroke. She buried her face into his neck and bit it as pleasure coursed through her body. He was driving her nuts and she welcomed it. She thrust back as much as she could with her legs wrapped around him.

He thrust into her once more before he patted her ass. She opened her eyes, not realizing she had closed them in the first place. She dropped to her feet and waited for his instruction.

“Turn around. I’m going to fuck you from behind.”

She eagerly obeyed, arching her back, waiting for him to enter her. The water still trickled down her body, running down her spine, tracing its way down her back to the curve of her ass that was proudly shooting in the air, waiting for his thrust. He didn’t disappoint.

He thrust into her firmly, causing her to gasp at the welcome intrusion. She gripped the slippery wall in vain as he pushed her hard into it. He held her in that position for a bit, leaning in to kiss her exposed neck.

“This will be hard and fast.” Daniel informed her.

And then he began, driving her into the wall with each hard thrust, furiously pounding away the last bits of her sanity. She only stood there to take it. She was his toy, his to do with as he wished and she was enjoying this play date.  His grunts were music to her ears, she danced to it in her mind as mini orgasm after mini orgasm rolled through her body, was that the fifth one or the sixth one, she had lost count. Water ran down her face merging with the tears of pleasure mixed with pain he had wrought on her body.

“Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” She cried out.

Her pleas made him pound even faster and harder than before. He bottomed out each stroke inside her, while reaching forward to rub her clit. The assault on her clit was the final straw, she went over the edge and dragged him over too as her cunt clenched even harder on his dick. He pulled out just as the first spurt shot out, landing on her back, two smaller spurts followed before his dick stopped pumping.

He stood there with his chest heaving and she sat in the shower floor recovering her energy as the water pooled around them. She looked up at him and grinned weakly.

“Thank you.” She managed to get out.

A few minutes and a quick shower later, they both stepped out to get dressed and send him on his way only to find Tomi, Morayo’s housemate sitting on the bed. 

“I understand why you left me stranded at the club now, he is a fine specimen after all.” She called out as she feasted her eyes on Daniel’s naked form.

He blushed under her gaze and fumbled at his clothes as he hurriedly got dressed. He left a few minutes later after exchanging pleasantries.

Morayo now dressed, pulled Tomi after her into the kitchen to make breakfast. They chatted loudly as they recounted the events of the previous night to each other. A knock on the front door had them both shutting up. 

“It’s open.” Morayo called out.

Daniel’s head peeked through the slightly opened door.

“Uhm, can I get a ride?” he asked shyly.

And the two friends burst into laughter.



    • The next part is already in the oven. It’s just baking. It will be ready soon

  1. Next please…..I love it 🙈🙈😁😁😁😁😁

    • Glad you did. the next bit is on its way. It promises to be a wall clenching experience.

  2. After all the good work, he had to fall hand by not having ‘coins’ for transport fare.
    Big ups Dexter.

    • You know it’s hard to keep track of your wallet in the throes of pleasure.

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