Long Night #5

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“I guess we will be seeing you soon then?” Tomi asked as Daniel opened the car door. She ogled his butt as he dropped and smiled at him when his eyes met hers. 

Morayo finished entering her number into his phone and handed it back to him through the car window. She smiled at the man who had quite literally rocked her world just the previous night and early this morning too. 

“He had better or I will track him down and kidnap him.” Morayo answered.

Daniel smiled nervously as he collected his phone from her outstretched hand. He looked from Tomi to Morayo and cleared his throat. 

“With the time we had yesterday, I am pretty sure you own me and little Daniel now. We are at your beck and call, madam.” He left them sitting in the car and opened the gate to his home before adding, “I’ll bring my best to the table every time.”

Both girls laughed at that as Morayo started the car and drove them away. They were still laughing when the car turned the corner and disappeared from his view. He shook his head and entered his compound. 

In the car, Tomi was excitedly asking Morayo for details about the previous night. She giggled naughtily as Morayo narrated the events of her long night to her. The car was filled with excited energy and noisy chatter.

“My night was not so bad too. I had a little fun of my own too yesterday.” Tomi said looking at Morayo.

“I knew it, I just knew it, you little slut. So that’s why you disappeared yesterday. Come on, tell me, give me the gist na.” Morayo said.

“Well this is what happened.” Tomi replied.

The day before.

Tomi was charged, she was feeling too hyper to keep still. She was feeling bad about leaving Morayo alone at the bar, but she needed to burn through the energy, burn it all away along with the week’s stress. And that was why she stayed where she was, grinding away at the obviously erect member of the stranger grabbing her from behind. She smiled to herself, the man was obviously packing a lot of meat; meat she knew desperately wanted to be inside her and she was sure she definitely did not mind. She threw her head back to look at her a partner, he was a fine looking young man and from the strained look on his face, it was taking all his self-control not to grab her and grind harder against her.

She chuckled to herself and turned to face him and leaned in to whisper in his ears, “Why don’t we find somewhere less noisy to talk?”

He nodded his head so fast, she wasn’t sure his neck would hold it in place. She grabbed his hand and led him towards the door, the thoughts of Morayo pushed to the back of her mind. Her little flared skirt bounced as she walked. The man behind her struggled to keep up as his erection strained in his pants.

Outside the club, she pulled him to a dark corner with little light and fell to her knees with the walls to her back and with his back facing the entrance of the little corner. 

“Bring it out, let me see what I am working with.” She ordered. 

He fumbled with his jeans for a while before she pushed his hands away and did the work herself. She reached into his boxers and dragged out his dick.

“I know they say size isn’t everything, but damn you are the biggest I have ever seen.” 

Before he could reply and piss her off with whatever smart ass comment he had in his head, she popped his dick into her mouth and moaned as he stretched her mouth wider than it had ever been stretched. She bobbed her head up and down along his shaft a few times, before trying to take it all into her mouth. She failed to take it all and dragged herself off of it to get some air. 

“Fuck, you are really big.” She exclaimed, stroking his shaft with one hand and fondling his balls in the other. The man only threw his head back in pleasure as she pumped her fist on his shaft. He was moaning loudly and his hands were squeezed into tight fists as he struggled not to release too quickly. Tomi liked that, she enjoyed having men struggling to hold back as she stroked them faster and faster. She remembered joking with Morayo about it, “men being putty in her hands.” She smiled as she stroked even faster now.

“You like that don’t you, you like it when I stroke you? You want me to take your hard dick in my mouth and suck you off don’t you?” she asked still stroking.

“Yes! Please!” the man groaned out.

She chuckled at his reply and squeezed his swollen and filled balls before swallowing his length again. He groaned louder now and she was sure he would cum anytime soon. As she felt him reach up to grab her head, she pulled off of it again and smiled as she looked up into his obviously confused and needy face.

“What’s the assurance that you will get me off too once you cum?” She asked as she pumped slowly along his dick, keeping him at the edge, wracked with pleasure and unable to find release.

“I will do anything you ask, please just let me cum.” He begged.

“Good boy. Now cum for mama.” Tomi drawled as she took him in her mouth again, going deeper than before, leaving the tip of his dick pressed against the back of her throat. She moaned as the first spurt hit her throat, quickly followed by the second and third spurts. He had so much cum and it tasted so nice, she was sure he ate right. She swallowed the cum and got off her knees. 

She smiled as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand, “Now that was fun. I can feel my panties getting soaked from the thoughts of how hard you are going to fuck me.”

He could only nod in response as he recovered from his orgasm. A few moments later, they heard a loud guttural scream, most likely a woman, come from the parking lot and Tomi chuckled. 

“Looks like we weren’t the only one with the idea tonight.”

The man smiled as he walked up to her and pushed her back into the wall. He nuzzled at her neck as he slipped one hand down  between her thighs, forcing them apart and rubbing her sex through her panties; panties that were currently getting more soaked with each passing second. She whimpered as she opened her legs wider for him and grabbed onto his shoulders with both arms for support.

He slipped his hands into her panties and his fingers brushed against her clit, she shook at the touch. He slipped two fingers inside her while using his palm to lightly tease her clit. He finger fucked her hard and her whimpers began to turn into loud moans as her pleasure began to build. She almost wailed when he pulled out of her, leaving her feeling empty. 

The feeling didn’t last long though. He grabbed her ass and lifted her tiny frame up, she instinctively locked legs around him as he effectively pinned her between the wall and his chest. He reached below her and shifted her panties to the side with his hard dick and slipped inside her. The world seemed to stop for them as they both gasped and paused. They enjoyed the joining for a few seconds before she breathed in his ear.

“Fuck me.”

And so he did. He drove her into the wall with each thrust, sending waves of pleasure and pain through her. She moaned in his ears as the feelings washed through her. He definitely knew what he was doing with that hard rod of his and she loved every inch of it that repeatedly buried itself inside her. Her pussy clenched each time he withdrew and thrust back into her and each time, she drew closer to orgasm.

He pumped slowly and steadily for a while before she asked him to go faster. He slid inside her quicker now and she felt her eyes roll back in her sockets as she blanked out. The orgasm tore through her and she could have sworn her soul left her body in that moment and looked down at her and her mate. The thrusts came in sharper and harder and she barely registered when he told her he was going to cum.

Her mouth moved and she heard herself tell him to pump her full of his cum. Her head screamed that that was wrong, but her body wanted it. She wanted this stranger to pump her full and bathe her walls in his hot semen. 

He pulled out at the last minute and came into the air instead. 

He held her for a couple of minutes before she freed her legs and dropped to the ground. 

“Thank you for not listening to me.” She gasped, “I don’t know what came over me.”

He only nodded as he put his back to the wall and caught his breath. A few minutes later, with their clothes shifted back into the right positions and smelling of sex, they walked back into the club.



“And that’s what happened. I looked for you, but you were gone, so I spent the night partying and just flirting with men looking to get lucky. I took a cab home this morning, thank God I took vex money” Tomi finished.

“You bitch, you were getting fucked too and you almost got pregnant.” Morayo screamed as she hit her hands on the steering. “Anyway I’m glad you got to have fun though.”

“Yeah. Yesterday was fun but now let’s talk about tomorrow.” Tomi said, “Will you be getting together with this Daniel guy often?”

“I don’t even know him.” Morayo replied

“Well he looks like a good guy and obviously he’s good in bed, why not keep him around and see how things go?” 

“I guess I could do that. I’m sure you only want him around so you can ogle him.” Morayo countered as they pulled up in front of their home. 

Tomi got down to open the gate so Morayo could drive in. Both friends were too excited and distracted to notice the jeep with tinted windows that was parked two houses away, nor did they notice the man who sat in it, watching them.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. MIDE says:

    This is getting hotter and like the lil suspense at the end.👍

    1. Dexter says:

      Thank you. I intend to bring the heat. I only hope you guys can take it

  2. Jisola says:

    Hey Dexter, love this, keep it up and more pls

    1. Dexter says:

      Thank you. I intend to bring the heat. I only hope you guys can take it

    2. Dexter says:

      Thanks Jisola, I intend to keep telling you guys stories. I love hearing from you guys.

  3. Seye says:

    No one to be jealous of the other. Both beauties got a full dose of some shag that held no boundaries.
    Meanwhile, lemme go see who’s in the SUV

    1. Dexter says:

      Best friends oftem have Common interests
      In this case orgasms….

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